How To Install a Basketball Hoop on A Garage Wall

How To Install a Basketball Hoop on A Garage Wall or House? (7 Quick Steps)

Are you thinking of a way to relieve stress, socialize and interact with others and make friends too? What if we add that you can burn a lot of calories and generally improve your emotional and physical wellbeing while you are at it? Then welcome to basketball.

Basketball is an old game, but people’s love for it is ever fresh. It’s a great game to play because it brings people together, helps improve their general health, wellbeing and gives emotional balance.

Do you know that if you spend 30 minutes a day in your court playing this lovely game, you are sure to lose about 300 to 380 calories, and what is the big news: you can install a basketball hoop on your garage, wall, or house? Let me tell you how:

Benefits Of Basketball Game

Basket is a beautiful game that is played globally both for fun and professionally, and it is not just fun to play but has a lot of benefits, including:

  1. It is a team sport with a high level of interactions both within and outside the courts. This interaction helps to foment goodwill within the players. You can’t put a price tag on such a wonderful feeling.
  2. The game encourages and fosters communicative abilities in team players, which will prove helpful even outside the Basketball court.
  3. It encourages people to work together, but personal differences aside for a greater goal. This skill is helpful even after the game is over.
  4. Basketball is a great game that helps train players’ muscles to become strong and agile.
  5. The game helps to strengthen the bones of its players and keep them dense.
  6. It is a game that develops the physical and emotional strength of its players.

Why Is the Basketball So Popular?

The game’s popularity stems from the fact that it is a bond-building sport for teammates and communities. Below are some of the reasons why people love this game:

  1. Though basketball is a team sport, you can play this game by yourself once you have access to a basketball hoop.
  2. It is a lot of fun to play because it is a fast and action-packed game, especially with all those dribbling and shootings.
  3. Basketball equipment is simple and can be bought at most sports shops. The kit comprising of balls and hoops means you don’t need to break the bank before you can own one yourself.
  4. The game can be played all year round, both indoors and outdoors.
  5. The game is easy to play and learn too. The game rules are not complex and are easy to memorize; hence very young kids can play the game.
  6. There are governing bodies like the NBA (National Basketball Association), who have made the game grow in leaps and bounds that tournament is broadcasted live and watched globally.

Considerations Before Buying a Basketball Hoop

There are different designs and brands of a basketball hoop, and making the right choice will determine how much you will enjoy playing the game with your new hoop. Below are some factors that will tailor the choice of your hoop:

  1. The size: there are different sizes of hoops for both kids and adults. So, if you are installing a basketball hoop for kids, you might want to go small. The great thing is that: the smaller they come, the cheaper.
  2. Permanence: some hoops are movable, while others must be installed permanently. You must be sure if you want your hoop permanently installed or not, this will determine the type of hoop to buy.
  1. The height of the hoop: there are differences in hoop height based on the age of people using the unit.
  2. You must determine if the hoop will be placed indoors or outdoors to modify the type of hoop to go for.
  3. Durability: the more durable the hoop, the higher the price. So, you must determine if you can pay for that hoop that is of premium quality.
  4. Price: your purchasing power ultimately will determine what you can afford or not.

Types Of Basketball Hoops

There are three main types of basketball hoops, and they are:

  1. In-ground hoop: this is a sturdy basketball hoop with its rim attached to the backboard that is joined to a metal pole anchored to the ground. The advantage of this hoop is that it is very strong, while the snag includes the fact that it cannot be moved to other locations, neither can it be adjusted. It also requires special installation with concrete which makes the overall cost of this unit very expensive. These hoops are found mostly in parks
  2. Portable hoops: this is the basketball hoop that the NBA uses. This hoop is made of a backboard, and a rim joined to a plot with a wide base that is strong enough to hold its weight. The bottom of the Base has wheels attached to it. Its major advantage is that it is movable, can be used in different environments and is quite easy to assemble. The disadvantage is the fact that it is quite expensive.
  1. Mounted hoops: this is the type of hoop commonly used in garages and gymnasiums. Here the hoop is mounted on another surface that is stable enough to hold its weight. This unit is relatively cheaper but once mounted, the height of the hoop cannot be adjusted

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How To Install a Basketball Hoop on A Garage Wall or House?

How To Install a Basketball Hoop on A Garage Wall

Step 1: Plan Hoop Location

The location of your basketball hoop is important because it determines if you will safely enjoy the game. The best place to put your hoop is the driveway or backyard. The location of your hoop must be:

  1. The ground that will serve as the basketball court must be flat and even because uneven grounds are responsible for lots of injuries, sprains, and strains during games.
  2. Cement and asphalt are the best surfaces for playing basketball. While grass might be fun to play in, dribbling and doing all those basketball moves are stressful in grass courts.
  3. The hoop must never be placed too close to a tree so that it does not obstruct the hoop.
  4. It must be ensured that the lightning in the location is adequate. The use of floodlights will allow for brightness in the court, especially for evening games or training.
  5. Don’t put the hoop near windows to avoid shattering them.

Step 2: Tools and Set Up Equipment

Asides from the balls, which can be made of rubber, polyester, nylon and leather whose circumference is 29.5 inches, the other two pieces of equipment that are set up include:

  1. The backboard: The backboard is officially 6×3.5 feet in dimension and can be made of acrylic, tempered glass, polycarbonate, wood, and metal.
  2. The hoop: you can play the half-court game in which both teams score on only one hoop, or you can play the full-court game with two hoops. The basketball hoop comprises a rim, net, backboard, and metal post anchored to the ground while it holds up the other components to the grounds.

To Set Up a Basketball, The following tools will be required:

Spade, shovel, cement trowel, wheelbarrow, hoe, auger, tape, stir rod, mallet, screwdriver, steel punch, torque wrench and step ladder.

These tools are exhaustive for any hoop you install, be they in-ground, mounted or portable hoops.

Step 3: Find a stud to install the wall mount.

Finding the stud in the area where you will install your hoop can be tricky. A stud finder can help locate a stud if you don’t know where one is in your garage. Suppose you cannot find one still, the go-ahead and install a 2×6 inches timber to fix one.

Studs are vertical framing members made of wood whose dimensions are usually 2×4 inches or 2×6 inches, which are fixed during home constructions to carry the load of objects that could be hung on the wall: the basketball hoop. Mounting the hoop on a stud is important so that the hoop’s weight does not affect the walls of your garage.

When dealing with a concrete wall, your best bet is to use concrete to fasten the wall mount.

Step 4: Install the wall mount.

Wall mounts of a basketball hoop come with lag bolts or nuts and bolts with a manual on installing them. The manual should be properly read and understood before assembling or even installing the wall mount for safety reasons.

The wall mount can be assembled on the ground and then mounted on the stud or installed first, then the other components attached. The lag bolts or the nuts and bolts are then used to hold the wall mount in place on the wall.

Step 5: Installing the backboard and rim

Out of all the types of backboards, a tempered glass backboard is the most preferred because it gives a good spin and bounce and cannot be shattered, making it a very safe option.

The right rim should be used because, of all the basketball hoop’s components, the rim is the one that is subjected to the most impact during the game. Therefore a durable rim should be used.

A screw is used to fix the rim to the backboard, and the net is looped around each of the hooks of the rim, and this is how the net gets installed. Now, the rim-mounted backboard is then fixed on the wall mount with bolts and screws.

Step 6: Check the tightness of the equipment

Checking the tightness of all the joints and the movable parts of the hoop is important to ensure that none of the joints is loose while the game is in play which can cause the hoop to sway and pose a safety hazard for players and spectators.

Step 7: Mark the basketball court

The space available will determine the dimension that will be marked out for the basketball court. The courts’ dimension defers from league to league and age to age. Below is a table that shows the dimension of different basketball courts:

Types of courtWidthLength3-point lineFree throw
High school508419.7515

Playing Basketball

While basketball is a standard game played professionally globally, there are different ways the game can be played to add more flavor and fun. There is a different way to spice it up to play games like a horse, knock and shark, minions, firing squad, to mention a few.

These games are basketball played with a twist, especially regarding the number of people who play and the rules that apply. As you play this beautiful game, it is important to keep these few tips in mind as you play the game:

  1. Be sure you are medically sound to engage in this game. It is advised that you seek a doctor’s advice before playing, especially if you are getting on in age because basketball involves a lot of running, jumping, and taking fast action, which could put a strain on your knees, legs, and the whole body.
  2. Be sure you are well hydrated as you play.
  3. Before you start playing, take some warmups and stretches to ‘ wake up your muscles and joints.
  4. After playing the game, you should cool down and take some more stretches.

Watch Video on How To Install a Basketball Hoop

The video below will help you learn How to Install a Basketball Hoop on a wall. Watch and learn


Basketball is a great game, and what better way to enjoy this game anytime you want than by installing a basketball hoop in your garage, wall, or driveway. With the right location, which must be flat and even, the right tools and set up equipment, you are ready to play. I hope with this guide above, you must have learnt How to Install a Basketball Hoop on Garage Wall.

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How To Install a Basketball Hoop on A Garage Wall or House?

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