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How Do You Build a Backyard Football Field – Cost, Materials with 7 Simple Guide

If you have kids and enough space in your backyard, it’d be great to build a mini football field to help them practice and build their skills. 

Aside from that, a football game is fun for the whole family and friends who are over for visiting; it is a great way to keep everyone entertained.

We will provide you with the types of football fields and which of them suits your backyard, and along with that, we will briefly explain the steps on how to build a football field in your backyard. Along the line, you will discover that it is not as hard as you think it is.

What Type of Football Court Do You Want to Build?

For a small space, you can consider building a half-court, and if you have sufficient space in your backyard, you should consider building a full-court football field.

According to the space available, you can choose what type of field you want to build; having a little knowledge about the standard size of a football court also helps determine what type of court you should build.

What Are Football Field Dimensions? (Standard Size)

How Do You Build a Backyard Football Field

According to world rugby

, a football field should have a minimum length of 94 meters and a maximum length of 100 meters. 

The minimum width of a football field should be 68 meters, and the maximum width should be 70 meters.

But for a small backyard-sized field, the measurement should be 4.87 meters long and 2.74 meters wide. And for a big backyard, your football field should measure 19.5 meters long and 10.97 meters wide.

For a backyard that is neither big nor small, your football field should be 9.7 meters long and 5.t meters wide.

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Parts of a Football Field

There are different parts of a football field that should be taken note of as they are important. 

There are two main parts of a football field, the field of play and the end zone. The other part of the field mostly lines.

1. The Field of Play

The field of play is the entire field, excluding the end zones. For every 10 yards in the field, a number is marked. This number starts at ten and then gradually increases as they get further.

2. End zone

The end zone is where a touchdown is made. The end zone is located at the end of either side of your football field. For a standard court, the end zone is 10 feet deep and 160 feet wide. But for a backyard court, the size may vary.

3. Yard Lines

Yard lines indicate a single yard on the field of play. There is a total of 98-yard lines on the field of play.

4. Hash marks

Hash marks are small dashes on the field of play used to align players at the start of each yard line.

5. Goal-line

A goal-line is a line marking the starting point of each end zone. Taking the ball just beyond the goal line signifies a touchdown.

6. Sidelines

Sidelines are the line that separates the of bounds area from the field of play area.

7. End lines

An end line is a boundary line at each end zone. Going beyond the end line is out of bounds.

How Long Is a Yard on A Football Field?

There are about 100 yards on a football field, all of which are located on the field of play. Yard lines indicate them.

Each yard is about 3 feet. The yard lines start from 10 and then slowly increase as you move into the field; it stops at 50 when at the middle of the field.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Football Field in Your Backyard?

When building a football field in your backyard, you don’t have to go all out because it’s just for fun, so you may want to look at just purchasing the major equipment or materials needed.

Building a football field in your backyard may cost from $50 to $200; it all depends on purchasing materials. You may need to buy things like paint for marking and goalposts.

How Do You Build a Backyard Football Field?

There are a series of steps involved when building a football field in your backyard. You will want to do everything right to get that NFL to feel in your home.

And remember, it’s up to you to make the decisions. You decide the measurement suitable for you and your kids; you get to decide how you want your field to be.

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Materials Needed

You would want to gather up everything you need to build a football field in your backyard to avoid running around during the building process.

  1. Measuring tape for determining the size of your football field 
  2. Shovel- this is used to ensure that you will be working on an even land surface.
  3. Artificial turf- this is a good option if your football field is a permanent setting in your backyard
  4. Paint- is needed to mark out important lines like the boundary lines, sidelines, and yard lines
  5. Strings- they are useful when it comes to making straight lines on your field.
  6. Football goal
  7. Comes for marking 

Step By Step Guide on How to Build a Football Field In Your Backyard

Step One: Level your chosen location.

After picking out a spot in your backyard where you want the field to stay, use a shovel to ensure that the land surface is leveled and even.

Step Two: Mow Your Lawn or Install Artificial Turfs.

If you intend to make your football field a permanent fixture in your backyard, you may need to purchase artificial turf; it will save you the stress of having to mow all the time. But if it is a temporary feature in your backyard, you can go ahead and now the grass.

Step Three: Mark the Boundaries

Place your cones at the four corners of your field then you can use a string or a rope to ensure that the comes are at equal placements. Using the string and paint, draw a straight line to mark every outer boundary.

Step Four: Mark the end zones.

You will need to measure 30 feet from your end line to your goal line to get your end zone. Do this for both ends of your field.

Step Five: Mark out your yard lines.

This part gets a little tricky since a yard line measures 10 yards, and your field doesn’t follow standard measurement. To make your yard line, you need to attain the size of the whole field and divide it by 12; the answer you get will be the measurement of each yard line.

Step Six: Hash Marks

Your hash marks end at the end line and are parallel to your sidelines. To get the distance between your sidelines and your hash marks, multiply the width of your field by 0.4375 since the distance between the sidelines and hash marks of a standard field is 79 feet.

Step Seven: Goals

For the final step, you will place your goals at both ends of your field. Your goal can be handcrafted or can be purchased. Get this awesome football goal on Amazon! 

How Can You Turn Your Backyard into A Football Field?

You can turn your backyard into a fun yet professional football field by following the steps provided above. As you can see, it is easy to set up as it doesn’t require any physical labor.

Although you should consider the available space and if the field is for the kids or adults.

Conclusion: How Do You Build a Backyard Football Field

Who says you can’t have an NFL football field in your home? With these simple steps provided above, you can build your very own football field within minutes. 

Be cautious of your measurement during this process, as you will want your field to have a matching size and be a mini version of a standard football field.

It will be a fun game and a great opportunity for your kids to practice; it will also utilize excess space. 

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How Do You Build a Backyard Football Field

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