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Best Ultimate Frisbee Gloves 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Ultimate frisbee is a great game that is gaining recognition worldwide; this is not unconnected to the fact that that is a fast-paced game that is very competitive and fun to watch and play.

Ultimate frisbee is a unisex game in which men and women can play together on the same team; women play with men without a disadvantage because it is not a contact game.

Ultimate frisbee is also hit a because it offers a unique sense of sportsmanship. With a well-established community that brings players to this great game, the game is soaring in popularity among all ages.

Different equipment and gears are necessary, including bag/bucket, performance apparel, practice equipment accessories, and gloves.

These are all necessities for safety and comfort for the player, in different brand names and designs. The glove is one of the important gears that players need not just for its fun but also to play better.

What Are Frisbee Gloves Used For?

Ultimate frisbee gloves are not just part of the apparel that completes the player’s look, don’t think it is funny to see an ultimate frisbee player wearing a glove, on the one hand, especially the receiving hand, while the throwing hand is left bare. The ultimate frisbee gloves are worn for playing the game for the following reasons:

  1. On cold days, an ultimate frisbee glove gives warmth to your hand that makes you feel cozy and a lot more relaxed playing the game.
  2. In unpredictable weather, ultimate frisbee gloves give a more consistent grip to the disc; this means you can make better throws while wearing gloves.
  3. When you wear gloves and you want to make a hard catch, the gloves act like a cushion that absorbs some of the shocks of the disc, which means the impact of the hard catch is reduced.
  4. Wearing ultimate frisbee gloves can be a confidence booster and gives the feeling that you know what you are doing.
  5. The ultimate frisbee gloves help prevent the player’s hand from getting sore after playing for a long time.

Choosing The Best Ultimate Frisbee Gloves

In choosing the ultimate frisbee gloves that are good for you, you have to consider the material used in making the gloves. Most of these gloves are made of synthetic materials, which could be solely one material or a combination of two or more different materials.

Most players prefer thinner gloves because they offer maximum comfort, warmth, and good grip without sacrificing the feeling you get from holding the disc in your hand.

The material should be such that it keeps your hand very comfortable and does not affect your disc-handling abilities.

You should also consider the size of the gloves and ensure that it fits especially the webbings in between the fingers, they should fit without restricting how your hand moves.

Some gloves come with a fastener that helps secure the gloves, thereby preventing the gloves from shifting around or slipping when playing. The keyword here is comfort. Choose the gloves that you feel most comfortable in.

Best Ultimate Frisbee Gloves

There are a wide variety of gloves that are used in playing the ultimate frisbee games, and they include:

1. Friction Gloves Ultimate Frisbee gloves

Seiberton F.O.D.G.G 2.0 Ultimate Frisbee Gloves

This gloves are loved and worn by players at all levels, and they are designed to withstand long hours of play. Below are some of the features that make it a hit for most players.

  1. It has reinforced upper palms and double stitching, which helps the glove to last longer.
  2. It has a 4-way stretch at the crease thumb which tackles the webbing effect that keeps many players wearing gloves.
  3. It has rubberized palms and fingers, meaning that rubber is incorporated into the gloves’ palms and fingers, which gives you a grip as you catch the disc.

The pros a Friction Gloves Ultimate Frisbee Gloves

  1. It improves your power and control in the all-weather condition, be it cold, rain, hot, or even snowy days,
  2. It instantly improves your throw and catching because of how comfortable it will feel in your hand,
  3. It is made with high-quality material and is durable, which means you will enjoy the gloves for longer.

One of the snags people might have with this glove is that small deviation from the trajectory through which the disc is thrown usually results in a worse flight pattern than you would ordinarily expect. Some other people are put off by the price, which goes for a little above $29.

2. Layout Ultimate Frisbee Gloves

Seiberton F.O.D.G.G 2.0 Ultimate Frisbee Gloves

these sturdy gloves that go for about $25 is a balanced all-weather glove that works well in rain, shine, sleet, and snow. The material used in making these gloves is light which ensures full range motion for the player.

Features of the Layout Ultimate Frisbee Gloves

  1. They are made of lightweight material that makes the back of the gloves breathable and hence keeps the hands cool.
  2. The thumb of this glove is made with towel-like material that is smooth on your skin as you wipe off sweat.
  3. It has a double layer of material that supplies warmth n cold weather.
  4. The palms are made of synthetic leather, which is very durable.

The pros of the Layout Ultimate Frisbee Gloves

  1. The gloves provide a means for you to wipe sweat as you play, which helps you perform optimally.
  2. The reinforced material ensures that your gloves last longer and do not rip or tear easily.
  3. It gives more grip and rotation on release, which improves the accuracy distance of throw and speed of the disc.
  4. They have flick–grip technology that helps you to catch and firmly grip the disc.

One of the issues with the Layout Ultimate Frisbee Gloves is that when you take long throes with them on, it tends to bend more inward than expected.

3. Premium Ultimate Frisbee Gloves by Mint

This glove is meant to provide a balanced level of tackiness for secure disc catching and handling. It is made of flexible fabric and has a fastener that makes for a comfortable fit.


  1. It has added cushioning for protecting your hand as you catch a hard throw from a long distance.
  2. They have increased breathability because they are made of Coolflex backhand material.
  3. The fold-over fingertips are seamless and also provide a snug fit
  4. It has a low-profile wrist that helps your catching and general play.

The pros of Premium Ultimate Frisbee Gloves by Mint.

  1. The impact-absorbing padding protects your hands while helping you to control hard-thrown balls.
  2. The fold-over fingertip provides better comfort and maximizes the surface contact with the disc.
  3. It gives increased grip and enhanced stability in the wind due to the added rotational velocity it gives a player’s hand.
  4. They are made from breathable materials which keep your hand dry and comfortable.

The major issue with this glove is that it is more expensive than most gloves.

4. Cutter’s Football Gloves

Ultimate Frisbee Gloves

These expertly made, professional quality gloves that football players use also work well for playing Ultimate Frisbee.

They are lightweight and flexible gloves that fit like a second skin. Its main selling point is that it has the right amount of tacky grip that helps catch and throw in all weather.


  1. It has precision stitching and durable fabrics with a snug fit that enhances your play.
  2. The material used in making them makes the glove very breathable, which keeps the hands cool, comfortable, and amplifies your stealth.
  3. It has a speed grip silicon palm that helps you play well.

The issue people have with this glove is that it might not be as durable as others. They might also fit too tight in the wrist.

5. Flyer Ult-Ultimate Frisbee Gloves [G1]

Ultimate Frisbee Gloves

These very simple yet practical gloves were specifically designed to keep hands cool and dry to ensure that your catch and throws are consistent. Because it is lightweight, it gives a natural feel and unrestricted movement of the hand.


  1. They are made of lightweight, breathable material that makes for breathability
  2. They have a high-cut wrist that allows for maximum movement, especially during warmer weather.
  3. They have pads at the palm that gives extra protection to the hand.

The Pros of Flyers Ult Ultimate Frisbee Gloves.

  1. Because they have a natural feel, they make griping under any condition possible.
  2. They help a player to have flexible and natural movement.
  3. They are cool and comfortable.
  4. It ensures that players’ catches are certain and their throws are consistent.

6. Seiberton FODGG 2.0 Ultimate Frisbee Gloves

Ultimate Frisbee Gloves

These double nylon thread stitched gloves are durable and have S-Flexible rubber wrist closure with a concave-convex surface. Their thumb crotch is made of tough materials which offer better abrasion-resistant ability.


  1. They are reinforced on the ten fingertips, which effectively keep the glove from getting torn.
  2. They have a TPR wrist closure with a concave and convex surface that prevents slipping.
  3. They have extra reinforced palm material that enhances grip power in all conditions.
  4. They have S-Flexible rubber wrist closure, which easily supplies an anti-slip function for hook and loop opening and closing.

The pros of Seiberton F.O.D.G.G 2.0 Ultimate Frisbee Gloves.

  1. The reinforced thumb crotch prevents the glove from tearing, which makes them long-lasting.
  2. They are reinforced in the 10 fingertips, which helps a player to throw and catch more consistently.
  3. The gaps between finger joints increase the dexterity dramatically when fingers bend.

Some believe that the gloves do not give a snug fit because the fingers are too wide. Some believe that they are great for games like batting and not for ultimate frisbee, while others say it doesn’t give the warmth that gloves should give.

How Do You Clean Friction Gloves

It is recommended that you wash your friction gloves in warm water with a mild soap. It is best to air dry them when washing them because dryers are way too harsh on them. Never uses bleach or solvents in washing these gloves because they will discolor them.

What Gloves Do Pro Golfers Use

Different golfers wear different gloves based on their taste and preference. Some of them are associated with a given brand that you can hardly find wearing a glove, not from that brand. There are some of the most commonly worn gloves by golfers:

  1. Callaway Tour Authentic Gloves: this is a very durable glove with a sleek design. It gives a tacky grip that is very breathable because they have strategically placed perforations that allow airflow.
  2. Footjoy StaSof Glove: this superb fit and feel glove gives excellent grip and flexibility. They are made of soft material and so are not so durable.
  3. Mizuno Elite Glove: these gloves give players a good stretch when they need it. The palm of this glove is made of soft Cabretta leather and has a durable upper part. We must say that not all gloves are made of leather.
  4. Wilson Staff Model Glove: these gloves are very soft and luxurious, giving them a premium look. The gloves give excellent grip, have a reversed thumb seam and pre-curved fingers with a stretch enhanced mesh fabric that makes for fit and comfort.
  5. Payntr X Gloves: this glove is so soft that it gives a soft buttery feel. It has a hydrophobic coating that gives protection from all weather.


There are a wide variety of gloves for the Ultimate gloves that are great for playing the game. These gloves supply not just warmth and comfort but also helps the players improve their skills and dexterity, thereby help them get better at Ultimate Frisbee.

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