Maggift Kubb Game Reviews

Maggift Kubb Game Reviews and Buying Guide (Best 5 Other Kubb Game Set)

Kubb games are perfect for a fun afternoon with your family and friends. Kubb games are mostly played in Sweden, Europe, and America, but they are gradually becoming popular in America and worldwide. 

The Maggift game set is made of rubberwood making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor games. It comes in a non-woven bag, making its packaging superb and professional.

Kubb games require great skill and the ability to strategize. To play this Lawn and beach game, you will need the perfect Kubb set. 

This article is about Maggift Kubb Game Reviews and buying guide; we will list and discuss the 5 best Kubb game sets. We will also explain the factors to consider when buying Kubb game sets and the basic rules of Kubb games.

Best 5 Kubb Game Set

You may think that all Kubb game sets are the same, but they all have significant differences. Here are the 5 best Kubb game set to give you a nice playing experience.

1. Maggift Kubb Game Set

Maggift Kubb Game Reviews

The maggift Kubb game set is our top choice for some reason. This game set weighs 14.4lbs and includes 4 corner pegs, 10 kubb blocks, 1 king kubb, and 6 kubb tossing dowels. The dimension of its package includes.

  • King Kubb (12″ × 3″ ×3″)
  • Kubb tossing dowels (12″ ×1.5″)
  • Kubb blocks (6″ ×2″)
  • Corner pegs (12″ × 0.7″)

It also comes with an instruction handbook making it easier for beginners to know how to play the game properly and the basic rules to follow. It comes with the full package (except midline stakes, though). But overall, it is good for beginners and is kids friendly.

2. Rally And Roar Kubb Game Set

The rally and roar Kubb game set is made from Pinewood and is chip-proof making it virtually indestructible. 

It makes it possible to leave the game set outside since the wood is durable and withstand harsh weather conditions. It comes with every singles package except the midline stakes, which is not a disadvantage. 

The rally and roar games set is made for both standard and tournament games; it comes pre-assembled, so having fun with the family is the only thing you need to worry about.

3. Yard Games Kubb Premium Set

The yard game set is perfect for a Kubb game. It is made from well-furnished hardwood that is strong and absorbs shock. They come with the usual 10 kubb blocks, 4 corner pegs, 1 king kubb, and 6 kubbs tossing dowels.

It also comes with a nylon carry bag that allows you to take your game of Kubbs wherever you want to. Though it may not withstand a lot of shocks on hard surfaces, it is best set up on a patio or a deck. Some users find the light baton and the simple design to be a drawback.

4. GoSports Kubb Viking Clash Toss Game Set

Maggift Kubb Game Reviews

GoSports is a renowned brand when it comes to sports. Their kubb set has become one of their masterpieces as it is made in size big enough for your backyard and just the right size for an indoor game.

It contains the usual 10 kubb blocks, 4 corner pegs, 1 king kubb, and 6 kubbs tossing dowels. It also comes with carrying cases. 

The main attraction of the GoSports Kubb set is its “Viking” theme. It accommodates kids just fine and can be used on all land surfaces without interrupting the game’s flow.

5. Kubbspel classic Kubb Game

Maggift Kubb Game Reviews

The kubbspel classic weighs 19.1lbs and can be used for tournament games and regular games as it follows the tournament required size.

They are most suited for your backyard as they often come in large sizes. They are made from quality Australian hardwood and are crafted in a classy manner.

You should expect the kubbel classic game set to cost more than your regular Kubb set with all the following qualities. Another advantage is that it comes with a carrying case.

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How to Choose a Maggift Kubb Game Set – Factors to Consider When Buying

Like every other game package you buy, you will need to consider a few things before purchasing.

1. Components 

A regular Kubb game set includes a king kubb, ten small kubb blocks, six batons, and four (or six) stakes. The two extra stakes may be used to mark the centerline, but it is unnecessary.

2. The Kubb Set Materials

Most of the components of a Kubb game are wooden. And as we know, there are different types of wood, but the three types of wood often used to construct Kubb games are hardwood, softwood, and rubberwood.

Hardwood is strong and long-lasting, but it may add unnecessary weight to your game set. On the other hand, softwood is lightweight and much thinner than hardwood, it is cheap, but it won’t last for a long time. 

Rubberwood is an ideal wood for constructing Kubb game set. They are eco-friendly and absorb shock to an extent.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money buying a Kubb game set made of hardwood, a simple set made of rubberwood is sufficient.

3. Size of pieces

You should buy a kubb set that matches the standard size and measurements.

Below are the standard size and measurement of the components of a Kubb game set.

  • King Kubb (12 inches long and 3 inches wide)
  • Kubb tossing dowels or batons (12 inches long and 1.5 inches wide)
  • Kubb blocks (6 inches high and 2 inches wide)
  • Corner pegs or stakes (12″ ×0.7″)

Some of these components may vary in height and width depending on the event they are used for.

4. Accessories 

Some game sets come with mid-court stakes, while others don’t. There may also be an instruction booklet showing how to set up a Kubb game. The booklet also gives a few rules on playing the game; that way, you are not completely lost if you are a beginner.

5. Finishing

Every unit of the kubb game must be maintained properly to ensure long service—Polish the wood to prevent it from scratching anyone. You should also put the set back where it belongs when you are done using it.

6. Surface to Play On

Different Kubb sets are made for different terrains. Some Kubb sets are adaptable and can be used on any land surface, while others don’t, so they must be kept in selected land surfaces.

7. Budget

You should purchase a kubb set that matches your budget. A kubb board set shouldn’t cost more than $50, and if it costs more, it is probably because the kubb set is made with premium wood (hardwood). To stay on the inexpensive or cost-effective side, purchase a kubb set made of rubberwood.

8. Warranty 

Most people don’t bother to check the warranty of their Kubb set, but you should. This is because some set peels off or get dents rapidly without frequent use. Refunds or replacements should be given when this happens.

9. Storage

A good kubb set should come with a high-quality carrying bag. With this carrying bag, you can comfortably store your sets and take them wherever you want.

How to Play Kubb Games: Main Basic Rules

The theory that the kubb game was invented by Vikings has no accurate proof. But we do know that it was invented on the island of Gotland in Sweden around 1920. 

Kubb game is easy to play and can be so much fun when played the right way, so how exactly is the kubb game played?

The aim of the Kubb game is to throw batons to your opponent’s territory in an attempt to knock out the blocks. 

If you have knocked out the surrounding blocks, you can easily defeat the king and claim victory. It’s just like chess, but it has more live-action; the Kubb game is also called the Vikings chess game.

Some rules associated with the kubb game includes

  1. All components must be of the appropriate size and measurement. 
  2. Batons must be thrown vertically and must be thrown from behind the throwing line.
  3. If the baseline kubb is tumbled before the field kubbs, the baseline kubbs are brought back to an upright position.
  4. After all the field kubbs have been knocked out, you can throw at the baseline kubbs (still staying behind the throwing line)
  5. If you have any left baton, aim for the king from behind the baseline. The team that knocks over their opponent’s king is declared the winning team.

Watch the Video Below to Learn How to Play Kubb Game Sets

How Do You Set Up a Maggift Kubb?

Setting up a Kubb game is no big deal. As always, the first thing to do is select a location you want to set up the Kubb game. 

The surface of that location should be leveled, and even you can set up a Kubb game in a grassy area or a sandy area.

Your field should be 5 × 8meters, and your king should be placed at the center of the field. Place 5 kubb blocks on each baseline at equal intervals and place the other stakes at every corner.

FAQs About The Best Kubb Game Sets

Where Did The Kubb Game Originate From?

Like we previously discussed, some people believed that the kubb game emerged from Vikings, but the Kubb game was originated in Sweden in the 1920s.

What is the Best Wood for Kubb Game Sets? 

Rubber Wood is the best wood for Kubb game sets as it is affordable and shock absorbent. They don’t make your kubb set too heavy, and they are not lightweight either.

Conclusion: Maggift Kubb Game Reviews

You can enjoy a game of Kubb on your lawn or the beach, especially now that you know what there is to know. 

Before buying a kubb set, you must be aware of every component and its size, the material it is made of, and if the set will be stable on any surface.

We have outlined some basic rules on playing Kubb, so now you can be well informed. We have also answered some of your frequently asked questions concerning the Kubb game.

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