Champion Sports Indoor and Outdoor Rubber Horseshoe Set

Champion Sports Indoor and Outdoor Rubber Horseshoe Set Review and Buying Guide 2021

Horseshoe is a classic lawn game that originated from Rome when people could not afford the discus. While horseshoe cannot be termed a “modern” game, it is fun and easy to play.

The game itself may not have changed, but there have been different variations of its game set. A horseshoe set can be made of metal, plastic, wood, and even rubber!

So in this article, we will jump into reviewing the champion sports indoor and outdoor rubber horseshoe set and all the factors to consider before buying a horseshoe game set.

Champion Sports Indoor And Outdoor Rubber Horseshoe Set

Champion Sports Indoor and Outdoor Rubber Horseshoe Set

This set includes four horseshoes, two pegs, two rubber mats, and two red plastic dowels. It weighs 41lbs as a whole set and has a dimension of 14.50 inches by 12 inches by 146.

It is made of lightweight plastic, which is just perfect for the safety of your kids, it is easy to use, and they also come in bright and vibrant colors.

The stakes are attached to the rubber mats, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and they won’t budge on a slippery floor. They are easy to install and do not have the look of a traditional horseshoe set. However, this set is not heavy enough, and the stakes usually tip over when a horseshoe is thrown to it.


  1. Made of rubber which is perfect for both indoor and outdoor games.
  2. Easy to setup
  3. Its lightweight nature makes it safe for kids to use.


  1. Stakes tips off easily

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Horseshoe Set Buying Guide.

It’s important to buy the best horseshoe set with complete materials and can last for a long time.

1. Types of horseshoes 

There are two types of horseshoes, recreational and professional horseshoe. Purchase a recreational set if you have kids that will participate in the game. This is because recreational horseshoe sets are made of safer and lightweight materials like rubber and plastic.

On the other hand, we have the professional horseshoe set used by pros and adults who want to have a real experience of the game.

The professional horseshoe set is made of more heavy materials like steel and cast iron. These sets are unsuitable for kids as they are unsafe and may cause serious injury when handled improperly.

2. Material quality

You have to consider how strong the material of your horseshoe, stronger material will last longer. When it comes to a professional set, your horseshoe can be made of alloy cast steel, drop-forged steel, and ductile iron.

Ductile iron is the cheapest material and can be gotten easily; the only problem is that ductile iron can be easily damaged and won’t last long.

Alloy cast steel is a bit tougher than ductile iron and lasts longer, but alloy cast steel is more expensive than ductile iron.

Drop forged steel, however, is the strongest horseshoe material. It is traditionally created; the amount of money and time spent making a drop-forged steel horseshoe makes this material limited in supply.

3. Set component

You should check the set you purchase to avoid buying an incomplete set. But before knowing if a set is incomplete, you have to know the standard number of components in a set. Your set should contain four horseshoes, two ground stakes, two rubber mats, and two pegs.

4. Budget

If you have a fixed price at which you intend to purchase a horseshoe set, you may want to consider all the factors above as they affect the price of a horseshoe set. You should go for a set made of rubber, plastic, or ductile iron; a recreational set is also cheaper.

Some set comes with additional features like a carry bag. Some of these additional features also add to the price of a horseshoe set.

How Is A Game Of Horseshoe Played?

This game is played between two players or two teams where they both attempt to throw horseshoes at stakes. The first player or team to toss all four horseshoes wins.

A horseshoe is set up on a lawn and is usually played 40 feet away from the player. There is a specific installation guide for a permanent horseshoe put, while some temporary ones can be used both outdoors and indoors.


A quality horseshoe set is made of the right material and contains the complete component. And the champion indoor and outdoor horseshoe sets have all of these qualities, and it is also affordable for those buying on a budget.

If you prefer to purchase a cheaper set, you will go for cheaper materials and sets without additional features. There are two types of horseshoe sets, one which is great for fun and the other which is best for a professional horseshoe game; this should also be considered before purchasing.

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