Best Rated Ladder Ball Set

Best Rated Ladder Ball Set (2021 Reviews) – 5 Top Best Rated Ladder Ball Game Set

It’s summer, and you sure don’t want to play another game of ring toss or capture the flag as your kids and neighbors are getting tired of it. 

Ladder ball is another suggested yard game for your kids and neighbors; it is easy to play but difficult to master.

We will recommend 5 of the best rated ladder ball set for your yard use, these ladder ball game sets are made of just the right materials for any weather condition and can be installed with ease. We will also be answering some of your frequently asked questions concerning ladder ball.

Best Rated Ladder Ball Set

1. GoSports Premium Metal Ladder Toss Game Set

It is a known fact that GoSports is a reputable brand for sports and games, and they have once again brought another quality game set.

The ladder is made of powder-coated steel, which makes the ladder weather resistant. The bolas are made of a soft type of rubber instead of a golf material. 

This soft rubber makes the bolas safer for your kids to use, and it also lasts longer than a golf ball.

This set is well made and suitable for your kids to use; it comes with a carrying case and is affordable. Customer reviews have shown that the GoSports premium metal ladder toss game set is easy to set up.

But just like any quality game set, there is always a drawback. The quality of the rubber used to make the bolas is a little bit below average.

2. Amazon Basics Ladder Toss Outdoor Lawn Game Set

The Amazon basics ladder ball game set is simple and easy to assemble. With PVC pipes and joints, this set can be put together within minutes and is sturdy and lightweight; it comes with the full package, including three red bolas and three blue bolas. 

This set is great for kids and adults who are beginners and are starting to get the hand of the game. It includes a carrying case. They are affordable and can be gotten at $34, which isn’t so bad.

However, the hard plastic bolas are not entirely safe for the kids as they can hurt if not appropriately used with caution.

3. Hathaway Games Ladder Ball Set

The Hathaway ladder ball has a ladder made of form hardwood bolas that are real golf balls. They are weather-resistant, and they weigh 38 pounds. They have stable and sturdy feet that can be set up on almost any type of land surface.

This set includes every component and piece needed for a fun game of ladder ball. It also has a carrying case for easy transportation in and out of the yard.

The Hathaway ladder ball set is quite heavy compared to other sets made of PVC; it is also not as easy to assemble as other sets are. This luxury set may cost more than a standard ladder ball set, so if you are purchasing this, be prepared to spend about $50 to $100.

4. The Yard Games Ladder Toss

This set includes a 2.5mm PVC ladder target, three red bolas and three blue bolas made from real golf balls, and a ladder ball setup instruction booklet.

Overall, the yard games ladder ball set has good and positive reviews as buyers say the set is lightweight, sturdy, and easy to set up. 

It can also be used on any land surface like concrete, sand, and grass. The set also comes with a polyester carrying case. 

Although some users said, it would have been nice if the set came with a ladder ball rule book.

5. The Maranda Enterprises Metal Ladder Ball Game Set

This set is solid and well-built; many users have upgraded to this set after using their previous set. It contains two metal ladder targets, two sets of bolas (3 red and three blue), setup instructions, and a carrying bag for storage.

This set is weather-resistant, and unlike ladders made of PVC, the metal ladder is sturdy and doesn’t move during the game.

While this set is the full package, previous buyers have some negative comments about this ladder all set. There have been complaints that when assembling and disassembling, the screws begin to wear out, the bolas also wear out after weeks of use, replacement is then required to be made.

It also weighs a lot since it is made of metal.

Buying Guide for Best Rated Ladder Ball Set 

Before you purchase any ladder ball set, some factors determine which set is best for you.

1. Number of components 

Some ladder ball sets contain two ladders. Two ladders are best suited for a large number of players that are divided into teams. But when a small number of players are involved, one ladder is the best option.

There should be a total of 6 bolas in a ladder ball set. Three for one person and 3 for the other come in different colors like red and blue.

2. Accessories 

Some ladder ball sets may include accessories like carrying bags for storage and transportation, an instruction booklet for the proper setup method of a ladder ball set, and in some cases, a booklet containing the rules of ladder ball.

A few ladders ball sets may include extra bolas and a score tracker that can be moved up and down to change scores.

What Features to Look for in a Ladder Ball Set

1. Ladder material

Ladder ball sets can be made of three different materials; as for the ladders, they can be PVC, Steel, and wood.

A ladder ball set made of PVC is very common and inexpensive. They come in joints that may need assembling. They are lightweight but are not sturdy; they move when hit with bolas. To make them stay in one position, you can add weight to the foot of the ladder.

Ladder ball sets made of steel are sturdier than PVC ones, but they are heavier and may take extra strength to carry around.

Lastly, some ladder ball sets are made of wood. Softwood or hardwood can be used, though a set made of softwood is lighter than one made of hardwood. They are sturdy, and they give the ladder ball set a mature look suitable for adults.

2. Bolas texture and material

The bolas can be made of rubber, plastic, wood, and golf balls. Rubber bolas tend to bounce and are perfect for your kids to use, while plastic bolas are normally loaded with sand. The plastic bolas are also safe for your kids to use.

The wooden bolas are very rare, and they often come in premium and more expensive sets. They are not heavy and don’t bounce like the rubber bolas, but they make a nice sound when hit against the ladder. 

Golf ball bolas are the most expensive option; adults mostly use them as they can knock off your opponent’s bolas easily.

But because of their weight, golf balls may not be suitable for children’s use.

3. Stability 

If you want a more stable or sturdy set, you should consider buying one made of steel or wood, hardwood to be exact. A ladder ball set made of PVC may be cheaper, but it tips off easily.

4. Ease of installation 

The PVC ladder set is easy to install as it has joints and a metal ladder ball set; on the other hand, it is more difficult to assemble. Constant assembling and disassembling a metal ladder ball set may cause some parts to wear off.

5. Budget

Some ladder sets cost more than others, and this can be for various reasonsLadder ball sets made of steel and wood tend to cost more than those made of PVC. 

Some sets come with accessories and extra components like carrying bags, setup instructions, rules handbook, extra ladders and bolas, and score trackers. These sets are called premium sets, and they are more expensive than regular sets.

How to Play Ladder Ball

A throwing line is made 15 feet away from the ladder, and each player gets three bolas. The aim is to throw the bolas towards the ladder so it hangs on the rung. 

If a bola hangs on the bottom rung, it’s one point; if a bola hangs on the second rung, it’s two points, and if a bola hangs on the third rung, it’s three points.

The game can be played until a point of 21 is achieved, but a score point can be discussed for a friendly backyard game. Players can also use their bolas to knock out their opponent’s bolas.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What is a ladder ball?

A ladder ball is a yard or lawn game played by two players or teams where each player tosses bolas at a fixed ladder to make the bolas hang on the rung of the ladder.

This game is a perfect summer game that can also be played on the beach or at camp; it is suitable for kids and adults.

2. How far apart are the ladders in ladder ball?

The ladder should be 15 feet away from your throwing line (the line you stand behind to throw your bolas). In a friendly backyard game, the distance must not necessarily be accurate.

3. How many balls are used in ladder golf?

A total of 12 balls is used in a ladder ball game, each bola having two balls. Each player should have three bolas. In other words, one player uses six balls and three bolas. If a ladder ball game is being played in teams, more balls are required.

4. What is the bola in ladder toss?

A bola consists of two balls being connected by a string. The strong is usually made of nylon, and may the lead inside the ball or is tied to a ring attached to the ball. A bola in which the string is tied to a ring attached to a ball tends to last longer than the latter.

5. Does a bounce count in ladder ball?

Yes, just like any other game, a bounce counts in ladder ball. Bolas can be tossed in an underhand fashion as a bounce counts as a way of scoring as long as you throw each bola separately. You can also feel free to get creative with your throwing style as there is no technique for throwing.

Conclusion: Best Rated Ladder Ball Set

You can enjoy a nice game of ladder ball in your backyard now that you know the top-rated ladder ball game set and its features.

Before purchasing a ladder ball set, you should note certain features like construction material, stability, installation ease, and budget.

We have also discussed how a ladder ball game is played, so now you can play with your kids or neighbors even as a beginner. We have also answered your frequently asked question; that way, you have all the information you need right here.

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