Cut Grass Without a Lawnmower

How To Cut Grass Without a Lawnmower (6 Creative Ways)

Many people would never have believed that 50 years ago or so, lawnmowers were not considered to be a necessity in taking care of grasses in our lawns. This is because so many other means were used then, which are still used in some climes.

Even though the lawnmower is more effective and time-efficient than most of the other means of mowing our lawns, yet once in a while, you might need to give it a rest and explore other options.

Shears, scythe, string trimmers are some of the many alternatives to using a lawnmower in taking care of our lawns. Other options might prove unrealistic for certain people, but by and large, you can always pick an option that suits you. These options are readily available, and they are not as pricy as a lawnmower.

Reasons Why You Might Want Alternatives to The Lawnmower

There are a few reasons you might want to explore other options to taking care of the grasses in your backyard. It could be because of one or more of the reasons below:

1. A Breakdown of Your Lawnmower

All machines break down and malfunction from time to time; your lawnmower is not exempted. There might be times when your lawns are due to be mowed only for your lawnmower bailed out on you, maybe because it’s been in use for a long time and wear and tear had begun to set in. You will have to resort to other options if you must take care of your lawns.

2. Difficulty In Operation

not everyone can use the lawnmower successfully, especially if they are not used to a particular design or make of the lawnmower before. 

The complexity of some equipment is a put-off for some people who would rather stick to what they know already. 

So, if you contract someone to cut your lawn with your lawnmower, don’t be surprised to see them using other options to get the job done.

3. Environmental Concerns

All machines that are driven by chemical energy emit gases that affect our environment negatively. These days, everyone is getting conscious of how we treat our environment. 

Most machines that we use these days emit gases that pollute the environment and destroy the ozone layer. 

The lawnmower is powered by gasoline, emitting carbon monoxide, which is bad for the environment. So, an environmentally conscious person might stick to other options to cut grasses in their lawns, environmentally friendly options, which means they may never need to own or use a lawnmower.

4. Cost

Lawnmowers are not exactly cheap; they are the most expensive option for cutting grasses. Many people would want to mow their lawns with a lawnmower, but because of the cost, they are forced to uses other cheaper alternatives.

5. Size Of Area to Be Mowed

If you want to cut a small lawn area, it won’t make much sense to bring out the lawnmower for such a job; you can use any other methods. The lawnmower is usually reserved for a big expanse of land. 

6. Storage Space

If you live in a small apartment with little or no space for your essentials, the last thing you want is a lawnmower taking up the little space left. This can be a good reason to want to cut your grasses using other means.

How To Cut Grasses Without a Lawnmower?

Many homeowners love to have lush grasses that are thick and free from weeds, and they think the only way they can achieve this is by using a lawnmower. 

Let me introduce you to other alternatives you can use in maintaining your lawn other than the lawnmower:

1. Sickle

Cut Grass Without a Lawnmower

This is a very common farm implement that is used for traditionally harvesting rice and other such crops. This implement has one end curved like the letter C, which is the part that cuts the grass, while the other end is flat that serves as the handle. 

This can be used to cut long grasses. All you need to do is catch as much grass as you can and with one hand while you use the sickle to cut it out. 

The downside to this method is that it entails a lot of manual work, which can be quite stressful; it is also made worse because you can only cut a small area at any time. 

It, however, has the advantage that it is cheap, Eco-friendly, easy to use, and does not take up space like the lawnmower.

2. Shears

Cut Grass Without a Lawnmower

This works just like giant scissors, and it can be used for both long cutting grasses or trimming shorter ones. The only problem is that it takes a lot of time to cut a relatively large area of your lawn. 

All you need to do is catch the grass in one hand and then use your shears to cut the grass. They are a little easier to work with than the sickle, but they also can cover a small area at a time. 

3. String trimmer

Cut Grass Without a Lawnmower

This machine works much like a handheld lawnmower. It is also known as a weed eater. Some of them are powered by batteries, gasoline, or electricity.

They work by using fast-spinning microfilament string that becomes stiff enough to cut weeds and grasses. They all come with a guard that prevents stones and debris from flying into your face as you cut the grasses.

4. The scythe

Cut Grass Without a Lawnmower

This farm implement has a very sharp curved head and a long handle that cuts grass in one smooth curving motion. 

This tool is effective for cutting long grasses. This tool is effective but can only be used by those who have mastered how to use it.

5. Hedge trimmer

this machine looks like a chainsaw, and the jagged edges cut grasses effectively. They come in a single action trimmer in which one moving blade and one fixed blade cut the grass. 

While the double action trimmers have two moving blades which move in the opposite direction, this machine is a good alternative to a lawnmower.

Still, the snag to it is that you must know how to operate it properly so that you don’t hurt yourself or mistakenly cut stuff you are not supposed to cut like wires and cables.

6. Get some farm animals

This option might sound out of place if you live in a big city and your lawn is not so much. But if you live in a country with a large expanse of land, introducing some farm animals like sheep, goats, and cows is a great way of taking care of the grass around you. 

This option has the benefit that you provide nutritious grass for your herbivores while at the same time keeping your grasses trim. This option is farfetched and best for those who want to start a farm or are already running their farm.

When Should You Not Cut Your Grasses?

Grasses keep growing all the time, but when the temperature decreases to a certain value, the growth of the grasses will slow down, and at that time, you need not cut the grass. 

So, if you have temperatures lower than 40 degrees Fahrenheit consistently for a few days in winter, you should not cut your grass.

If rain has not fallen for some time and you are not watering your lawn, you don’t need to cut your grasses because they will not grow; that will call for you are cutting them. 

Because all living things need a conducive environment, so if your grass is not getting enough rain, you shouldn’t cut it.

If you fertilize your lawn for fall, then there will be no need to cut the grasses again because cutting the grass will stop the growth of the root during the winter.

What Time of The Day Is Best to Cut Grasses?

The time you cut your grasses is important because grasses can be stressed if they are not treated properly like all living things. When grasses are cut, it is like giving them wounds, and these wounds would need time to heal and dry. 

The best time of the day to cut your grass is from 8 AM to 10 AM. At this time, the grasses are no longer wet from the dew the night before as all that moisture would have evaporated. 

At this time, the grasses are at their best and so can withstand the injuries your lawnmower or other tools will inflict on them. Currently, you too are not under any stress from the sun ordinarily.

Cutting your grass anything from 10 AM to 4 PM will cause a lot of stress to the grasses; this stress is called turf stress. 

At this time, the weather is too hot; the leaves are making food for themselves by the process known as photosynthesis. At this time, when the sun is up, the grasses should be left to continue photosynthesizing, which is enough to stress them.

The second-best time to cut the grass is from 4 PM to 6 PM. At this late afternoon, the weather has gotten a lot cooler, and hence the grasses are not under any stress from the elements, and they still have some time to recover from the stress after they cut before the night falls.

Is It Bad to Cut Grasses Before Rain?

It is good practice to cut your lawn before the rain when it is still dry because you can cut them to the height you want. 

Rain has a way of beating the grasses and cause them to lie flat instead of standing straight. So, if you cut after the rain, the grasses are flat on the ground, making it difficult to know the exact height of the grass as you cut it.

Secondly, dry soil does not compact, which makes cutting the grasses on them less stressful. Wet grasses and grass clippings can also stain your clothes when the grasses are wet after the rain, so you can forestall all these issues by cutting the grass before it rains.

Should I Water Lawn After Mowing

It is also advisable to have a mowing and a watering regime for your lawns that are separate to which you stick so that watering your lawn is done frequently and on time. 

But whatever your watering schedules, you should always water your lawn when it lacks moisture. If you notice that the grasses are drying out after mowing your lawns, you can water the grasses at once.

In summer, if you don’t want evaporation to deny your lawn the moisture it needs, then mow your lawn at 8 AM and afterward water immediately so that the lawn can get the benefits of the moisture before it evaporates as the sun comes up.

Conclusion: How To Cut Grass Without a Lawnmower

Lawnmowers have come to stay as the main means of cutting grasses and maintaining our lawn, and they are very effective.

However, many other great options to cut the grasses around us are worth exploring that can comfortably replace your lawnmower when it is necessary.

The best time to cut your grasses is from 8 AM to 10 PM, while you should do so before the rain falls. You should always have a routine for watering your lawn, but you should water it when it is dry by and large.

So go ahead and fix that grass you have with any of the methods we talked about. We all need to spice up our lives in any way possible, and these methods of taking care of your glasses are just one such way.

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How To Cut Grass Without a Lawnmower (6 Creative Ways)

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