How Do You Stain a Swing Set

How Do You Stain a Swing Set? – Best Stain for Swing Set (All You Need To Know)

Swing sets are loved by kids and adults alike because they are a means of having a good time with friends and family in a relaxed atmosphere.

These swings are usually left outside and are exposed to the elements, especially the ultraviolet Rays of the sun, rain, snow, and the likes, which causes the swings to deteriorate. Hence, there is a need to properly care for this piece of entertainment for our kids by staining them.

Staining your swing set is simply the process of applying coats of Wood stains, especially on your wooden swing set that will protect the surface of your swing, make it look appealing, and even preserve the set so that you can use it for longer.

Should I Stain My Swing Set

Yes, indeed, you should stain your swing set, and there are several reasons you should do so so you do not have to replace them sooner. Below are some of the reasons why your swing need s coat or two of stains from time to time:

1. They Prevent your Wooden Swing Set from Rotting

Wooden swings are prone to rotting if they are kept outdoors for a period; termites, molds, and mildew are the main cause of rots in the woods. 

These pests do not only make the swing set look ugly, but they also subject your set to the risk of collapsing. 

The bad thing about this rot is that once they attack your swing set, there is not much you can do to keep it from maintaining its structural integrity.

2. Staining your Swing Set Keeps it Looking good

When you stain your swing set, it is like restoring it to the way it was the first time you bought the swing set. 

Stains on swing sets have a way of making them aesthetically pleasing and new. So, people stain their sets to protect them from rotting and keep them looking pleasing to the eyes.

3. Staining Your Wooden Swing Protects them from the Adverse Effects of the Elements

When your wooden swing imbibes water, it accelerates the rotting process. It also causes the wood to begin to deteriorate and begin to rot. 

The sun’s rays can also cause unsealed wooden swing sets to get damaged and discolored, and no one wants that.

4. Staining Your Wooden Swing Saves Cost of Maintenance 

Staining your swing set presents a cheaper and effective way of maintaining your swing set because staining the swing set is cheaper than using paint which is more expensive and less easy to apply.

How Often Should You Stain a Swing Set

It is advised that you stain your swing set once a year. But there are conditions under which you can stain the set one in 2 years, especially if your swing set is made of very good wood that is not infected by any pest.

Secondly, if your swing is positioned in a shade that is not exposed directly to the sun, you can also stain your swing set once in two years. 

The older your swing set is, the more frequent you give to stain it so that it can last a little longer for you.

How Do You Stain a Swing Set?

Before you start staining your swing set, here are a few tips that will make the process seamless for you:

1. Always ensure that you don’t stain your swing before or after it rains. It is recommended that you check the weather forecast to ensure it will not rain at least 5 hours before and after you stain the swing set. 

This is because you need the set to be completely dry before you apply coats of the stain, and you also need to ensure that the weather will allow the stain to dry properly so that the stain can soak into the wood properly.

2. It is conventional always to start applying the coats of stain from the top of the swing and then gradually work your way down; this is because you do not want streaks in the stain and drips that happen when you start applying the stain from the bottom. Any drip that happens should be wiped off immediately so that your swing will have an even tan.

3. You should stain your swing at the optimum temperature: it is not ideal to stain your swing set at the peak of winter or summer when the temperatures are extreme. 

The best temperature for staining your swing is between 50°F to 100°F which 70°F being the best temperature. 

The temperature of the day is important because, at optimum temperature, the woods of the swing set will absorb and retain the stain that you coat on it.

4. Allow the swing set at least 24 hours after staining it before anyone can use it: before the stained swing set should be used, it must be after 24 hours. This means you must have to keep your kids away from it for those periods. 

Kids can be adventurous and energetic and might want to play in the swing before then, just put your foot down and allow them near the set until the stain dries properly.

5. Cover open surfaces: you should also remember to cover surfaces like rocks or concrete that can be stained while trying to stain your swing set. A big tarpaulin is just what you need to prevent other surfaces from being stained.

Now let’s look at how you can stain your swing set.

  • Sand any rough areas.
  • Cover the ground/work area unless you don’t mind getting stains on it.
  • Start staining, start from the top, and work your way down, wiping any drips as you go.

1. You should disassemble all the non-wood accessories of your swing set so that they don’t get the stain on them. If you don’t mind the stain on the other metal or plastic components of your swing, like the chain, you can leave the swing set in its assembled state.

2. Wash your swing set with a garden hose to remove any dirt or debris. If you notice mildews or molds growing on your swing set, then do a power wash to rid your set of any pests. Allow the set to dry properly before embarking on the next step 

3. Thoroughly examine your swing set for cracks and holes that might be there. Fill up the cracks and holes with wood putty to conceal the holes and cracks after the stain is applied.

4. Use fine sandpaper to sand any rough edges or patches on the swing to enable a perfect finish.

5. Cover the surrounding surfaces with a tarp or other materials to keep the wood stain from getting on these surfaces. You should also cover yourself because applying stains on a swing can be messy and can stain your clothes.

6. You are now ready to start applying the coats of stain on your swing set. There are two methods of application, and they are: 

A. Using a Sprayer: A Sprayer provides an easy and faster way of coating your fire pit. These sprayers release small quantities per spray, so you do not need to worry about drips and the stain pooling at the bottom of the swing.

B. Brush: a good quality brush and a roller will get the job done only that you must be cautious of drips and them pooling at the bottom, which means you must constantly clean the drips.

To do a great job, you must be careful and thorough and pay attention to the details to have a perfect finish. Allow the stain to dry for a day, and there you have it; your swing set is stained.

What Type of Stains Do You Use on A Swing Set?

There are different types of wood stains that you can use on a swing set, including:

1. Water-based Stain

Water-based stains are wood stains in which water is used as the solvent in making the stains. They are very Eco-friendly and quite easy to clean. 

The disadvantage it has is that it is harder to apply, dries up quickly, and must be used accurately, or the finish will not look good.

2. Clear stain

This stain is usually used together with an oil-based stain that will help protect your swing set. This stain is used basically for enhancing the natural color of your swing set.

3. Oil-based Wood Stain 

This wood stain has oil as their solvent; they are preferred because they do not feel nor crack and are easy to apply. They, however, are a lot difficult to clean, and they take time to dry.

4. Transparent Stains

These wood stains look like a clear stain because they show the color and grain of the wood; the only difference is that they will add a slight tan to the wood

5. Solid Stains

These woods are used to conceal the wood grain of your swing sets because solid stains can change the color of your set. You can use this stain to conceal blemishes in the swing set

6. Semi-transparent Stains

These stains are used mostly because they hardly peel, giving a darker tone of color to your swing set.

How Much Does It Cost to Stain a Swing Set?

The cost of staining your swing set will depend on a few factors, including:

1. The size of the swing: bigger swings will take more time to stain and consume more stains. 

2. Who will be doing the work: if you will be staining the swing set yourself, then your cost of staining is reduced because you will not have to incur the cost of labor that you will be charged if it is done by a professional.

3. The type of stain to be used: different strains have different quality and prices. The quality of the stain you want will significantly affect the amount you will be incurring in staining your swing set.

4. How much coat will be applied. If you are going for just a coat of stain on your swing set, you will pay less than applying more than one coat of the stain because you will need more stains and more work tone to get the job done.

Below is a price list of a gallon of wood stains that can be used on staining your swing set

1. Water-based wood stain: it goes for about $20 to $40

2. Clear wood stain: the price range is $20-$50

3. Oil-based wood Stainer: the price goes for about $25-$50

4. Transparent wood Stainer: it goes for $25-$60

5. Solid wood Stains: the price range is $25-$65

5. Semi-transparent wood stain: this wood Stainer goes for $25-$90

6. Hybrid blends: you can get this type of wood stain for $40-$60.

Best Stain for Swing Set

There are lots of swing sets that are great on swing sets; some of them are:

1. Flood/PPG Architectural FIN Base Stain

This wood stain is used to restore deteriorating woods due to the impact of the elements like wind, rain, and sun. It is also great for taking care of mold and mildew attacks because they are rot-resistant. This great product also keeps your swing set from cracking or flaking.

Why You Will Love It

1. They are mold and mildew-resistant.

2. They help in restoring beaten-down wooden swing sets.

3. They are a high-quality oil-based product that repels water and lasts longer.

2. THOMPSONS WATERSEAL TH.043831-16 Solid Waterproofing Stain

This wood stain will give your swing set the natural look and color and keep it looking new. 

It impacts the strength of your swing set and protects it from the sun’s ultraviolet rays and damage from mildew. This stain is your best bet if you want to restore the look of your swing set.

Why You Will Love It

1. It helps protect your swing set from getting damaged because of the wood imbibing water. This stain stops the damage because it is water repellent.

2. It is great for enhancing the natural color of your wooden swing set.

3. They are long-lasting, and your swing will be protected for a long time.

3. Minwax 70012444 Wood Finish

This is an oil-based wood staining that is good for your wooden swing set; it is good for restoring the color of your set and keeping it new all the time.

This wood stain easily penetrates the wood and seals it so that it cannot be attacked by mildew or damaged by moisture.

Why you will Love it

1. They are great for taking care of mildew growth in your swing set.

2. it has a deep penetrating power that makes your swing set look new.

Is It Better to Paint or Stain A Swing Set?

Paint and stain are two similar yet different materials that can be applied on a swing set and get a good finish. The debate as to which of the two is better is still raging, and many people make their choice based on certain criteria, including:

1. Cost: wood stains are relatively cheaper than paints. While a gallon of stain can go for as low as $20, there are paints as high as $90 per gallon. So, if you are working on a budget, then a stain is what you need.

2. Stains could penetrate the wood and protect it from moisture and pest attack while paints sit on the surface.

3. Stains bring out the natural color and feel of the wood while paints cover that beautiful wood color that many people love.

4. Stains do not peel off while paints peel off.

5. Paints come in more varieties of shades and colors than stains, so if you desire to give your swing a different color, you will have to go for paint.

So, the choice is yours. A paint it stains will keep your swing set looking good anyway.

Watch the Video Below to Learn How to Stain a Swing Set

Conclusion: How Do You Stain a Swing Set

Swing sets can be protected and restored with a coat or two of a wood stain, and these stains seep into the woods and keep your swing set looking good. Different strains are readily available online, and in-store that will work well for your swing set.

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