What Is a Rick of Wood?

What Is a Rick of Wood? Why is it Called a Rick of Wood?

You may be wondering the meaning of all sorts of names for firewood measurement, and you have not figured it out yet. The most relevant of all is the rick of wood.

Those with a home cooking system that requires firewood will probably be looking for how to get it at an affordable price.

In this article, I will delineate most of the questions regarding Rick of Wood you would love to know: What are ricks of wood? How much does a rick of wood cost or weigh? How long can you store a rick of wood? And so on.

It makes a little more awareness after learning the rick of wood and other related things concerning firewood. According to the Oxford dictionary, Rick is hay, stook, pile grain, etc., especially cut to a definite length, used as a measure of wood, about four by eight.

It was derived from an old English word, meaning stook or pile, indicating farm-connected stooks like corn, wood, etc. It made its way to Northern America and the American midwest.

Buying a rick of wood is something worth experiencing, though it could demand you pay more than you should because you wouldn’t go to a warehouse with an initial price. But that doesn’t mean you should pay more than it’s worth.

What is a Rick of Wood?

Rick of wood also known as the face cord of firewood, is a stack or stook of firewood, which is about four feet high, eight feet long, and four feet wide, or one hundred and twenty-eight cubic feet.

Depending on the provisioner, its width can vary or come in different sizes. A face cord measures about 12-, 16- or 24-inch, and it describes the diameter of ricks of wood.

So, each of the planks of firewood in that stack category is one of the former lengths. An average firewood plank is 16 inches long, and a full cord is about 48 inches wide.

How Big is a Rick of Wood?

With more inferences, a rick of wood or a cord of wood measures eight to four feet (1.2m x 1.2m x 2.4m), and a standard cord is stacked in a four by eight base stook.

Measuring the wood in a cord can cause problems as they may stop some people from bearing in mind buying wood by the cord.

The length of the wood is 1.2 meters or 4 feet, which may be too big for most log burners, open fire, or even fire pits.

How Much Does a Rick of Wood Weigh?

The weight of a rick of wood depends on the type of firewood you are collecting.

Less-dense types like pine, cedar, and larch tend to weigh about 2,500 Ibs or a ton and a quarter per cord for a full cord which can be 3,000 Ibs on the greater end and 625 Ibs on the lesser end.

They are best for outdoor use because of the high emission of smoke.

The heavier types of wood like white and red oaks, ash, and birch, which species can be white, black, and yellow, tend to weigh 5,500 Ibs or two and a half tons for a single cord.

They are all best for wood burning because they burn well on their own, especially oaks which may be best in a mix of different logs.

They grow slowly, good for producing hotter fires, and more come in different colors.

How Many Pieces are in a Rick of Wood?

A single cord of wood may need between 550 and 650 pieces of dry wood for splitting. In a rick, it is about 275 to 335 pieces of firewood.

Though, it also depends on how tight it’s being packed and how it’s being cut. However, to avoid the mistake of planning a certain amount of wood and end up with less, you have to talk with the supplier ahead of time because the length can change depending on the area you are in.

This is when people may get knocked off, which is the reason to be as careful as ever when purchasing a rick, especially from an untrusted seller.

You could play it timidly by measuring and counting the logs yourself, and in that way, you could decide how much firewood you will be buying.

How Much is a Rick of Wood?

One of the biggest problems with buying ricks of wood is that you don’t know how much of it you’re getting.

It is very important to have this knowledge because you might not know whether the wood you get is sufficient to meet your need.

However, there is a simple method to help you find out how much wood you can get when you purchase a rick of wood.

Assuming the logs are 16 inches long and you stack them at 4 feet high and 8 feet long, you’d have 1/3 of a cord. Rick would then be a third of a cord.

If you cut the same logs about 24 inches long, your rick would be ½ of a cord. The length of a log has a direct impact on the amount of wood you receive.

It gets more complex when the wood is not square and cannot fit neatly into a specified volume. When stacked, wood will leave spaces between each other because it is round.

How Much Does a Rick of Wood Cost?

The prices for ricks of wood vary according to the location in the United States.

A rick of wood is also known by other names, such as stove cord, face cord, and furnace wood, which describe a stack of wood that is 4 ft. high and 8 ft. long with one piece shorter than 4 ft.

A standard cord of wood (4 ft. x 4 ft. x 8 ft.) typically costs $225 and $250.

If you are buying a rick of wood, avoid buying wood in units that cannot be related to the standard cord.

A high cost per cord measure makes it difficult to compare other units. Avoid purchasing firewood over the telephone before examining the wood in person at the supplier’s yard.

Many sellers offer truckloads, but you can’t know how much you’re getting with this option.

You can at least pace off the stack of firewood you plan to purchase so you know exactly what you are buying.

After ordering wood over the phone, make sure that the wood is stacked upright and well stowed after it is delivered to know how much was delivered.

This can help prevent you from showing up with your pickup truck only to argue with the seller about how much wood you are buying.

How Long will a Rick of Wood Last Storing?

Again, it depends on what you plan to use it for. If you use wood as your primary heating source and need it to warm your whole house in the winter.

A rick of wood should last between six and ten weeks.

If you need more heat, you need to be prepared for that, which means that you should always have a stock of wood so that there is no risk of running out of heat before temperatures outside are comfortable.

How Many Rick of Wood Do I Need?

Unfortunately, no standard answer can be given to this question since it varies based on how much firewood you consume.

Buying firewood for campfires is one thing, but if you’re looking for wood to heat your entire house and you want it to last all through the winter, then you will need to buy more.

Generally, you won’t be able to survive through the whole winter on one rick of wood, which is why you’d better buy at least two (3 would be enough for a medium-sized house).

If you decide to buy three ricks of firewood, it might be more convenient to buy one face cord. If you choose to go with the green or red firewood or a good quality oak, you only need a single rick.

On the other hand, if you decide to go with low-quality spruces and inferior wood, you will need a rick or a half or more than one rick. Some people use low-quality spruce and buy two to three ricks to last one winter.

There will not be any significant difference in the cost associated with the different kinds of woods. You will be purchasing more than one rick for lower quality wood and only one rick for higher quality firewood.

How to Select the Best Rick of Wood

One of the most important aspects of buying a rick of firewood is the quality of the wood. You need to make sure that you are buying hardwood or softwood that is properly seasoned and is ready to be burnt upon purchase.

If you intentionally buy green firewood, then it’s a completely different story.

However, if you want to burn the firewood and warm up your house quickly, you need to ensure that the wood is properly seasoned and dried. It will then be ready to burn.

A seasoned rick of firewood should be completely grey and split on the end since it has been dried for burning.

Depending on the different types of wood, it takes about half a year or a full year to season the wood.

It is important to ask the vendor when the wood was cut. If it was cut within the last few months, then it means that it is not ready to be burnt for the winter season.

The situation of the Wood

Dry-seasoned wood is in high demand because it burns efficiently. Freshly felled trees are not good firewood. The moisture content of freshly cut wood is approximately 50%.

To produce good burning wood from freshly cut wood, it needs to be dried for at least one season.

Seasoned wood should only contain about 15% moisture. Seasoned wood costs more than fresh-cut wood.

Every seller will most likely declare their wood to be seasoned. However, the untrained eye may not notice the difference.

Using a moisture meter is a good way to ensure you’re not paying too much for inferior products. It is always a good idea to see the wood before buying it.

What is a Half Cord of Firewood?

The volume of a half cord of firewood is half that of a full cord, equal to 64 cubic feet of firewood compared to the 128 cubic feet found in a full cord.

Therefore, a half cord of firewood will be a stack that fills an area measuring four feet high, four feet wide, and four feet deep.

How Many Face Makes up a Full Cord of Firewood?

There are typically three face cords in a full cord of wood. A face cord of wood can have a depth of 16 inches, for which three rows can fit into a full cord of wood that has a depth of 4 feet.


It is difficult to determine the value of a rick of firewood since it is not an official measurement. Anything could be referred to as a rick.

It could be a stack of firewood which is 1/3 of a cord. It is not advisable to buy a rick of firewood because you are unsure how much wood you are getting.

A cord of firewood contains far more wood than is usually needed for a secondary heating source that is only used for a few months of the year. It is far better to use a face cord of wood in this situation.

I quantified a face cord of wood as a fraction of a cord. However, the fraction can be different. It could be 1/2, 1/4, or even 1/3.

I must admit it would make perfect sense to name each fraction something different. This helps to make the price easier to compare.

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