Does Fire Keep Mosquitoes Away

Does Fire Keep Mosquitoes Away (What Can You Burn to Keep Mosquitoes Away?)

Mosquitoes are probably one of the things that stop you from enjoying nice nighttime in your backyard. Whether it’s stargazing or a nice cornhole game, they are always there.

Some people have testified that fire pits keep mosquitoes away. You begin to wonder, does fire keeps mosquitoes away, or is it another myth. 

Keep reading to know if the fire keeps mosquitoes away and other related questions like why mosquitoes stay away from fire and what to burn to keep mosquitoes away.


Does Smoke Get Rid of Mosquitoes

Many people claim that smoke is a good repellant of mosquitoes and that this method has been used for a long time, especially in rural areas. 

However, recent studies show that smoke alone does not do a good job of getting rid of mosquitoes; instead, certain leaves are burnt to chase away mosquitoes. We will explain further later.

Does Fire Keep Mosquitoes Away

Does Fire Keep Mosquitoes Away

Yes, it does. Woodfire pit does a good job keeping mosquitoes away as it generates smoke, but as we said earlier, smoke alone may not be enough to keep mosquitoes away, so you may need to burn some certain herbs. 

Not only do fire pits keep mosquitoes away, but they also create a warm environment for your backyard gathering.

Gas fire pits do a terrible job keeping mosquitoes away. They produce very little or no smoke at all. Using a fire pit also has its downside. The smoke gets into your eyes and causes them to sting.

Why Do Mosquitoes Stay Away from Fire?

The reason why mosquitoes stay away from the fire is currently unknown. However, there have been a few assumptions that have not been confirmed. 

One of those assumptions is that the smoke makes them uncomfortable just like it does to humans, but we know that humans are very different from mosquitoes, so this information is not accurate.

Do Fire Pits Attract Mosquitoes?

Does Fire Keep Mosquitoes Away

Yes and no. Yes, because gas fire pits do attract mosquitoes. When using a gas pit, smoke is not emitted. Instead, it makes the environment warm, mosquitoes are attracted to this warmth, so they come closer.

No, because when using a wood fire pit, it gives off smoke, and as we have read earlier, smoke gets rid of mosquitoes to an extent. 

Sources say that wearing perfume, drinking beer, and going outside barefoot also attract mosquitoes. 

We don’t know how true that information is, but you should put on footwear and put away the perfume for a little while. An outdoor campfire is never complete without beer, so that that suggestion may be skipped.

What Can You Burn to Keep Mosquitoes Away?

Now to the topic you have been waiting for. We said earlier that smoke alone could not eliminate mosquitoes and may only chase away a few of them. 

We also mentioned that burning certain herbs will keep mosquitoes away. Mosquitoes detest the smell of some plants, and using that weakness against them is a better solution.

1. Peppermint

Their pleasant and strong smell is used for cooking and keeping insects away, including mosquitoes. 

Burning peppermint will get rid of mosquitoes as they hate the smell. Grinding mint leaves and putting them in water also helps to kill their larvae.

2. Citronella: 

Is a highly recommended herb for this purpose. Mosquitoes hate their strong smell and flee if ever detected. It is a great herb to burn to keep mosquitoes as well as other insects away.

3. Lavender: 

Lavender is known for its wonderful scent. Planting lavender in your garden doesn’t only give it a nice scent, but it also keeps mosquitoes away. This way, you don’t even have to burn your lavender.

4. Lemon balm: 

It is somewhat like mint as they have the same strong scent. When using lemon balm, plant it in its pot as they are an invasive species and can take over your garden because of how they grow.

5. Sage and Rosemary: 

Burning sage and rosemary gives your backyard a nice scent and repels mosquitoes and other insects and bugs.

6. Catnip:  

This herb is perfect for you if you like cats as they attract cats when used. They also keep mosquitoes away.

Rubbing these herbs against your skin also helps to keep mosquitoes away.

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5 Ways to Keep Mosquitoes Away from Your Backyard

This is to let you know that there are other options aside from using fire pits and burning herbs.

1. Bug spray 

Bug spray is one of the most common methods of keeping mosquitoes and pests away. They come in different forms, including an eco-friendly one that doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals.

2. Bug zapper

The bug zapper is another effective method that instantly kills mosquitoes, bugs, flies, and any other flying insect. 

Sure, that can be loud and annoying, but they get the job done. You must be careful when using a bug zapper, keep it away from close individuals and turn it off when not in use.

3. Citronella candles

Citronella has climbed its way to the top when it comes to keeping mosquitoes and other insects away. They bring out a nice and pleasant smell, keeping the insect away at the same time.

These candles are easy to make and inexpensive.

4. Cover stagnant water

Stagnant water hose mosquito larvae, covering them up will prevent their larvae from growing.

5. Treating pools

For water bodies that cannot be covered like pools, apply chemicals that will kill the larvae of mosquitoes and not contaminate the water.


Using wood fire pits in your backyard can provide earth and keep mosquitoes and other insects away. Although we don’t know the reason why smoke keeps mosquitoes away, they are effective.

There are other ways to get rid of mosquitoes without producing smoke. Burning herbs help, using citronella candles, the use of bug sprays, and bug zappers. 

Cleaning your environment also helps keep mosquitoes away. You can do this by covering up stagnant water and treating your pool to kill the larvae of mosquitoes.

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