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Wiffle Ball Fences – How Do You Make a Wiffle Ball Fence?

The game of Wiffle ball is fun and not difficult to learn, but it requires some practice. If you enjoy playing baseball, you will also enjoy Wiffle ball because they are similar in terms of field layout and gameplay; they also share the same rules with minor differences. 

You don’t have to miss out on an exciting game of Wiffle ball in your yard just because you don’t have a waffle ball fence. 

Did you know that you can make your very own wiffleball fence in your backyard, and guess what, it isn’t very difficult! So quit sulking and start building.

This article will tell you how much fence you need for a Wiffle ball field, how to make a waffle ball fence, and how to play Wiffle ball. Not only will you learn how to build a Wiffle ball fence, but you also learn how to play Wiffle ball. How awesome is that?

How Much Fence Do You Need for A Wiffle Ball Field?

The amount of fence you will need for a Wiffle ball field is dependent on the size of your field. A small field would not use a lot of fences, while a large field will need a lot of fences. 

How Long Is A Wiffle Ball Fence?

A Wiffle ball fence, also called a backstop, can vary in size; it all depends on the size of your field. 

A small Wiffle ball field will not require a long fence, while a large fence will need a longer fence. The length of a Wiffle ball field can range from 80 feet to 100 feet.

What Degree Is a Wiffle Ball Field Set To

A Wiffle ball field is not like any normal field. It is set to an angle between 70 to 75 degrees, the angle is created from the tip of the home plate, and this angle will range from the foul line to the foul line.

A wiffle ball field has a cone-like shape.

What Do You Need for A Wiffle Ball Field?

To build a Wiffle ball field in your backyard is not as hard as you think it is. You can use materials and items around you to make a simple Wiffle ball field. But here are some of the major requirements for a simple and good-looking Wiffle ball field.

1. Chalks or White Paints 

These are needed for marking out areas in your field where you have measured; they can also be used to mark out foul lines and the single, double, and triple-zone.

 2. Measuring tape

A measuring tape is used to know the overall size of the field.

 3. Fences

They are used as a barrier for your wiffle ball field.

4. Home plates and pitcher’s plate

 They are used to mark the home run area and the pitcher’s area.

Other accessories can be added but are not needed; they include 

  1. Backstops for your strike zone
  2. Scoreboards
  3. Crowd viewing area
  4. Foul poles

It is pretty easy to build a Wiffle ball field from here; all you must do is measure and mark out the home run area. Mark foul lines along with the single, double, and triple-zone set up a pitcher’s area and a better box. With these few steps, you are set to build your waffle ball field in your yard.

How Do You Make a Wiffle Ball Fence?

To make a waffle ball field, you will need a plastic mesh fence, something simple and cheap that may cost around $40. The size of the mesh holes should be 40mm (1.57 inches) high and 100mm (4 inches) wide.

You should also purchase steel stakes as they will help you keep the fence stable. First, you should measure your field to determine how long your plastic mesh should be; that way, you won’t spend much money buying a longer fence.

Put the stakes’ sharp point into the ground; you should ensure that the distance between each of your stakes is 4 feet. 

Place one end of the fence on both ends of the stakes and attach them with ties; the excess plastic mesh fence can be cut out with a pair of scissors, knife, or a sharp blade.

What Are the Rules of Wiffle Ball?

There are some important rules to be noted before playing a game; we have a few of the outlined h.

  1. Use standard equipment to play a game of Wiffle ball.
  2. Baseball gloves are not allowed and can only be allowed if a batter is wearing them.
  3. A pitcher must complete one round before being replaced.
  4. Five innings makes a complete game, and the ten-run mercy rule applies to all three innings, and two outs are allowed for each team in two games.
  5. Any ball caught in the air is not allowed and would be counted as an out.
  6. As long as it is not caught, across the double line is a double, and if a fielder drops a ground ball, it will be counted as a single.
  7. A ball that strikes any part of the outfield fence is a triple, and if a ball travels over the outfield fence, it is a home run.
  8. The batter is free to switch batter boxes during the game, but the batter must inform the pitcher before doing so.
  9. A pitcher can throw an entire game and make changes at any time except when in the middle of an at-bat. No alcoholic beverages are allowed during the game, and any rule not stated above can be found in major league baseball.


A wiffle ball fence is a barrier for your field, and it should be the first thing to be constructed on the field. 

We have discussed how long a fence should be and how much fence you need. With these simple steps, you can make your very own wiffleball fence and even make an entire Wiffle ball field.

We have also outlined the basic gameplay rules to ensure that you know what goes in Wiffle ball and what doesn’t. Now you can enjoy an exciting game of Wiffle ball in your backyard.

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