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How Do You Make a Square Fire Pit Insert? (12 Easy Steps)

Fire pits are focal points around which many families and other social activities are centered, be it around the home, during camp, or the general outdoors when people want to relax and have a good time.

Building the right fire pit can truly bring cohesion to your landscape, portray excellence and be a thing of pride and discussion as you socialize with others.

The conventional fire pits are usually round, which tends to be mimicking the traditional campfire setting. These days, other contemporary designs and shapes of fire pits are as modern as they are exquisite. 

Square fire pits are one of these modern shapes that are fast becoming very popular, especially with trendsetters and want their unit to stand out from your conventional round fire pits. 

The great news is that as square fire pits are getting very popular, many companies are making more accessories that will go with the square fire pits. One of those accessories is the square fire pits insert. 

So do you want to make a square fire pit insert? This article will help you.

Do You Need an Insert for A Fire Pit?

Firepit insert is not just inserted into your fire pit for aesthetic reasons alone (even though it adds a kind of beauty to your fire pit); they are inserted to help protect your fire pit from the high heat and temperature of burning flame that can damage your fire pit and even expose people to danger; hence these inserts serve a very important purpose.

There are, however, certain situations that will make using a fire pit insert optional for you. The questions below will help you figure out if you must have an insert in your fire pit or if you can do without them.

1. Is the Heat Generated in Your Fire Pit Greater than 1400°F

If your fire pit generates a lot of heat, you must use an insert to protect the fire pit from exploding and collapsing from the heat. This is because these inserts are made of very strong steel, which can withstand these amounts of heat without exploding or melting.

2. What Material is Your Fire Pit Made of

There are some materials that, if you build your fire pit with, can withstand the heat of the flame. Materials like landscape pavers, bricks, and poured cinders are great for building a fire pit, and they do not need an insert as they withstand the heat.

If your fire pit is built with a compressed concrete block, you will need an insert because concrete blocks have cracks and pores. These can trap water and gases inside the blocks, and when the heat of the fire pit is increased, it will cause the water and gas that is now boiling to heat up and cause an explosion that can hurt people and destroy your fire pit.

3. Can You Afford to Pay for a Fire Pit Insert

Installing a fire pit insert can be quite pricey, but the good thing is that it will yield years of benefit. Secondly, safety is worth every single cent you pay.

Many people shy away from using a fire pit insert because they do not want or cannot pay the price for acquiring one even though they need it.

4. How do You Want Your Fire Pit to Look

Several people want a rustic look on their fire pit; the rough edges, irregular unit shape, and somewhat cracked sides and top of their fire pit appeal to them.

To these people, an insert might not sit well with their taste. There are, however, many people who love the refined looks of their fire pits, on which everything is built and finished to perfection. The fire pit insert adds a perfect touch to their perfectly built fire pit for this set of people.

5. Can I Get the Size and Shape of an Insert that will Suit my Fire Pit?

Before choosing the dimension and shape of your fire pit, ensure that you have the right size and shape of fire pit insert in stores and online.

If not, you will need to get one customizer, which means you will have to pay a little more for your fire pit insert.

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Can Fire Pit Be Square

A fire pit can be square, and in fact, you can do a makeover of your landscape by installing a square fire pit, which looks bold and beautiful, formal yet flexible, and generally give your space a deluxe look.

Even though many believe that square fire pit fits in a formal setting because of the angles that show strength and power. 

But other design experts believe that pairing your square fire pit with the right fire insert and other building materials will fit perfectly around your home.

 Most square fire pits are finished off with granite, tile, slate, and other such materials. The architectural design of your home and the surrounding furnace will help you figure out the best material to use for your square fire pit.

Can I Make My Own Fire Pit Insert?

Square Fire Pit Insert

This question is still under contention, while some DIY enthusiasts believe that you can get the right material and then make your ring insert yourself. But we believe that safety is too serious an issue to toy with and that it is better to be safe than sorry.

You should buy a fire pit insert that will suit yourself online and in stores, because there are lots of them to choose from, then run the risk of making one yourself that might not stand the intense heat generated from the unit.

But if you feel up to it and are very good with tools, you can try making your fire pit insert yourself.

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What Can I Use as A Fire Pit Liner?

Firepit liners are another name given to fire pit insert. Most of them are made of steel because steel can withstand very hot temperatures or heat without losing integrity.

There are other fire pit liners that are made of other metals like Aluminum and other Alloys, but by and large, steel is the best material for making your fire pit liner or insert.

How Do You Build A Square Fire Pit For Concrete?

To build a square fire pit, you need the following materials:

  • Peebles
  • Stakes
  • Type 2 cement 
  • Type “S” mortar
  • Gravels
  • Firepit metal bowl
  • Reba wire mesh
  • Steel wire
  • 2 X 12 boards, 
  • Forming nails
  • 2 X6s.

The steps below will guide you on how to build your square fire pit.

1. Grade the area where you will be building your square fire pit, ensuring that the foundation is properly built. You should also add some Base rocks or sand to ensure that the area is leveled.

2. Build the concrete exterior form by bailing four 4-foot long 2 × 12 fir boards to make a square. Set this square on the graded area. Secondly, you make you build another square with 2 × 6s and still 4 feet long.

You then set one square on top of the other and secure them with 2-1/2 feet long forming stakes set outside the form. To keep it from shifting and secure it firmly to the ground, use 2 stakes for each side. Always ensure that the square is level on the ground.

3. You should build another square following the same procedure as in step 2 above; the only difference is that this square will be 10 inches shorter than the first square as it will form the frame’s interior. The height, however, must be the same as the first square.

You then set this smaller square into the bigger square that is sited on the graded area. Ensure that the interior and exterior frame is balanced and even on all sides.

If you fix it properly, the gap between the two squares will be 5 inches. You then put the stakes on the inside of the frame while ensuring that the frame is level.

4. To reinforce the structure, a 20 inches piece of rest is driven into the corners of the squares and every foot inside the frame. You must ensure that the rear sits below the edges of the frame and that it sits securely. A 4 -foot piece of the rear is run horizontally between the vertical rear while a steel metal wire is used to tie them together.

5. Pieces of wire mesh or matting are cut and fitted into the form you now have to reinforce the structure further. Then tie to the rear grid with wire.

6. You then pour concrete inside the gap or space between the two squares. As you do that, tamper down the concrete to ensure that no air holes are left in the concrete. You then smooth off the top using a trowel. Tap the firm while the concrete is still wet – this releases the concrete from the form while drying. Allow the concrete to dry for 24 hours.

7. After 24 hours, the concrete would have dried and set up. You should then carefully stripe the firm leaving the concrete frame standing by itself. 

8. To add finishing touches to the concrete frame, add a thin layer of mortar along the outside of the frame to add a smooth finish.

9. Fill the square to about 75% full of gravel so that the top of the fire bowl will be flush with the top of the concrete frame.

10. Set the bowl to balance on the top of the gravel, adding or removing gravel as you try to achieve the best height for the bowl.

11. To give the fire pit a beautiful look, add decorative rocks along the outside of the bowl until only the top rim of the bowl is exposed. Mexican Peebles is an example of a large cobble that you will fit into the space.

12. You can add a flagstone or slate to cap the concrete frame. And there you have it; your square fire pit is complete.

Watch this Video to Learn How to Build a Square Fire Pit

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What Should I Put Around My Fire Pit?

You need to put noncombustible materials around your fire pit because embers and sparks fly around, and you don’t want to cause a fire outbreak. The following are materials that will be good to put around your fire pit:

1. Landscape pavers: they are small and lightweight and will fit well around your fire pit. They come in different shapes and colors and, when properly fixed, can add a lot of beauty to your fire pit.

2. Flagstones: this material is as sturdy as it is rustic and can also last for years. They are great pieces to add around your fire pit in as much as they’re large enough and can withstand the elements.

3. Sand: if you use sand around your fire pit, you must tamp it down until it is hard before using it around your fire pit. The advantage it has is that it is readily available and simple to use. 

4. Concrete: you can use a Concrete form or flat concrete to line your fire pit.

5. Bricks: once you can prepare the ground and the walls of your fire pit before putting on your bricks, you will get an amazing-looking fire pit. Preparing the ground is key so that you can get a clean look and a long-lasting fire pit too.

6. Gravels: this will work well for your fire pit. Its advantage is that it is simple to use and work with, very effective, and quite affordable. 

Conclusion: Square Fire Pit Insert

Square fire pits are a rave in today’s world because they are modern and outlandish and a complete deviation from the standard fire pits.

You can make your square fire pit and even customizer to show your personality. So go ahead and make that square fire pit in your space that will spark not just fire but discussion among family and friends. 

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How To Make a Square Fire Pit Insert

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