What is Spike Ball Similar to

What is Spikeball Similar to? – Which is the Closest Competitor to Spikeball?

Spikeball which was formerly known as the round ball is a great game that is played everywhere both for fun and professionally, the fame of the game grew sometime in 2008 when its kit was improved, and the Spike ball company started promoting the game.

This great game is fast becoming the game of choice for most campers and beachgoers, little wonder its founder describes it as intense and competitive.

Many people believe Spike ball was inspired by Volleyball and Four Square because they have a lot in common, in terms of how the game is played and the equipment used. But in this article, we shall discuss What is Spike Ball Similar to.

Why Is Spikeball Becoming More Popular for Fun Seekers?

For a game that is relatively new, its popularity is mind-blowing, ESPN also has it that as of 2018, over 4 million players play the game, and this is because it is an exciting game to play and can be played with just 4 people.

It is also gaining popularity because the kit is light, contains all you need to play the game, and can be easily carried to places. It is like having a soccer pitch in your backpack.

Another reason why fun-seekers find this game so captivating is that the rules of the game are so simple and so can be learnt easily, the fact that the game kit comes to its rule means it’s a complete pack that even beginners can try playing by themselves.

Compared to other game kits, the Spikeball kit is relatively cheap and affordable for most people. Another thing going for the game is the fact that the game can be played on any ground even on sloppy or uneven grounds.

While it cannot be viewed as a mainstream sport like soccer and basketball, the unique style of the game makes it both exciting and relaxing that can be played in a friendly atmosphere.

How Do I Get Points When I Play Spikeball?

There are several ways you can gain points while playing this beautiful game and for every service, points are awarded irrespective of which team is serving, they include:

  1. When the ball bounces back and then hit the net, the opposing team gets a point
  2. The opponents get a point too when the ball hits the ground because the other team could not hit it.
  3. The opposing team also gets a point when the other team faults twice in a row when it is serving.
  4. When the ball is hit directly into the rim.
  5. The opponents also get a point when a player hits the ball twice or more in a row.
  6. Points are awarded to the opposing team when a player throws or catches the ball when he/she is supposed to hit the ball.

What Are Things Considered as Violations in Spikeball?

There are a few ways that a fault can be committed in Spikeball including:

  1. A team is faulted if one of its players makes contact with the net in the course of play.
  2. When one serves the ball less than four feet from the hand before hitting the ball is a fault. The ball must never be served directly out of your hand.
  3. When serving, the player must be at least six feet away from the net
  4. If the ball hits the rim at any time, then it is considered a violation.
  5. If the ball hits the pocket on a serve, then it is considered a fault.
  6. If a player or team hinders the opposing team from getting the ball, then there is a replay.
  7. All serves that are not within the reach of the opposing team except they jump to get it, they can call a fault, and then the serving team will then serve again.

What Is Spikeball Similar To?

Almost all sports or games share some sort of similarity with each other be it in terms of the rules or the equipment of play. Spike ball is no exception, many people believe that Slammo is so similar to Spikeball, while others even call volleyball the cousin of Spike ball because of how much the two games are played alike.

Volleyball a much older game shares a lot of similarities with Volleyball especially in the following ways:

  1. They are both team sport played with a net and a ball.
  2. The rules of volleyball and Spike ball are similar, for instance, the game starts with a team serving and bounced off to the opposing team.
  3. The scoring in both sports is similar too in the sense that the opposing team scores points when the other team cannot return a serve and the ball goes out of play, secondly, if the team that is serving loses points, then the opposing team gets to serve.

Another game that is similar to Spikeball is Slammo and the similarities include:

  1. The rules of the games are the same. For instance, the aim of the two-game is to serve the ball so that the opposing team cannot return
  2. The game kit and contents are similar. Amongst other things, both nets are circular and have been light and easy to carry around as they come with a bag.
  3. The number of players for each team is the same which is typically two persons per team, even though there are variations that one applies individually.
  4. Both games end at 21 points and the winning team must be ahead by at least two points to win.

Another game that is quite like Spike ball is Four Square. Many people believe that Spike ball was birthed as a game that blended the goodness of Volleyball and the subtlety of Four square to produce a game that is the next best thing.

Just like Spike ball, four square is also a ball game, but it is played on a square court which is divided into four parts [quadrant] in which the ball is bounced within the quadrant. It is a fun game just like Spikeball.

Does Spike Ball Have Competitors?

Spikeball with the success it has attained has very close competitors who we believe helps them to keep “upping their game” a little competition is always good to keep one on their toes and seek ways to always do better.

The closest competition that Spikeball has is Slammo, the competition is so fierce because the two games are alike in almost everything that one can easily confuse one for the other.

These two games are all played by the same category of people who are mostly fun-loving people who want an easy game they can play with friends in camp, beaches, or other similar settings.

The slight variation in the two games is just features they add or leave out that serves as their unique selling point. For instance, Slammo gas a training ball while Spike ball does not.

Spike balls have an adjustable frame while Slammo does not. These slight differences are just there to add to the uniqueness of each product which invariably is aimed at edging out the competition.

Is There a Cheaper Version Of Spikeball?

One of the snags with the Spike kit is that it is a bit more expensive than its closest competition; Slammo, hence most people believe that Slammo is a cheaper version of Spikeball, but in reality, Slammo are both different games made by different companies. Spike ball has created a niche for itself in the market for those who are willing to spend a few more dollars to enjoy the game they love.

While people think that Spike ball is expensive, they’ve even gone ahead to manufacture a more expensive variation of Spike ball called Spike ball Pro. In this version, all the elements of Spike ball were improved upon.

Hence Spike ball Pro is a lot sturdier, better quality, and of course more expensive, it is probably because it is made with professional competition in mind. Spike ball is played mostly professionally in tournaments and other such competitions.

Does Spikeball Have any Community?

Spike ball is so successful a game that there is a recognized Spikeball round net Association which aims to build a connection between the over 4 million players globally, the body also coordinates the different events and tournaments that are held in different places.

What Does the Future Look Like For The Game?

The future of spikeball looks great given the traction the game has been gaining not only in America but in many parts of the world. The Spike ball round net Association is spread in many countries outside the US and is doing great.

There has been a slowdown of the game due to the pandemic, which is to be expected, but by and large, Spike ball has come to stay and who knows, maybe soon, it could be a game that will be played in the Olympics, just maybe.


Spike ball is a great game that has been played for years as a means of relaxation and even entertainment, the game which has evolved over the years is similar to other games especially Volleyball, Four Square, and Slammo.

The game is so successful because it is so easy to learn, so much fun to play, and relatively affordable. So anytime you feel like having a friendly duel with friends or family in a park, beach, or camp, then Spikeball is the way to go.

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