Is Slammo as Good as Spike ball

Is Slammo as Good as Spike Ball? (Which is Better: Spike Ball vs. Slammo)

Are you looking for a way to relax with a few friends at the beach or even in your backyard, then slammo and spike ball is the way to go? These two games are all a fun way to relax during those lazy weekends or weekdays when you just want to unwind and worry about nothing serious.

Slammo is a new outdoor sport that is played by both adults and children on a beach, lawn, or any flat surface. It’s an exciting game that is fast growing in popularity among fun seekers especially beachgoers and campers because it’s an interesting game to play and an easy one to learn.

How is Slammo and Spike Ball Played?

It is a game where two teams each comprising of two players hit balls off a circular net that is about two feet high, and each team have three hits before they can bounce it off.

Points are scored when the opposing team bounces the ball to the ground or if they fail to get the ball back to the trampoline kind of net after three hits.

Usually, the game is played till they get to 21 points and teams scores only when they are the ones serving. For a team to be declared winners, they must have at least a two-point lead.

On the other hand, spike ball which is quite similar to slammo is played by two teams of two players each, the aim of the game is to hit the ball into the net so that the other team cannot return it, and points are scored when the opponents cannot return the ball.

Have we tickled your fancy yet? We are just getting started. Now let us answer some of the questions you might want to ask.

Who Makes Slammo?

This fun sport or game is manufactured by GoSport. The Slammo kit comes with a round net with net clips, a bag or a carrying case that contains one smaller ball known as a training ball for younger players or beginners and two competition balls that are bigger, one slammo target and a rule book.

Spike ball on the other is manufactured by Spike ball sports company that is based in the US. The spike ball kit which looks almost like slammo also contains a around net, a bag, a rule book, and 4 balls of the same size.

Is Spike Ball Pro Better?

The Spike ball pro is the same game as Spike ball and still follows the same rule, the only difference is the fact that Spike ball is played mostly by friends and family in a relaxed and casual setting.

Spike ball Pro on the other hand is designed for a different kind of audience whose aim is not just to play for fun but for competitive purposes, hence Spike ball Pro is designed to be played by professionals and in a very good play surface.

So, Spike ball Pro is not better than Spike ball, it is just a variation of Spike ball that is meant for professional competitions or tournaments.

Is Slammo as Good as Spike Ball?

Slammo and Spike ball are almost the same game with almost the same rules, the differences in the two games we believe were put in there by their different Companies for Patency purposes and to distinguish them from each other hence, helping their customers easily identify their products.

So, asking if slammo is as good as Spike ball is much like saying “is Coca-Cola soda as good as Pepsi soda”. they are all good in themselves, but each person has their preferences and biases and so the choice is made based on that because in the real sense they are almost the same thing.

Spike ball being older than Slammo seem to be a little more popular than Slammo, but in the end, it boils down to individual taste and preference.

What Is the Difference Between Spike Ball and Spike Ball Pro?

There are very few differences between Sike ball and Spike ball Pro since the rules of the game is basically the same, however, there is a slight alteration to Spike ball that brought about Spike ball Pro, and they include:

  1. The audience: Spike ball is designed as a sport for a casual setting where people come together to play and have fun, they compete in the game though, but without the seriousness that real; competition entails. The idea of the game in spike ball is fun and relaxation, while Spike ball Pro as the name implies is a game for professionals who compete in serious competition or tournaments and for which prizes are won.
  2. Design: another remarkable difference between Spike ball and Spike ball Pro is the design of their kit. Since Spike ball is for informal play, the design of the nets, clips and stand is not as sturdy as that of Spike ball Pro which is stronger and more stable since it is for fierce competition.
  3. Number of balls: the Spike ball kit contains four balls which are for competition and the other three for any eventualities that might happen in the course of play, like a dog chewing one of the balls which are to be expected in an informal setting where people are relaxing maybe at their backyard or beach with friends, family and even the family dog. Since issues like the one earlier stated are not expected to happen in a formal competition setting, the Spike ball pro only contains two balls which is more than adequate.
  4. Ball material: the Spike ball Pro ball has an added texture to its ball that helps the players top spin which is slightly different from the texture of the Spike ball’s ball.
  5. Ball pump and gauge: spike ball Pro kit comes with a portable ball pump and gauge, while the Standard Spike ball does not.
  6. The terrain of play: Spike ball can be played in any terrain even if it is uneven because of its adjustable legs, Spike ball Pro on the other hand because of its sturdiness and the fact that it is played for competition purposes is designed to be played on even terrain.

Which is Better: Spike Ball vs. Slammo

The question is not that of which is better, it is more like: why I should choose any one of them because they all have their features that make them distinct. Hence, it is your needs that decide which is better for you as an individual. Below are some of the distinguishing features of the two:

  1. Frame: The frame of the Spike ball is adjustable and can easily be bent or folded which means the kit is flexible. The Slammo frame on the other hand lacks flexibility in the sense that it is straight and cannot be folded.
  2. Terrain of play: Spike ball because of its adjustable frame and more durable legs can be played on uneven terrain while Slammo must be played in only flat, in even surface because of lack of flexibility of the frame.
  3. Balls: Slammo comes with a training ball for younger players or beginners to practice with. This is one of the biggest advantages that Slammo has over Spike ball which does not come with a training ball.
  4. Ball quality: Spike ball’s balls are thicker and heavier than Slammo’s but Slammo’s balls have more bounce which makes it a better option for beginners and players that want a little more bounce to their game.
  5. Price: This is another significant difference between the two games. Slammo is a little bit cheaper than Spike ball, with a difference of about $20 to $30.

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So, the choice is yours: if you are looking to play a game where quality is first on your mind and you are already good at the game and ready to pay extra to indulge yourself, then Spike ball is the one for you.

If, however, you are still a rookie still learning the ropes and perhaps have younger ones whom you want to play with too, and shopping on a budget and have a very flat area where you can play, then you are welcome to Slammo.

Why Is Spike Ball So Expensive?

If you want quality, then you’ve got to pay for it. Spike ball is relatively expensive because their products are in high demand and they are more popular and we know that the more the demand the more the price, it is simple business law.

I must say that it is not only demand that is hiking the price of the Spike ball: their product has really good quality and is sturdier.

Another thing going for them is the fact that their game can be played anywhere even in sloppy areas because of the flexibility of their frame. For them the cliché is simple: “if you want quality, then you’ve got to pay for it”.

How Successful Is Spike Ball?

Spike ball as a game and a brand is a huge success which mirrors what resolve and sound entrepreneurial knowledge can do for any business.

As it stands, Forbes has it that Spike ball raked in $ 19 as revenue as of 2019 and over 100,000 units of the game sold and still counting. As to popularity, Spike ball is now a household name and still getting more renowned.


Slammo and Spike ball have come to stay as go-to games for most people who are seeking for a way to unwind and have a friendly competition in a relaxed environment.

They are all exciting netball games with their individual features that makes them unique. Your preference for any of them is individualistic because they are both great games.

So go out there with a few friends, do your thing, catch some fun and then play Slammo or Spike ball while you are at it, you will thank me later.

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