Slammo vs Spikeball

Slammo vs Spikeball Review – Which Should You Buy? – Comparison and Differences

Choosing between Slammo or Spikeball could be overwhelming when considering which to buy. You can end up going for the cheaper one or just an alternative.

The Slammo vs Spikeball Review, as presented in this article, will help you decide which one is best for you to buy.

There are specific differences between both games that you may like to know, but the setup and rules of play are the same.

Plus, they’re both exciting and extremely fun to play in your backyard.

To buy a Spikeball or Slammo set, you should clearly understand the differences between the two games to help you decide which one to pick for your backyard entertainment.

History of Slammo

Slammo vs Spikeball Review

Slammo is a round-net game produced by GoSports. In Slammo, the ball is hit off a trampoline instead of over a net, as in volleyball.

Each team has three hits except if they chose to return the ball by bouncing it off a round-net placed high on the ground.

Slammo is played the same way as Spikeball regardless of their different marque and different name.

It is relatively cheaper than Spikeball though, may lack some of Spikeball’s characteristics but has other fascinating features you could like.

The good thing about Slammo is that it comes with two different balls. The regular match-size ball and a training ball which is bigger.

Slammo is best for all levels of players; both beginners and experienced players can play it with ease. The lack of pressure from a real ball enables those new to the game to get a feel for the game quickly.

Though the balls of Slammo are less quality than Spikeball and may not come with adjustable legs, it comes with a lifetime renewal guarantee for missing or broken parts.

It also has a creative net pattern that prevents the troublesome pocket shot and produces coverage.

History of Spikeball

Slammo vs Spikeball Review

Spikeball was initially created in 1989 by a toymaker Jeff Knurek. It was marketed by Tomy, a Japanese toy company. As a result of outdated equipment, its popularity faded from 1989 to 1995.

Then, it made its way back after Chris Ruder played it on a trip to the Aloha State known as Hawaii.

He brought new life into the outdated equipment by launching Spikeball Inc, which was incorporated in 2007 and in 2008 began selling the net game equipment.

He purchased the trademark for about $800 and used his basement company to generate over $1 million a year, which led Dick’s Sporting Goods to buy Spikeball sold in their store.

However, cyberspace started favoring Spikeball with hundreds of new searches daily regarding how fun it could be to play Spikeball.

Also, Spikeball didn’t just remain a spotlight; it gained even more attention due to its appearance in the season 6 finale of the hit reality TV show “Shark Tank,” which aired in 2015. And not long after, other companies began to market Spikeball games.

So, to protect their trademark name of Spikeball Inc., they gave the game a general name known as Round-net game. It was reasonable to refer to the game as spikeball because the set comes with a round net.

Other brands also make names like Spikeball. One of the most confusing brands with Spikeball is that of Slammo, and people interplace them more than other brands.

Others include Revol and Bounceball, which is more popular in Brazil. However, they are also popular but not like Spikeball.

Difference Between Slammo and Spike Ball

As you already know, Slammo and Spikeball are similar games you could often find interesting to play in your backyard.

They appear to come with the same setup and rules of play; it is important to know their difference to know the better one to buy. Below are some significant ways to differentiate them.

1. Difference in cost – Many people go for Slammo because it is more affordable than Spikeball.

You can get it for $20 to $35 cheaper than Spikeball. People that cost is their primary concern will go for cheaper ones.

Some players can consider other factors and decide to sacrifice and get the higher quality one. So, it’s up to your scale of preference.

2. Differences in Ball and Overall Quality – Another main difference between Spikeball and Slammo is the overall quality of the materials.

Spikeball balls are thicker, heavier, and higher quality than Slammo balls, making them more durable. When you hold Spikeball and Slammo ball, you will instantly understand their differences.

Although Slammo is also durable, it is slightly lighter than Spikeball. Therefore, Spikeball might be considered as a superior version of Slammo.

Spikeball is generally positioned for advanced players and may be very difficult for an amateur to master.

It is advisable to store Slammo when not in use instead of permanently leaving it outside to avoid the net not being difficult to stretch and adjust for proper bouncing.

3. Slammo comes with the extra ball for training – This is one of the significant benefits Slammo has over Spikeball.

It comes with a larger ball that is a bit bigger than a match-ball size for training, making it great for kids and beginners who are not yet used to playing the game. Slammo decided to capitalize it when Spikeball missed it.

4. Spikeball comes with an adjustable legs frame – Spikeball comes with adjustable legs that can be bend and folded as needed, which is the most significant advantage of buying a Spikeball set. It helps to give you more flexibility to play on rocky ground for those that have a problem finding a flat spot to play round-net.

Comparison Between Slammo and Spike Ball

Irrespective of those differences between Slammo and Spikeball, it is essential for you to know their similarities to guide you in your making better decision.

One of the things they have in common is that they have a lifetime guarantee because they can get damaged over time. So, whichever one you are going for, you will be getting what is worth it.

They also come with carrying bags, so beyond having your game in your backyard, you can easily take them with you to the beach or any other outdoor camping.

The outstanding characteristics of Slammo and Spikeball as fun outdoor games make it the perfect choice to play with your family while preparing to go to the beach.

Moreso, they come with good business service. Both brands respond quickly to their customers during the purchase process or when a product needs to be replaced. So, you don’t have to worry while demanding a replacement.

Slammo vs Spikeball Review – Which Should You Buy?

So, after getting to know all the differences and their similarities, the question is, which should you buy? Without exaggerating, the answer depends on your scale of preference and skill level.

Spikeball costs more but has better quality and may be adjusted if playing it in a rough place. Slammo set is cheaper, less quality, but also great for kids and non-advanced players. Below are some findings that could help you in your decision-making.

For Spikeball Set:

  1. If you are more interested in the quality, you should get Spikeball.
  2. You should get the Spikeball set if you frequently want to play it on rough ground.
  3. An advanced player can go for a Spikeball set.
  4. If the cost is not a big thing for you.
  5. If you want a ball with more weight.

For Slammo Set:

  1. Most importantly, if cost is your primary issue.
  2. You frequently want to play it in a flat spot. If you are going for a Slammo set, you can prepare a flat and good location in your backyard for playing your game.
  3. If used by kids or beginners, you can go for a Slammo set.
  4. If you want the one with a good bounce.

How To Slammo and Spike Ball

Like said earlier, Slammo and Spikeball are two on two games that are very similar to volleyball but with a circular net and a smaller ball.

Like volleyball, each team has three hits to spike the ball into the ankle-high circular net instead of hitting the ball over a net.

However, each team volley back and forth until one of them is unable to return the ball to the net within three touches.

Rules Guiding Slammo and Spikeball:

  1. There is a need to inflate the ball to 12in circumference.
  2. Make sure the tension of the net is consistent throughout the game, and the ball dropped from 3 feet above the net must bounce up roughly 14-18in.
  3. Ensure that all players begin the point at least 6 feet from the net except the receiver that may stand at any preferable distance.
  4. Players may go anywhere they choose once the server strikes the ball.
  5. Once the ball contacts the net, possession changes.
  6. Per possession is three touches for each team.
  7. You can determine a serving order to alternate players from the two teams. Like Player 1 follows Player 3 and so on.
  8. You can also rotate starting positions about 90 degrees anti-clockwise every 5 points. Though if your backyard is excellent, no need for that.


Slammo and Spikeball scores can be calculated in many ways because points can be earned by receiving or serving. In match play, the match supervisor draws up the winning score. It is possible to play with 12, 16, or 22 players.

If not specified, the game must be won by two points, and a point could be awarded when the ball bounces and falls back onto the net, the ball is directly hit into the net at any time except it’s the first serve, the ball didn’t return onto the net within three touches, or it contacts the ground, the ball rolls across the net, and so on.


Note, if the receiving them wins the point, the next selected player serves in concomitant with the initial order.

If not, the server turns places with their partner and serves to the other receiving team.

After the receiving team sets their position, the service stands 180 degrees across the selected receiver and is allowed to field the serve.

Any amount of force is allowed while serving, and short or long serves are also allowed.

However, violation of any of the rules like the server must toss the ball upward at least 3 or 4in, and he/she must hit it while tossing the ball, is a fault, and it all counts.


Ensure that touches alternate among team members because successive touches by one team member may result in loss of points.

Even if placed together like in volleyball, players do not hit the ball with two hands. Players may use any parts of their bodies while hitting the ball.

Play the ball cleanly, without lifting it or throwing it, and after the service, any bounce that isn’t delivered to the net is legal. However, if a team cannot determine the legitimacy of the hit, the team should replay the point.


The games all have similarities and are excellent for backyard fun games. Depending on your preference, you can choose any of them.

Slammo’s lower price can be its advantage, and Spikeball’s superior quality ball can also be its advantage.

With what we have given you, you can now make the right decision according to your need or the one that favors you the more.

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