What Age Is Appropriate for A Pogo Stick

What Age Is Appropriate for A Pogo Stick (Beginners Guide)

Your kids get bored of playing one game for a long time; a pogo stick is just the right item to drain all the boredom out and bring in a whole lot of fun and excitement.

But before you give your child a pogo stick, you begin to question just how safe a pogo stick is and what age is appropriate for a pogo stick. We will answer your questions; we will also provide a detailed procedure on how to use a pogo stick and the benefits of using a pogo stick.

How To Use a Pogo Stick for Beginners?

Performing stunts with a pogo stick are all fun and games until an accident happens. For this reason, a beginner should not directly jump into performing stunts on a pogo stick without learning and basics of using a pogo stick. We will give a comprehensive explanation of how to use a pogo stick for beginners.

You should inspect your pogo stick to know if it is safe to use. If it squeaks or is falling apart, do not use it. 

You should also check your weight to know if your weight is within the weight limit of your pogo stick. Different pogo sticks have different weight limits or weight capacities; you should be informed about that before using a pogo stick.

You should ensure that you are using the right size of a pogo stick. Kid’s size and adults’ sizes are available as they vary in length and weight capacity. 

A kid-size pogo stick should be 46 inches long and have a weight limit of 40lbs to 80lbs, while an adult-sized pogo stick should have a length of 51 inches to 56 inches and should have a weight limit of 180lbs to 250lbs. Using the appropriate size of pogo stick can prevent possible accidents.

For beginners, safety gears are a must. A helmet is needed and can be paired with elbow and knees pads. As a beginner, you are likely to fall during your first trial, but you want to ensure that you fall safely. 

You should also not use a pogo stick on an irregular land surface like dirt or grass as your pogo stick can be stuck and leads to fall.

The first step to using a pogo stick for beginners is to learn your balance. Your balance can be learnt on or off the pogo stick on a board. 

After you have learned to keep yourself balanced on a pogo stick, place the pogo stick vertically on an even surface, place one foot in the footrest, hold the handle, and then proceed to place your other leg on the pogo stick as well.

Start jumping immediately you get on the pogo stick with your feet; this will help you keep your balance, be careful not to put all your weight on one foot as it may cause you to fall. 

Do not jump too high or keep the pogo stick far away because you may lose control and fall. If your pogo stick begins to tip, lean forward in a direction opposite to the tipping motion, and remember, do not perform stunts if you are not ready or comfortable with it.

What Age Is Appropriate for A Pogo Stick?

What Age Is Appropriate for A Pogo Stick

A pogo stick can be used by 3-year-old toddlers. A pogo stick is best suited for kids and teenagers as they fit within the weight limit of the pogo stick. A wide base pogo stick is recommended for toddlers, as it is a safer option.

According to product descriptions on Amazon, most pogo sticks are designed to suit 5-year-olds and above.

What Age Can Kids Use a Pogo Stick?

Like we said previously said, a 3-year-old can use a pogo stick, but the right pogo stick should be used. 

A toddler pogo stick should be made of foam and have a wide base, while a pogo stick for 5 to 9 years old should have a non-slip footpad.

Choose the right size of pogo stick for a child; a model made for heavier people will have a tight spring and will not be suitable for kids. 

How Do You Use a Pogo Stick for Kids?

Firstly, you should purchase the right pogo stick for your child. Take note of their age, height, and weight. 

Ensure that your kids are wearing protective gear like helmets, elbow, and knee pads, and make sure your kids don’t use a pogo stick without shoes.

Inspect their pogo stick for any malfunction, tighten the screws, and check if the pogo stick is squeaky when used; if it is, do not utilize that pogo stick. 

Help your child with the pogo stick by guiding one leg to the first footrest, and after the other leg is on the second footrest, your child should start bouncing to maintain stability.

Supervise the level a which they jump; they shouldn’t attempt a high jump or a stunt.

What Are Pogo Sticks Good For?

Pogo sticks aren’t only used for fun; they are other significant benefits of using a pogo stick.

1. Pogo sticks improve confidence

When your kid learns how to use a pogo stick, it becomes an accomplishment they are proud of. This way, they become more confident.

2. It helps in losing weight

People look for new ways to lose weight, and studies have shown that bouncing can help you lose about 600 calories; bouncing even higher will help you lose more weight.

3. It is a good cardio exercise

Cardio exercise is essential, and using a pogo stick is another form of this exercise. Bouncing constantly gets your heart pounding and pumping blood faster.

4. It strengthens your back.

Using a pogo stick requires stability and constant balance. As you bounce for a long time while maintaining this balance, you’ll discover that your back muscles feel better.

5. It improves mental health. 

Studies have shown that many outdoor activities coupled with vitamin D will greatly improve your mood and help fight depression.

Are Pogo Sticks for Adults?

A pogo stick is suitable for adults whose weight lies within the weight limit. A bigger pogo stick has a weight limit of 180lbs to 250lbs; adults whose weight exceeds this number should not use a pogo stick.

Before buying a pogo stick, check the weight limit and know your weight.

Are Pogo Sticks Bad for You?

Pogo sticks pose a threat to kids if not handled properly. In 2010, 120 children were reported to have sustained injuries caused by pogo sticks in the United States. For this to be prevented, the parent should buy quality pogo sticks from trusted brands.

Supervisors are also necessary. Adults should be present to keep an eye on kids; the presence of an adult reduces the risk of an injury.

Is Jumping on A Pogo Stick Good Exercise?

While there have been some arguments concerning the assumption that a pogo stick aids weight loss, there are other acceptable contributions that a pogo stick has made physically.

We have discussed how bouncing on a pogo stick is a good cardio exercise and strengthening the back. Aside from that, using a pogo stick is good exercise for your calves and muscles. 

As discussed earlier, bouncing on a pogo stick can help you burn 600 calories, and making higher jumps can help you burn more calories. 

Although fitness experts say that using a pogo stick is a good cardio exercise, it doesn’t have the same intensity a normal cardio exercise has; hence it is grouped under the low-intensity cardio exercise.

What Is the Price of a Pogo Stick?

Pogo sticks are gadgets for bouncing off the ground, while pogo sticks are made of springs and other materials in a standing position. They also vary in size and type; some pogo sticks have a wide base for both legs to stand on while others have an individual footrest. 

In terms of size, smaller pogo sticks may weigh 0.5lbs and may be as long as 37 inches, while a bigger pogo stick may weigh up to 3.2lbs and has a length that ranges from 51 inches to 56 inches.

With this in mind, the price of a small pogo stick is different from the price of a large pogo stick. A small pogo stick may cost $10 to $17, while a large pogo stick may cost $40 to $150. Brand and quality also contribute to the price of a pogo stick.

Conclusion: What Age Is Appropriate for A Pogo Stick

A pogo stick can be used by both kids, teenagers, and adults, as long as their weight lies within the weight limit of the pogo stick. 

A pogo stick doesn’t just bring fun alone; it also has some health benefits and is a form of good exercise.

We also gave a brief explanation on how to use a pogo stick, the do’s and don’t. Do not perform stunts with a pogo stick if you are a beginner, and before using a pogo stick, you should check for faults or loosened screws. 

The price of a pogo stick varies with the type and size, but some brands may be more expensive than others.

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