Firewood Rick Size

Firewood Rick Size – Which Is Larger a Rick or A Cord of Wood

If this is your first time having a fireplace—that uses wood— in your house, then you may want to pick the right size and type.

Sure, there are a lot of terms to take note of, those you didn’t even know existed when it comes to firewood. 

Today we will be discussing the rick of wood and cord of wood, from their physical appearances to how much they cost. After reading this, you should know the type of firewood to purchase for your fireplace.


How Large Is a Rick of Firewood?

By definition, a “rick” means a pile or stack of something, usually farm-related piles. A rick of firewood does not have a consistent size; instead, they vary. 

Because of this, you don’t know how much wood you are getting; the amount of rick you get depends on the wood’s length.

If the logs in your rick are 16inches long, then your rick is equivalent to 1/3 of a cord. And if the logs are 24 inches long, then your rick is equivalent to 1/2 of a cord.

How Much Wood Is in A Rick?

 One of the problems associated with purchasing a Rick of wood is that there is no fixed number of woods a rick can contain. The amount varies with a different supplier.

 Depending on how they are cut and packaged, a rick can have 225 to 325 lost in them. While a cord of wood can contain as much as 550 to 650 logs

How Many Ricks Are in A Cord?

A cord of wood contains neatly sacked logs called ricks. A cord of wood with a volume of 128 cubic feet may contain 3 Rick’s or face cords giving a maximum of 650 logs in a cord of wood.

Just like we mentioned, the number of ricks may change from supplier to supplier, but three rows of ricks are the standard number of risks in a cord of wood.

Which Is Larger a Rick or a Cord of Wood

A cord of wood is a pile of wood with a height of 4ft (48 inches), a width of 4ft (48 inches), and a length of 8ft (96 inches). 

In comparison, a rick also has a height of 4ft (48 inches) and a length of 8ft (96 inches), but its width varies as it can be 12, 16, or 24 inches. However, 16 inches is a more common width.

A cord of wood contains multiple Rick’s in it, making it larger than a rick.

Can You Fit a Face Cord of Wood into A Pickup Truck?

Depending on the size of the wood and the type of wood used as firewood, a rick of wood may vary in size. 

If a heavier wood like white or red oak is used, it can weigh up to 5,500lbs big if a lightweight wood is used, it may weigh up to 2,500lbs.

A pickup truck can also carry loads according to its size. A big pickup truck can carry up to 5,000lbs; others can carry 2,500lbs, while the smaller ones can carry a load of 1,500lbs. 

If you use a small pickup truck, you will not carry a lightweight rick or a heavyweight one. An 8ft truck bed can carry a half cord of wood.

 However, if you use a bigger pickup truck, you can carry a lightweight rick but not a heavyweight rick. A full cord will weigh more than a rick of wood; a bigger vehicle should be used to carry it.

What Does A ½ Cord of Wood Look Like

A ½ cord of wood or a half cord of food is 4 feet high by 4 feet wide by 4 feet deep. Initially, each log is as long as 4 feet and then is later cut to fit into the fireplace. 

A half cord of wood should be stacked neatly on top and parallel to each other; there should be a reasonable gap between them.

How Much Is a Bundle of Firewood?

Firewoods are packed into bundles using a firewood bundle. A bundle of firewood contains 7 to 9 pieces of logs and, in some cases, 4 to 5 pieces. 

Bundles of firewood can cost $3 to $9. They are both beneficial for suppliers and customers, as suppliers claim that it brings more profit than selling fireworks in bulk, and customers like them because they are dried and produce nice fire.

Bundles of firewood can be covered with plastic wrap to keep them away from moisture. Bundled firewood can be found in camping grounds and local markets.

How Much Does a Full Cord of Wood Costs?

The number of logs in a cord of wood varies from the supplier so does the price. If you are new to purchasing wood for your fireplace, you may get confused. 

As we know, a cord of wood is 128 cubic feet is 4 feet high, 4 feet wide, and 8 feet long; you can get a cord of wood within the range of $120 and $150.

The prices vary with season; during winter, the price of a cord of wood raises and can be bought for about $400. Some suppliers may choose to sell half a cord or 1/3 of a cord. 

They are also other factors that may increase the price of a cord of wood. Shorter woods cost more as you don’t have to go through the stress of cutting them to fit your fireplace; the work has already been done. Dry firewood tends to cost more than wet ones, as they light up easily.

The type of wood used can also contribute to the price of the firewood. Hardwood like maple and oak are best for your fireplace as they bring out less smoke and burn very slowly, while softwood burns fast and brings out a lot of smoke. Hardwood will cost more than softwood. 

Conclusion: Firewood Rick Size

According to quantity and weight, you should differentiate between a rick of wood and a cord of wood. 

Do not use your pickup truck to carry a rick of wood or a cord of wood, as your truck may not be able to carry it. If you wish to use a small amount of firewood, you can always purchase the bundled ones instead of a pile. 

And when buying firewood, don’t be fooled into buying a cord for a very cheap price because it can be softwood; softwood brings out a lot of smoke and is not suitable for your fireplace.

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