Pre Basted Turkey

Pre Basted Turkey – What is a Pre Basted Turkey? (Does it Differ with Brined Turkey)

A holiday feast would not be complete without turkey. There is no denying that turkey is a staple food during certain seasons, including Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Despite being a popular holiday meat, turkey is also a popular sandwich meat throughout the year, making it an excellent alternative to ground beef. The United States is the largest producer of turkey meat in the world according to Medical News Today.

During Christmas or Thanksgiving, families and friends come together to express gratitude for life and give thanks with a signature dish with turkey meat at the center of the dining tables of almost every home in the US.

Turkey and Thanksgiving cannot be separated, and no Thanksgiving holiday is complete without a turkey. The question is, what turkey dish will you be having? Are you getting your turkey fresh or pre basted?

Today we want to tell you something that will make you more thankful during this Thanksgiving, and it’s about pre basted turkey and how you can get the best out of your turkey.

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What is a Pre Basted Turkey?

Pre Basted Turkey

A pre basted turkey is a deliciously juicy turkey injected with some liquid that could be some seasoning, butter, even just salt, or other edible fats that makes the meat juicy when cooked.

The liquid injected into different parts of the chicken contains seasonings that could include salt, sugar, broth, stock, spices, flavor enhancers, and what have you.

As these seasonings are injected into the turkey, it seeps into all the parts, and when this turkey is cooked, it makes a richly flavored meal.

What Are the Benefits of Buying a Pre Basted Turkey?

There are a few reasons why people opt for pre basted turkey, and they include:

1. When you get a pre basted turkey, it saves you a little time and energy from prepping the turkey because most of the work has been done for you already. You don’t need to bring it because of all that has been. So, you can save time and energy by buying a pre basted chicken.

2. Most people worry that their turkey gets dried out after cooking it. But with pre basted turkey, you do not have that concern because the liquid injected into it makes up for all the one it loses during the cooking period, which leaves you with a moist and delicious turkey.

3. A pre basted turkey makes a very rich and delicious meal because it is flavored with many spices, and the love t used in the mixture can also be butter which makes for a rich delicacy.

What Is the Difference Between Pre Basted Turkey and Fresh Turkey?

A turkey is said to be fresh if it has never been refrigerated at temperatures less than 26°F. People love fresh turkey because they hold their moisture and texture intact and have a deeper flavor that is natural.

On the other hand, pre basted turkey is a turkey that has been injected with flavor solutions to give the turkey a richer flavor. 

These turkeys are also known as enhanced turkey because the liquid injected can increase the weight of the meat by almost 15% and make the meat juicier.

Fresh turkey and pre basted turkey are different because the former leaves the meat the way it is naturally and only refrigerates it. At the same time, the latter tries to enhance the natural taste of the turkey by injecting it with seasoned and flavored liquids.

What Does It Mean When You Buy a Basted Turkey?

Buying a basted turkey can be a little tricky, like buying all meats because you need to know what you need and how to get it.

There are a few tips you need to keep in mind as you shop for your turkey this season, so you can get one that is nutritious and delicious.

1. Ensure that you read the label of the pre basted turkey you want to buy because they contain information that will help you know if it fits your needs. 

You should also be conscious of the quality and safety of the turkey you are buying by looking out for a stamp by the regulating Authority that indicates that it is of good quality and safe.

2. If you love tender turkey as most people do, you should buy grade A meats because they will become tender if you cook them properly. These types of turkey usually weigh less than 8 pounds and are called roaster or fryers.

3. As you read the label of the turkey you are buying, it will help you know some nutritional information about the meat to ensure that it is good for you. 

Be mindful of information about the calories, cholesterol content, fat content, amongst others, to buy one that suits you. They may also contain information about how to handle your turkey, food safety and the likes safely.

4. Be conscious of the ‘best before date on the label of your basted turkey so that you don’t buy expired one and cause you trouble on that special day.

5. Buy the ideal quantity of turkey that will be enough for you and your guest so that you don’t have a shortage or buy too much and then waste them. 

It is believed that at most, one person should get 1 pound of turkey. Using this parameter, you can buy the ideal quantity that will be right for the number of people you are cooking for. 

If you buy ore stuffed turkey, you might want to increase the portion per person to about 1 1/2.

Are Butterball Turkeys Pre Basted?

Yes, Butterball turkey is pre blasted, and an 8% solution is used in blasting the turkey. The solution is made by dissolving salt, spices and natural flavors in water; this solution is then injected into the turkey before being frozen. 

Blasting butterball turkey is one of the important things done to turkeys before they are made available for sale. 

The solution injected into the meat is to keep it from drying out when it is defrosted because meats lose some moisture as they are defrosted, and this is because their cell structure changes when they freeze and then defrost, causing them to lose moisture.

Blasting of the Butterball ensures that even if you defrost your meat and lose some water, the solution injected into the turkey will keep it from drying out.

Can A Pre Basted Turkey Be Brined

Yes, you can bring a pre basted turkey, but it is not necessary; however, if you must, you will have to be sure that the quantity of salt you use in making the brine is little so that it does not leave your turkey tasting too salty.

When you add salt and some flavor to water, and you then submerge your turkey or any meat for that matter into the saltwater mixture and leave it like that for a while, then it is said that you have brined the meat.

People bring their turkey to keep it moist, stop it from drying out, and keep the meat from being over-cooked.

Brining your turkey helps to even out the cooking process in the sense that it keeps the outside of the turkey moist even after prolonged cooking, and the good news is that you can bring any turkey although the cooking method you will be using, be it roasting, grilling, frying, you name it.

All pre basted turkey has some quantity of salt and flavor injected into the meat, and so you will have to be careful if you decide to brine your turkey so that it doesn’t get too salty.

How Do You Tell If a Turkey Is Pre Brined?

You cannot tell by merely seeing a turkey know if it is pre-brined or not; this is because the brine does not alter any physical characteristic of the turkey to show that it has been soaked in salt and flavored water.

If, however, you check the label of the turkey you want to buy and you see that the ingredients it contains include some flavor or any percentage of water or liquid, then it is safe to say that your turkey is pre-brined. A turkey that is not pre-brined will state ‘turkey’ as the only ingredient.

Do You Put Butter On Turkey Before Cooking?

When you put the butter on your turkey depends on the dish and the recipe you are following. Most turkey recipes allow you to butter your turkey before cooking it. There are some that you must butter the turkey overnight before cooking it.

The reality is that buttering your turkey will not make it juicier, even though it might make it brown faster and keep the turkey from drying out.

How Many Days Can You Keep a Fresh Turkey Before Cooking

You can keep your fresh turkey refrigerated for a day or two before cooking. However, you must maintain the temperature at 33°F to 40°F; you can keep it refrigerated on the bottom shelf or in the next drawer; this will keep the juice from the turkey from getting into other foods in the fridge.

Leave the fresh turkey in its package and then place it on a plate before putting it in the refrigerator. If the fresh turkey is not properly stored, it can become discolored and dehydrated.


Pre basted turkey is a delight because it makes a very moist and delicious turkey delicacy loved by many. This turkey is injected with a liquid that contains salt, spices, and another flavor.

You can still brine your pre basted turkey in as much as you don’t add too much salt to the brine that will get it all salty.

So, at this season of Thanksgiving, when a turkey is at the center, if any difference in the table, get a pre basted turkey and give your loved ones a lovely turkey treat that will give them one more reason to be thankful.

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