How Much Does A Set Of Horseshoes Cost?

Horseshoe is a popular lawn game played by both kids and adults. This game has been played for centuries, and even dates back to Rome when discus was popular.

People who can’t afford a discus used horseshoes. It was proposed that the horseshoe game originated from a game called quoits.

There are different brands of horseshoe set in the market, and making a choice can be overpowering, especially when working with a budget.

We will discuss factors that affect the price of a horseshoe set and how to buy the best horseshoe set at a budget.

Factors that affect the price of a horseshoe set

You must know the factors that influence the price of a horseshoe set, that way; you can choose a quality and budget-friendly set.

1. Types of Horseshoes 

There are two types of horseshoes, recreational and professional horseshoe. Purchase a recreational set of kids who will participate in the game; this is because recreational horseshoe sets are made of safer and lightweight materials like rubber and plastic.

On the other hand, we have the professional horseshoe set used by pros and adults who want to have a real game experience. 

The professional horseshoe set is more heavy materials like steel and cast iron. These sets are unsuitable for kids as they are unsafe and may cause serious injury when mishandled.

From the above explanation, it is obvious that the professional set will cost more than the recreational set. If you intend to play horseshoe as a lawn game, you should go for the recreational set; there is no need to spend extra money on a professional set.

2. Material Quality

You have to consider how strong the material of your horseshoe is. A stronger material will last longer. When it comes to a professional set, your horseshoe can be made of alloy cast steel, drop-forged steel, and ductile iron. 

Ductile iron is the cheapest material and can be gotten easily; the only problem is that ductile iron can be easily damaged and won’t last long.

Alloy cast steel is a bit tougher than ductile iron and lasts longer, but alloy cast steel is more expensive than ductile iron. 

Drop forged steel, however, is the strongest horseshoe material. It is traditionally created; the amount of money and time spent making a drop-forged steel horseshoe makes this material limited in supply.  

On the other hand, you have horseshoe sets made of plastic and wood. The plastic set is best for children, and it also comes at an affordable price. 

But for adult games, a plastic horseshoe set will not be sturdy enough; the best material for adult use is wood. Non- professional wooden horseshoe sets can be found in stores and online, so you can opt for that as it is relatively cheaper.

3. Set Component

You should check the set you purchase to avoid buying an incomplete set. But before knowing if a set is incomplete, you have to know the standard number of components in a set. Your set should contain four horseshoes, two ground stakes, two rubber mats, and two pegs.

Professional and recreational horseshoe sets have the same components, but brands like St. Pierre and Champion sports manufacture horseshoe sets for professional players. These sets will cost more than the regular sets.

4. Budget

If you have a fixed price at which you intend to purchase a horseshoe set, you may want to consider all the factors above as they affect the price of a horseshoe set. 

You should go for a set made of rubber, plastic, or ductile iron; a recreational set is also cheaper.

Some set comes with additional features like a carry bag and a guidebook. Some of these additional features also add to the price of a horseshoe set, so if you want a set on a budget, target those without additional components.

How Much Does a Set of Horseshoes Cost?

A horseshoe set can cost anywhere near $15 to $150. This all depends on the factors previously explained. The quality of the material used to manufacture the horseshoe set and the type of horseshoe set play a huge part in the cost of a horseshoe set.

In some cases, products from popular and notable brands may cost more. You have to look carefully at every factor before choosing which horseshoe set to buy.

How Is A Game Of Horseshoe Played?

This game is played between two players or two teams. For this game, four horseshoes and two stakes are needed; the stakes should be fixed on a lawn or sandbox area, and the stakes are placed a few feet away from each other.

To play horseshoe, both players must stand about 40 feet away from the stake and toss a coin to determine who goes first. 

The first player throws both horseshoes at stake (one at a time), followed by the second. The game continues until one player has gained at least 15 points to signify the end of the first round.

Horseshoes are scored by ringers or by horseshoe close to the stake. A horseshoe within 6 inches of the stake is awarded one point, but a ringer scored when a player’s horseshoe encircles the stake is awarded three points.


The price of a horseshoe set varies, and we have discussed factors like quality of the materials used, budget, horseshoe types, and how they can affect the cost of a horseshoe set. 

It is best to choose a set made of wood and have the right components without any additional features. A set like this is affordable.

You should also consider the brand of the horseshoe set. Some popular brands known for producing quality sports products sell their horseshoe sets at a higher rate. 

Are you playing a regular lawn game or a professional horseshoe game? This question determines the type of horseshoe set you purchase.

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