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Best Ladder Ball Set (2021 Reviews & Buying Guide) – Top 5 Best Ladder Ball Sets

In our world today, where there are lots of things that we are involved in from the jobs that we put in many hours doing, to family commitments and other tuff that require our time and attention, to 24 hours seems to be too small to cram in all we need to do for the day. 

But if we are to carry out our responsibilities successfully, we must create time to unwind and relieve ourselves of stress. 

One way of doing this is to get a few friends to hang out together and play a good Ladder ball game. You will be positively surprised at how much better you will feel afterward.

Ladder ball as a means of relaxation is gaining popularity by the day. This is because it’s an amazing game that is very competitive yet relaxing. 

This game can be played by as little as two people in your backyard, in camps, and even on the beach.

The beautiful thing about ladder ball is that there are a lot of different brands of the game that you can get in stores and online at very good prices that will amaze you.

What is Ladder Ball All About? – How Do You Play the Ladder Game?

A ladder ball is a game played by two or more people or teams in which players try to wrap their bolas (this is a string that has two golf balls attached at each end) around the steps of a ladder. 

The ladder has three steps which are the bottom, middle and top steps. Each player gets 3 bolas, while the bolas are tossed from 15 feet from the ladder. You could adjust the distance if you are playing in your backyard.

Points in the Ladder ball are determined by the ladder step that you successfully wrap your bolas around. If you wrap your bolas on the top step, you earn 3 points; if it lands on the middle step, you get 2 points. You get the point if it lands on the last step.

You can get an added or bonus point if you can hang all 3 of your bolas from the same steps or by hanging a ball on the 3 steps as you take your 3 throws. 

The maximum point you can make is 10 points is assuming your 3 throws land on the top steps. You then get 9 points plus your bonus point, making it 10.

All games are played till either of the players gets a maximum of 21 points. And all the tossed bolas must be left on the ladder steps until the end of the round, and so, any bolas that are knocked off the ladder at the end of the round do to earn any point.

The typical ladder ball set consists of 1 or 2 ladders depending on the version of the game you are going for. It also comes with 2 sets of bolas (3 bolas per set) with different color variations of your choice. It also holds a carry bag and 1 set of official rules for playing the game.

How Do You Set Up Ladder Ball?

Setting up your ladder ball set is simple. Once you have your set ready, all you need to do is place the two ladders or rungs, as some will call them 15 feet apart from each other. 

This distance, you can adjust to 5 feet if you are playing in your backyard, and if kids are playing, they should mark off 5 paces between the ladders so that they can play better.

The bottom step is usually 13 feet from the ground and 13 feet between each step, while each step is 24 inches wide and is made from either PVC or wood. 

The advantage of a wooden ladder over the PVC is that it is not slippery and easy for you to wrap your bolas on the steps.

You should always use a ladder made of wood for beginners or kids to start from; this will ensure that they win points and get better at the game before you introduce them to the PVC set so that they don’t get discouraged.

What Are the Rules to Ladder Ball?

Asides from the rules that are pertaining to how points are scored in ladder ball, there are a few other rules that you must be conscious of as you play this game, and they include:

  1. You are not allowed to approach the scoring ladder while the ball is still being tossed.
  2. You are allowed to distract your opponent visually, verbally, or any other way that would get him distracted to make a bad toss, but you are not permitted to touch them or physically do anything that can affect their toss.
  3. You must toss all your bolas individually and underhand. You are not allowed to do overhand toss or sidearm toss.
  4. When you are tossing your bolas, your feet must always remain behind the toss line. You are allowed to lean forward over the line as you are tossing in as much as your feet do not cross the toss line. 

Best Ladder Ball Set (2021 review and buying guide)

If you are thinking of getting a Ladder ball for yourself and you don’t know which one to go for, then find here some of the best Ladder ball sets that you can choose from:

1. Amazon Basics Ladder Toss Outdoor Game Set

Best Ladder Ball Set

This set is made of PVC, which measures 40 x 24 inches, weighs 9 pounds, and is meant for adults. The ladder ball set includes 2 upright ladder-shaped targets, 3 blue bolas, and 3 red bolas.

The Unique Selling Point of This Set

This ladder set made by Amazon Basics is loved by many because of these reasons:

  1. They are made of PVC pipes which creates the target framework. This makes it easy for players to wraps the bolas on the ladder step; this is one of the reasons people love it.
  2. It comes with a soft and beautiful carrying case whose dimension is 40 x 24 inches. This makes it so easy to be carried around.
  3. This set is easy to assemble and does not require any tool.
  4. Because the set is light, it can be carried easily to the beach, camp, and other places. They are also easy to store because they do not take up space.

Bad Reviews

  1. There are complaints that the balls usually comes-off the string as you play. This can be quite a safety risks because the balls can hit someone as it flies off.
  2. Some others say that the PVC sticks together very tightly, which makes it difficult to disassemble.
  3. Others say that the unit does not score like other models.

2. Ladder Toss Double Wooden Ladder Ball Game

Best Ladder Ball Set

This set is made of beautifully crafted wood, and it comes with two durable finished wood frames and ladder steps with built-in scorekeepers. It also comes with 6 golf ball bolas in which 3 are red and the other 3 blue, sturdy nylon carrying case, and a manual on how to use the set and play the game.

The Unique Selling Point

  1. The beautifully crafted durable wood is so beautiful that people buy this set just because of it.
  2. The wooden ladder set is easy to assemble, take down, pack, transport, and store.
  3. It also has a built scorekeeper so that you don’t forget how many points you have scored.
  4. They are very durable and are high-quality products.

Bad Reviews

  1. Some of these sets come with incomplete screws, which makes assembling them difficult and the unit unstable.
  2. Some of the strings used in making the bolas are not so strong, and they snap after one or two usages.
  3. Some of the bolas are made of a hollow golf ball, making scoring a little more difficult.

3. Japer Bees Ladder Ball

Best Ladder Ball Set

 This game set that can be used indoors and outdoors is perfect for barbeques, tailgating, camping, beach, and holiday weekend gatherings. The set contains unique soft balos, a heavy-duty bar, and a sturdy carrying.

The Unique Selling Point

  1. The game set is made of reinforced processed plastics, making it one of the stronger brands of ladder ball sets.
  2. The balls are made of solid rubber with real golf patterns. They are safer than hard balls and throw like real golf balls.
  3. The reinforced PVC pipes and corners make the product last longer. 
  4. The heavy-duty storage carrying bag is made of high-density nylon, and they are easy to store and pack up.

Bad Reviews

  1. Some customers have been disappointed because they bought the set only to discover that some of the components were not included. This lack of attention to detail is so unbecoming of a highly rated product.
  2. The golf ball leaves marks on the plastic, giving the impression that the product is not as sturdy as expected.

4. Gosport Pro Grade Ladder Toss

The Gosport Ladder Toss Game Set provides casual fun at a great price, along with premium features like simplified assembly, built-in score-trackers, and a convenient backpack-style carrying case. This set comes with 2 targets with 6 score trackers, 6 rubber balls, a case carrying case, and a rule book. 

The PVC targets are pre-glued so that assembling the product does not so long.

The Unique Selling Point

  1. The product is sturdy than most other products of the same quality
  2. This product is a tad less expensive than other products.
  3. The soft bolas are kid-friendly and great for indoor play.
  4. The strings are very and extra-thick, which helps to prevent them from tangling easily.

Bad Reviews

  1. These products cannot stand very hot weather; the unit almost melts when the temperature gets to about 90 degrees.
  2. Some say the PVC used in making the product is too small in size and that after the first use, the support tubing was bending to the point it could not be used again.

 5. Speedarmis Retro Ladder Toss Game Set

Designed for 2 to 6 players, this game set is a ladder-shaped target crafted from premium rubberwood. At the same time, the bolas are 2 pieces of solid PE material real golf balls, while the rope, which is 16 inches long, is made of waterproof nylon rope that ensures that they don’t break as you are playing the game.

Unique Selling Point

  1. They are classic ladder toss outdoor games that are quick and easy to assemble and disassemble too.
  2. They are made of high-quality materials, which means they are more durable than your average ladder ball set.
  3. They have a vintage feel to the design, which makes it classic. 
  4. The big carrying bag is big enough to store and travel with the set even if it is already assembled.
  5. The yard ladder toss game set comes with accompanying screws and a little screwdriver, making it easy to assemble and disassemble.

Bad Reviews

  1. One of the complaints that people have against this set is that they are not easy to assemble or put back.
  2. People also complain that it is difficult to store properly when it is assembled.
  3. Some also complain that the piece breaks so easily and does not offer true value for money.


Ladder ball game provides a great opportunity for people to get together and have fun while having friendly competition in a relaxed setting. The game is easy to learn and even easier to set up.

Many Ladder ball sets can be made of wood or PVC available in sports shops and online. So, go ahead and get one for yourself; you won’t regret it.

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