Which Outland Fire bowl Is Best

Which Outland Fire bowl Is Best (4 Best Fire bowls You Should Choose From)

Firebowls are fast becoming trendy among those who love and live the outdoor life because they can transform your pool, deck, or patio into scenery that is enchanting as well as captivating.

Because of how popular fire bowls are becoming, many companies are making and marketing different types of fire bowls that produce a smokeless fire that serve as a decorative element in your environment.

The outland fire bowls are some of the most popular fire bowls because they have a high BTU, but they are constructed from premium durable material. They are also CSA approved and will add an aesthetic touch to your space.

What Materials Are Used in Making Fire bowls

Firebowls are usually copper, stainless steel, glass fiber or precast concrete in different colors and sizes. They can be reinforced. Regular concrete is not so good for making fire bowls because they crack during use.

High-quality concrete blends that are resistant to mechanical shocks, high temperature and weather are available and durable.

They come with burners and the option to add fire media, and the fuel most of them burn is either propane or natural gas. The ignition of the gas bowl can be done by lighting a match or by electronic ignition. 

Their burners produce thick and Hardy flames that perfectly mimics the fire of a wood that is burning.

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Concerns People Might Have with Regards to Fire bowls

Which Outland Fire bowl Is Best

There are many questions and concerns that people have with regards to the use of fire bowls, including:

1. Burning Wood in A Fire bowls

Woods should not be burnt as the fuel in your fire bowl because woods burn at very high temperatures, which can damage your fire bowl, especially the burner, which is quite expensive. 

Secondly, the heat from the firewood can pose a fire risk for you and the people around you. So, for the safety of you, your fire bowl and your environment, never burn wood on your fire bowls.

2. Stability Of a Fire bowl

Many people wonder if fire bowls can tip over when you stand them, they worry that they might not be stable. 

This concern is unfounded because fire bowls can stand without rolling or tipping over like any bowl you use in your kitchen with a flattened bottom.

Secondly, fire bowls are relatively heavy, weighing something around 80 to 250 pounds. This gives more stability to them.

3. Where To Install a Fire bowl

Firebowls can be installed anywhere outdoors: in the patio, on the deck, or in any space you have. 

You can find fire bowls displayed on business premises, amusement parks, golf courses and the likes. However, it is not advised to use fire bowls inside your house because of the gases they emit that are dangerous in enclosed spaces.

Can I Install the Outland Fire bowl by Myself?

You can install a fire bowl by yourself, but your best option is to get an expert or contractor to do it for you. Remember that they run on propane or gas and so require a gas supply line. 

Only an expert can test the burner and the ignition system to ensure that they are functioning properly.

Secondly, the local fire code in your area will determine if you can or cannot construct the water, structural and electrical work that is involved by yourself after the gas system is completed. 

So do the wise thing and get a contractor to do the job for you.

Benefits of Fire bowls

There are a lot of perks that come with using the outland propane fire bowl that serves you like a wood fire will, yet it does not give you the stress you will get from using woods. Here are some of the reasons people are buying more fire bowls this day.

1. Firebowls are portable and compact, which makes them easy to be carried around.

2. They are efficient and effective, offering good value for money.

3. With the outland fire bowl, you do not have to worry about a fire that gets out of control and cause a fire outbreak. These fire bowls can be used in areas where burning wood is banned.

4. One of its sweetest perks is that it offers fire without the smoke that is a put-off for many people. The smoke from burning wood can cling to your body, hair, you’re camping, and outdoor gear and this smoke is a put off for a lot of people. 

5. Propane and natural gas are relatively cheaper fuel sources than wood, making these fire bowls very cost-effective.

6. Propane flame can get managed easily and do not get out of control like firewoods. They come with a knob attachment with which you can regulate the flame size of the fire bowl, and you can easily “kill” the fire by the flick of a switch.

7. When you use fire bowls, you do not get saddled with the chore of dealing with flying Sparks or embers that can burn skins, clothing, or other materials. Firebowls are safe from such Sparks.

8. The issue of wet wood, bug infestation, and the stress associated with burning wood is eliminated with your fire bowls.

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Can I Cook On An Outland Fire bowl?

Firebowls are not meant to be cooked with; they are the only decorative element that compliments your outdoor space. 

The fire bowl design does not have provisions for cooking, but it is not uncommon to see people smoking their marshmallows, steak, and other foods on their fire bowls. This is, however, not recommended because it might damage your unit.

What Is The Best BTU For A Fire bowl?

BTU is an acronym that stands for British Thermal Unit, which is a measurement of the quantity of heat or energy required to raise the temperature of one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit at a specified temperature (- 39°F)

This means that the greater the BTU of your fire bowl, the more the flame and heat generated. 30,000 to 100,000 is the ideal range of the BTU of most fire bowls. 

This means that a fire bowl with a higher BTU will warm faster than the one with less BTU. So, any BTU within the range above is good for your fire bowl.

How To Protect Your Fire bowl from The Element?

1. Once a year, you should apply a good concrete sealer on concrete fire bowls to protect the precast unit. Before applying the sealer, clean the fire bowl properly to remove any dirt, debris or grease.

2. You can preserve your fire bowl and keep it looking new by getting a cover or screen for covering it.

3. If you have a copper fire bowl, scrub the outer space of the fire bowl with a mixture of 1/2 cup of lemon juice and one tablespoon of baking soda. Afterwards, rinse it with lukewarm water and wipe it clean with a soft cloth.

4. If you have a stainless fire bowl, use a mild detergent, lukewarm water, and a soft cloth to clean the fire bowl. Afterwards, you rinse, air dry it and finish off with a wipe using a clean, soft cloth.

Which Outland Fire bowl Is Best

There are many fire bowls to choose from, making it hard to pick one and say this is the best of them all. Here are the two most popular Outland fire bowls you can consider:

1. The Outland Living Model 823 Portable Propane Fire bowl

Which Outland Fire bowl Is Best

This fire bowl is made of Alloy steel and stainless steel, and its package dimensions are 19*19*11, and they are round. They are lightweight and portable and are also easy to set up without the use of any tool. It has a BTU of 58,000BTU/HR. 

This unit comes with a 10 feet long hose, 4.4 -lb natural lava set, which is designed to enhance flickering effective and it goes for about $ 35.99

2. Outland Living Fire bowl 883mega Outdoor Propane Gas Bowl

Which Outland Fire bowl Is Best

The dimension of the package is 24*12*13 inches, and it is made of stainless and Alloy steel. They are round, lightweight and portable and are easily set up. 

The unit comes with a 10 feet long hose, 6.6 lb. of natural lava rock; it also had a knob for varying the flame light.

Two Best Asya Fire bowl to Consider

1. Asya 28 Inches Outdoor Propane Fire bowl

Which Outland Fire bowl Is Best

This is a great unit that can add elegance and ambience to your space. It is made of Magnesium oxide and stainless steel, while the dimension of the package is 27.6*27.6*10.4 inches. 

It weighs 42. 7 pounds. The captivating thing about this fire bowl is that it has an artificial tree stump shape and looks, making it easy to match in your outdoor space.

2. Asya 28 Inches Gas Fire bowl

Which Outland Fire bowl Is Best

This beautifully crafted piece of work mimics a tree stump and so fits completely in your backyard and other spaces you have outdoors. They are very propane efficient and offer true value for money.

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How Do I Start Outland Fire bowl?

Before you start your fire bowl:

  • Ensure that you read the owner’s safety manual.
  • Understand it and then follow every step or procedure stated there.
  • Be it for assembling the fire bowl and making all the connections.

Afterwards, do a leak test to ensure that the unit is well connected and is not leaking gas. The owner’s manual has a detailed procedure for carrying out this leak test. 

You can now safely ignite and use your fire bowl if you are certain that the unit is properly set up and that all the connections are intact.

How Do I Light a Fire bowl?

If you are igniting your propane fire bowl for the first time, then mix a solution of liquid soap and water in a spray bottle, then apply to the gas fittings that are already connected.

If it begins to produce bubbles, spray liquid, or smell liquid propane gas, close the valve and give the unit an hour for the propane gas to escape and then go to a propane technician to get it fixed.

If, however, the connections are alright and no gas is escaping, then use a lighter or matches, ignite the lighter and hold flame slightly above the burner, then open the valve on the appliance slowly by turning (counterclockwise) until the flame ignites.

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Conclusion: Which Outland Fire bowl Is Best

Firebowls and firepits are two different units that are used interchangeable, but they are used for different purposes.

Firebowls are for decoration and not for cooking or heating, while fire pits are for cooking and heating. Both are a great piece to have in your outdoor space that gives the scenery a touch of class and beauty.

There is no way of saying which of the different fire bowls you find online and in-store are the best among them. It is your taste and budget that will determine which is best for you.

So, when next you think of something to light up your outdoor space. Think the OUTLAND fire bowl.

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