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Heavy Duty Ladder Ball Game – 4 Best Heavy Duty Ladder Ball Game

People are looking for ways of relaxing and having a good time with friends and family as they engage in a wholesome, entertaining, and engaging game. The ladder ball game provides this and much more.

This great game, also known as ladder toss, monkey ball, ladder golf, cowboy golf, and goofy ball, is played by throwing bolas (two golf balls connected by a string) on a ladder. It can be so much fun if you play the game with the right tools and materials. 

So, in this article, we will be introducing the Best heavy duty ladder ball game you can play in your backyard or lawn.

How Is Ultimate Ladder Ball Played

Ultimate Ladder ball game is a team game that two persons per team usually play; however, if you don’t have up to 4 people to play the game, you can play one person against another.

At the start of the game, the 1st players from each team stand behind the first ladder frame, while the 2nd players from the two teams stand behind the second ladder frame.

The game is played in rounds in which each player from each toss their Bolas, alternating between the teams until they have all tossed their three bolas.

How Points Are Awarded

Points are awarded for bolas that wrap completely around a ladder rung. 

  • 3 points for the top rung, 
  • 2 points for the middle rung, and
  • 1 point for the bottom rung. 

The way the ladder game is calculated is by calculating the point difference from each of the teams. So, if for instance, if team 1 scores 6 points after the first round while team 2 scored 4 points. 

The difference between the points is two, and this is the point that gets awarded to team 1 for the 1st round. 

A round ends when a team has a cumulative of 21 points, and the team that lost the round will be the first to toss.

What Features to Look for On a Heavy Duty Ladder Ball Game

There are a few considerations that you will look out for when trying to buy a heavy duty ladder ball game, but one of the most important considerations is the number of people playing and their ages.

Five main features distinguish one ladder ball game set over another, and they include:

  • Ladder material
  • Bolas texture and materials
  • Stability
  • Installation ease 
  • Budget

1. Ladder Material

The main materials that ladders are made of are PVC, steel, or wood, and they all differ in terms of sturdiness, durability, weight, and price.

i. PVC


1. They are very cheap

2. They are also very easy to assemble.

3. They are easy to carry and transport.

ii. Cons

1. Because they are lightweight, they are very unstable on the ground, which means an increased chance of it being blown over or knocked over by a hard throw. 

2. They are relatively brittle and are prone to breaking.

iii. STEEL


1. They are heavy and very sturdy. It is most unlikely for them to get easily damaged.

2. They are stable and balance well in the ground and are not easily knock over

3. The rungs slide into the frame and are secured with screws. Which means they cannot come apart so easily.


1. They are more difficult to assemble and disassemble.

2. They are relatively more expensive.

iv. WOOD

1. Wooden ladder ball set look very elegant and classy.

2. They are also very stable and durable.


1 Wooden ladder game set is the most expensive option.

2. Assembly of the set may take some time because the pieces need to be screwed together.

2. Bolas Texture and Material

The bolas comprise two components: the balls and the string that connects them. The bolas are usually made of rubber, plastic, wood, and golf ball bolas.

1. Rubber Bolas

Rubber bolas are relatively heavy and are loved because they give a very good bounce, feels good in the hand, and so can easily knock bolas off the rung of the ladder.

2. Plastic Bolas

These bolas are affordable, but they do not bounce like rubber bolas. Because they are soft and lightweight, they’re a good option for children to use.

3. Wooden Bolas

These are the least common of all bolas materials. They are usually found only in premium ladder ball sets. They are relatively lightweight and will not bounce so much, but they have a feel to the hand that most people love.

4. Golf Bolas

These are the most expensive bolas, and many customers prefer them for the weight and feel of the balls. They are also popular because of the ease at which they knock out other bolas when in play. The only downside to these bolas is that they are not suited for younger players.

3. The String

Most strings that connect the balls in bolas are made of nylon which is quite durable. When buying a ladder ball set, buy bolas that have the string tied to a ring against cheaper versions that have a string that threads inside a hollow bola.

4. Installation Ease

Some ladder ball game sets are easy to install and disassemble; this is important because the difficulty and lots of time spent assembling a ladder game set can be a put-off for some people.

Most ladder balls made of PVC are pre-installed and will only require a few minutes and a little effort before you can start using them.

5. Stability

It is not uncommon for a PVC ladder ball to tip over and fall in play, especially under very windy conditions and fierce competition. This puts many people off.

That is why people will get an extra amount of money to get a wooden or metal unit that is more stable on the ground.

6. Budget

The cheapest ladder ball game set is the Basic ball sets that cost $20 to $40 are usually made of PVC and have plastic or rubber bolas. The sets usually come with one ladder. These sets are used mostly for friendly games or by kids because they are not as durable as others.

For $40 to $60, you can get a decent ladder ball set made of steel or PVC, they may or may not come with two ladders, but they also contain all the other accessories like the score tracker, carrying bag, and the likes.

For a premium quality ladder ball game, you should expect to spend about $80 to $100, but you are guaranteed a high-quality product that will perfectly fit into your backyard.

Best Heavy Duty Ladder Ball Game

Here is some great ladder ball game set you will love:

1. Gosport Pro Grade Ladder Toss

Heavy Duty Ladder Ball Game

This game kit will make a great addition to your outdoor game sets because they are durable and fun to play with. Each set includes two targets with score trackers, six rubber bolas, a carrying case, and rules. The unit is best used by younger people, mostly kids, and teenagers.

Why you will love this unit:

This ultimate ladder game set is loved by many because of the following:

1. They are easy to assemble because the PVC targets are pre-glued, so assembly takes under 2 minutes, compared to 10 plus minutes for competing sets.

2. Their soft rubber bolas are kid-friendly and great for Indoors, which means that even if they hit your kids as they play, you will not have to worry about them getting hurt. The extra thick string of the bolas prevents tangles, which can be a problem with very light strings.

3. The PVC tubes are premium quality and are 50% thicker than most other ladder game sets. This means they are more durable than others.


This ladder game kit has Package Dimensions of 25 x 7.5 x 6.5 inches, and the Package Weight is 3.33 Kilograms. It is made of plastic and is multicolored. The Brand Name is GoSports and is a great sports kit to have.

2. Ladder Toss Double Wooden Ladder Ball Game with Finished Wood

Heavy Duty Ladder Ball Game

This Beautifully crafted wooden ladder ball game set is loved because of its wooden ladder, unlike others made PVC. 

The set includes two wooden frames of top quality that also have a score tracker on them. Bolas are crafted with six golf balls (3 blue and three red balls). The beautiful nylon carrying bag completes this set perfectly.

Why You Will Love This Game Set

1. This set has a beautifully crafted durable wood frame that has people endeared to it. The shock-absorbent bolas will hold up to anything you throw at them.

2. This ladder ball game set comes with all the pieces you need for an easy and quick setup to have you playing in no time. It is easy to take down, pack in the durable carrying case, transport, and store.

3. Another selling point you have in this set is that it Includes a built-in scorekeeper, so you don’t forget how many points you racked up.

4. The game set can be taken anywhere easily because of the sturdy carrying bag that comes with it.


1. This ladder ball game including easy setup bolts and threads for sturdy gameplay.

2. Also included in this set are 6 Golf ball bolas (3 red, three blue) with anti-tangling ropes that provide the perfect toss every time and will hold up to the most competitive gameplay

3. This ladder game set has a score tracker embedded in the wooden frame that will help you keep track of your scores.

4. This set has a very sturdy and durable carrying bag that makes transporting your ladder ball set very convenient. 

5. The Package Dimensions 39.2 x 5.4 x 3.7 inches and weigh 3.88 Kilograms.

3. Jogenmax Ladder Toss Game Set

Heavy Duty Ladder Ball Game

This game set will avail you and your loved one’s years of fun and challenging game that all ages can play. 

It is perfect for your next tailgate party, camping, trip, BBQ, or other outdoor activities. The beauty of this set is that it is suitable for use on any ground.

Why You Will Love It

1. This ladder ball set has partially pre-assembled targets, which means you will not have to spend a lot of time assembling the game, and no tool is required for assembling.

 2. it is easy to store & carry along, and it also comes with 4 Metal pegs that will keep your ladder toss game grounded and sturdy.

3. The game made is of high-quality PVC pipes target framework, which is of premium quality. The Bolos are Made using real golf balls for authentic gameplay, while the thick rope helps to prevent tangles.

4. This Ladder ball game has a sturdy square-shaped base that avoids tilting or toppling and adds stability.


This ladder ball game set has package Dimensions of 26.46 x 9.13 x 7.01 inches while the weight is 9.08 pounds.

This set comes with 2 Premium PVC Targets with Score Trackers, 6 Golf Ball Bolos (3 White + 3 Blue), Carrying Bag, four metal pegs, and Rules.

4. Speedarmis Retro Ladder Ball Game Set

Heavy Duty Ladder Ball Game

This great ladder ball set that is durable and unique will provide you with a quality ladder ball experience that will exceed your expectations. They, however, are recommended for use by people who are 12 years and above.

Why You Will Love It

1. This set is of premium quality, whose ladder is crafted from premium rubberwood and much sturdier than the PVC version and better than the metal one. The bolas are made of real Golf Balls, and the 16″ length of high-strength waterproof nylon rope ensures that the rope does not break as you play.

2. This yard ladder toss game set comes with accompanying screws and a little screwdriver, making for easy assembly and disassembling.

 3. The built-in scoreboard beside the ladder wood leg makes the yard game more convenient when competing with the opposite team.

4. This classic retro ladder toss game set has a classic look and is loved by those who love any vintage elements. 

5. The carrying bag of this set is tough, and you can use it to store and transport your ladder ball set even when it is assembled.


This ladder ball game set contains 2 Retro Ladder-shape Targets, 6 Ladder toss bolas (3 red and three blue), 1 Carrying Bag, and one Game Instruction manual.

The golf bolas are solid PE material and the 16″ length of high strength wearproof nylon rope. While the ladder Target is made of rubber wood material that is very strong.

The package Dimensions are 35 inches long, 7 inches wide, and 4.3 inches wide, but when assembled, it will give the standard Ladder ball game height. It weighs 7.01 Kilograms.

Conclusion: Heavy Duty Ladder Ball Game

The ultimate Ladder game set is a great game to play, and they also have great equipment to play the game with.

In choosing anyone from the array of available game sets, ensure that you consider the material, ease of installation, and cost, among other factors, to get great value for your money.

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Heavy Duty Ladder Ball Game – 4 Best Heavy Duty Ladder Ball Game

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