Set up a Ladder Ball Set

Ladder Ball Assembly – How to Set up a Ladder Ball Set (4 Easy Steps and Video Guide)

Summer is a great time for many outdoor fun activities, with lots of sports and games to play, you shouldn’t have a boring time. Among fun seekers and campers, there is a raving game, and that is Ladder ball.

This game is loved by many because it is as interesting as it is captivating, it is easy to learn and play, and can be played by as few as 2 or 4 persons.

Another reason why this game is gaining popularity is because of the game set, which is easy to carry around, easy to set up and disassemble, and easy to store. Little wonder it is becoming the go-to game for most beachgoers, campers, and the likes.

Let’s get to know this game: how to set it up, play it, and the rules you will have to follow; maybe you can understand why it is becoming a household name.

What Is a Ladder Ball Set?

The ladder ball game is played by two teams comprising 1 or 2 persons per team, and the game aims to gain points by tossing bolas into the rungs of a ladder, and if these bolas wrap around the rungs, then points are awarded. 

Now let’s get to know some of the common terminologies that are associated with this game:


The game Ladder ball got its name from the ladder with which the game is played. This small ladder is made of wood, metal, or PVC and has three rungs or steps. Some game sets come with only one ladder, but a standard set contains two ladders.


This is the component of the set that is tossed to the ladder. It is made of two golf balls (in some cases, other types of balls are used) attached to the two ends of a string. A ladder set usually comes with six bolas of two different colors used by the two teams.


This refers to the steps of the ladder. There are three rungs in every ladder, and they are designated as the top, middle and last steps its rungs.

Toss Line

This refers to the distance from the ladder from which you can toss your bolas unto the ladder. The standard toss line is 15 feet from the ladder, but it can be adjusted for younger players or for beginners who are just learning how to play the game. 

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What Does a Ladder Ball Set Contain?

The standard Ladder ball set comes with two ladders. The cheapest ladder ball set has PVC ladders, while the most expensive have a wooden ladder. They also contain six bolas of 2 different colors, which are usually three blues and three red.

Also included in a ladder ball set is the rule book or owner’s manual that instructs you on setting up and playing the game. All these components are put into a storage or carrying bag, making it very portable and easily transportable.

Why Do People Like Ladder Ball?

People love ladder ball games because it is wholesome game that the whole family can play. It is fun and exciting and provides a means of working out, doing some exercises without feeling exhausted.

People love this game too because it is easy to learn and play, which is easy to be transported around because of the weight and carrying bag that makes the game set easily transportable to the beach, camp, and other places.

Another great thing about the game is that it is relatively cheap, readily available, and comes in different materials, including wood, metal, and PVC.

What’s Another Name for Ladder Ball?

This lawn game is played and loved by many go by different names; some include Ladder toss, Hillbilly golf, testicle toss, goofy balls, ladder golf, monkey ball, and ball rope.

All these names refer to the same game: Ladder ball, and they are called these names by different people in different regions.

How Far Apart Are Ladder Ball Ladders Supposed to Be

For the standard Ladder ball game, which could be either fir competition or those who play professionally, the Ladders should be placed 15 feet apart.

You can, however, reduce the distance if you have a friendly duel, or you are teaching a beginner the game, or if kids are playing the game so that it will not be too difficult for them to learn.

How To Set Up a Ladder Ball Set (4 Easy Steps)

Every Ladder game set, you guys come with an owner’s manual that will guide you on setting up your game set. Below are the steps to setting up your ladder game set.

1. Pick a level ground that has a lot of clearance for mounting your ladder ball. Don’t set the game in a place where you have a lot of trees, bushes, or obstructions that will keep you from having a clear view of the ladder from the toss line.

2. You should then fasten the two upright ladder frames to the 2-base using the knobs that you will find on the game set

3. Once the ladder frame is attached to the base that keeps the ladder from tipping and falling, then insert the rungs or steps of the ladder into the holes that you have in the ladder frame. 

The top and bottom rings are similar, but the middle rung is slightly different because of its threads at the ends. Avoid tightening the knob on the middle rung because the holes on the frame are already designed to hold the rungs tightly.

4. With the ladder ball in position, mark 15 feet away from it to draw your toss line from where the bolas will be played.

Your ladder ball is fully set up, and you can now enjoy the game.

Watch the Video below to Learn How to Set up and Play Ladder Ball Game

How To Play Ladder Ball Game

Before you start playing the game, you must understand how points are awarded. The idea of the game is to throw your bolas from the toss line so that it gets wrapped around the three rungs of the ladder.

You get 3 points if you successfully wrap your bolas on the top rung when you toss it, 2 points if the bolas get wrapped to the middle rung, and only a point if the bola ends up in the bottom rung. 

You get no point if it falls on the ground or if an opponent knocks out your bolas from the wrong. The opposing team that gets your bolas out of the rung gets the point.

Before the game commences, a coin is tossed to determine the team to start the game. The first player then tosses 3 of their bolas individually before the next player from the other team tosses his/hers too.

The first round ends when all the players have tossed their bolas, and then the points are awarded. The winner of the round automatically starts the first toss in the next round. This continues until a team or, in any case, a player gets exactly 21 points. 

If, however, a player gets over 21 points, then the last point. A team or person only wins if they are deducted from their 21 points at the end of the game.

If the game ends up in a tie, the players then play overtime rounds until a player gets 2 points at the end of the round. 

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What Are the Rules for Playing Ladder Ball?

The rules of Ladder ball are flexible and simple to learn. The first rule is that you must understand how points are awarded, and that is 3 points for wrapping the bolas on the top rung while 2 points and 1 point for the middle and bottom rung.

You are permitted to distract your opponent by making sounds, talking, or movements that will cause them to toss the bolas to the ground. 

However, you are not permitted to obstruct their view of throw or contact them or touch their bolas as they are about to make a toss.

You can score an additional 1-point bonus by hanging all 3 of your bolas on the same rung or hanging all your bolas on the three rungs in one round. 

For instance, if your first bola lands on the top rung and the second bola lands on the middle rung while the third bola lands on the bottom rung, you earn an additional 1 point.

Players can throw their bolas creatively so that they knock off the opponents off the rung so that they earn less points. 

Conclusion: How to Set up a Ladder Ball Set

So, if you are looking for a fun way to get together with friends and family and have a good time, then throw in a ladder ball game into your list of fun things to do.

You will not regret bringing this great along, and the good news is that you can set up the game in very few steps.

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How to Set up a Ladder Ball Set

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