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Bocce Court Installation Cost – How to Build a Bocce Ball Court on a Budget

Bocce ball is an ancient backyard game that has been played for thousands of years.

The goal is simple: two teams must toss their colored balls as close to the smaller “jack” ball as possible.

Even though modern bocce sets are made of different materials, they are very similar to the balls used by the ancient Egyptians and Greeks.

Bocce balls are now made of metal, resin, or plastic and come in various sizes. Some bocce sets may come with a container for easy transportation.

As a more professional person, you may have considered constructing your bocce court in your backyard game.

The standard size of a court is 13 by 91 feet, but your backyard court can be any size you want. A backyard should be approximately ten by 60 feet in length.

A bocce ball court can cost anywhere from $7 to $14 per square foot if you build it yourself. Professional assistance will cost around $25 per square foot.

The cost will vary depending on the amount of landscaping work required.

Brief History of Bocce Balls Game

Bocce was first documented in 5200 B.C. in an Egyptian tomb painting depicting two boys playing.

The game spread throughout the Middle East and Asia, eventually being adopted by the Greeks and passed down to the Romans.

Because of its simplicity and adaptability, the game was enjoyed by everyone – young and old, male, and female.

Giuseppe Garibaldi popularized the bocce ball in Italy during his time of unification and nationalization.

It is now an Olympic sport. Bocce ball has become the world’s third most popular sport due to its adaptability – it can be enjoyed at any age, athletic ability, or location.

What Are Bocce Balls Made From?

Many different materials make up Bocce balls, some of which are more expensive than others.

Bocce balls can be made of wood, stone, or metal; however, the most popular (and tournament-approved) are hard plastic, similar to bowling or billiards balls.

They can be painted solid or given special finishes such as opaque pearlescent, marbelized, or glow-in-the-dark paint.

Bocce Ball Court Building Materials

To begin building a bocce ball court, you must first gather the necessary tools and materials.

Tools needed for a DIY Bocce Ball Court include a rake, a sod cutter, a laser level compactor, and a circular saw.

Materials like granite, base rock, stakes flour, 2×6 boards, wood, and screws are all you need to build a Bocce Ball Court.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Bocce Ball Court?

The Bocce courts are said to always be around ten by 60 feet, as recommended by Tom McNutt, owner of Boccemon, a company that sells the crushed-oyster surface material.

According to him, the cost of a do-it-yourself court can range from $7 per square foot to twice that amount, depending on the equipment used and the amount of area preparation required.

The rate of constructing a bocce ball court is determined by the contracting company, the court’s placement, the size of the court, the materials used to build the court, the features required, the geographical location, and the complexity of the job.

According to our research, the costs of a professional bocce ball court can range from $17 to $27 per square foot when a professional is hired, but if you do it yourself, the costs can vary from $6 to $11+ per square foot depending on the materials used.

When hiring an experienced professional contractor, don’t be surprised if your total costs range from $10,000 to $35,000 or more.

How Long Should My Bocce Set Last?

Without minding your ability or background knowledge, the ball set is very much fantastic.

Every color’s ball is designed with a unique line pattern, facilitating more teams to participate in one game.

This is valuable when playing with a significant fraction of people because it can now be divided into groups based on various structures rather than just color.

The ball sets are usually made of resins, which adds to the durability of the ball set. This set also includes a portable carrying case for easy transportation and cleanup.

While this set is designed for casual backyard games on grass, it is also suitable for most other surfaces.

After each team has played its four balls, a predetermined judge determines which team’s balls are closest and accordingly awards them points for that round.

In the next round, the winning team tosses the Pallino. The game’s length varies but is typically between 7 and 13 points.

How to Build a Bocce Ball Court on a Budget (Step by Step Process)

  1. Selecting the Best Surface Materials: The first step to building a ball cot is your choice of surface materials, including grass, artificial turf, and clay make playing surfaces. Sand, crushed stone, or oyster blend are all recommended by professionals. These materials allow the balls to roll quickly and straightly. They also absorb bounce and improve drainage.
  1. Frames must be securely fastened.: Join the 2x6s together with the wood screws you have on hand. For added support and to keep the frame straight and sturdy, drive-in 1′ stakes every 4 to 6 feet.
  2. Plan and lay the foundation rock: At a minimum, the foundational stone should be about two to three inches thick. Load the base rock into the court area and compact it with a compactor after loading it.
  3. Decomposed-Granites 4×3: Place the decomposed granite on the ground. In the bocce court, decomposed granite is the next layer of material. It’s essential to keep the area as compact as possible. A solid surface for walking and bocce ball games is created when the small rock particles are compacted.
  1. Re-check the level of the project: In areas where the ground is too low, add more decomposed granite to raise it. The decomposed granite should be removed from high spots by raking it up.
  2. Apply the Oyster Shell Flour: It’s available at local feed supply stores. A thick layer of oyster-shell flour should be applied, and it should be raked until it is smooth and scorched. According to bocce ball experts, this material increases the speed of bocce balls. To maintain the court, always have an extra bag on hand.

How to play Bocce Ball

Each team has one, two, or four players. Each participant in a four-person team throws a ball. Each player throws two balls in a two-person couple.

Each participant in a one-person group tosses four balls. A regular playing rotation is established at the beginning of each game when several players are on a team.

5 Nice Bocce Sets to buy (With Pros and Cons)

1. GoSports 90mm Backyard Bocce Set

Bocce Ball Court

Considering bocce ball price, durability, gameplay, and after-sales service, the GoSports 90mm bocce set is our top pick. This bocce ball set includes eight red, blue, green, and yellow balls. Circular and square cuts come in two different colors.


  • If you’re going to use the balls in a specific way, you can choose between two different materials.
  • Customer service that is second to none


  • The color coating is easily scratched and faded, but this does not affect gameplay.
  • Fading is a common occurrence in colors.

2. Bocce Ball Set by AmazonBasics

Bocce Ball Court

Users and reviewers of Amazon’s own Bocce Ball Set give it high marks. 100mm and 90mm are non-regulatory sizes with a $2-$3 price difference. Because it comes with more balls, it’s ideal for those who prefer playing with heavier bocce balls and find our top pick to be too light.


  • Good value for money
  • Two sizes are available.


  • Failure to maintain the integrity of carrying bag
  • Some balls are more prone to cracking than other balls.

3. Franklin Sports Bocce Ball

Bocce Ball Court

When it comes to ratings and reviews, Franklin Sports bocce ball sets are among the best. Professional, starter and American are the three options available to you.

As opposed to the starter set, the professional group is made of solid resin. However, it has a smaller size than the professional setting and is also made of resin. In terms of durability, each variety meets our standards.


  • The most affordable, high-quality set available
  • Three varieties are available for selection.


  • Not suitable for professional play because of non-regulatory size
  • One slight drawback is that the professional set is somewhat expensive.

4. Verus Sports’ 90mm bocce ball

Verus Sports’ 90mm bocce ball set is an excellent choice for recreational purposes. According to reviews, it’s one of the best bocce ball sets in this price range, with solid and well-made balls that are unusual for sets at this price.


  • Cost-effective and well worth the investment
  • Material that is both durable and water-resistant.


  • Not suitable for professional play because of non-regulatory size
  • Scratches and dings are possible with this coating.

5. Hey! Play! 80-76090 Bocce Ball Set

It’s a considerable alternative to our top pick from GoSports, and it costs about the same as our top pick from Hey! Play! Currently, it is one of the most popular bocce balls sets on the market today. In addition, they are about the same weight, although they are a bit heavier by about 1.5 ounces.


  • It’s a good deal.
  • Feel and balance are excellent.


  • Not suitable for professional play.
  • It is prone to scratching.
  • Some balls are prone to cracking, while others are more resistant.


Bocce is a backyard game usually seen as an Italian pastime, but it is gradually becoming popular in the United States, complementing traditional and modern styles. Build the court and supply the bocce balls; bring the wine if you want.

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