How to Hang a Swing Between Two Trees

How to Hang a Swing Between Two Trees (3 Easy Methods)

Swing in your yard is an excellent way to relax, and if you have two trees in your yard, you can make a perfect relaxation zone. This DIY method requires you to spend less.

You will need two sturdy trees and some house tools for this task. You may need assistance carrying out some of these procedures to ensure your safety. 

In summation, we have described how to hang a swing between two trees and the requirements needed to achieve this task.

The Best Type of Wood to Hang a Swing 

You should not just hang a swing on any tree in your yard. The tree to be used as support should be strong enough to carry a lot of weight, and it should be healthy.

The best type of tree for hanging a swing is a hardwood tree, but not all hardwoods are strong enough to hold a swing; below are the perfect trees.

  1.  Oak
  2.  Maple
  3.  Cherry
  4.  Sycamore 
  5.  Beech
  6.  Narra
  7.  Hornbeam

Trees Like willow, ash, spruce, poplar and birch are not strong enough to support swings, so they should not be used.

Types of Rope For a Tree Swing

Four different ropes can be used to hang swings on trees; these ropes have their strengths and downsides. Metal chains are strong but can be complicated to set up.

Polypropylene ropes and braided nylon ropes are also good alternatives, but they break easily when exposed to UV rays for a long time. Polyester ropes are classified as the best type of rope for hanging tree swings as they are resistant to UV rays and can withstand harsh weather conditions A.

Types of Swings

There are different types of swings that can be installed between two trees.

1. Spider swing

This type of swing is decorative and very good for relaxation outdoors. The best part about this swing is that it is easy to hang.

2. Regular swing with eye bolts

This swing is attached to the tree trunks and provides great support, but it has an issue carrying a lot of weight. It is difficult for this swing to carry an adult without coming off.

3. Ratchet strap swings

This is the easiest swing to hang as all you need to do is tie it to the tree trunks, but a safer way to use this swing is by securing it with a strap.

How to Hang a Swing Between Two Trees 

In this section, we will discuss three different methods of hanging a swing, the beam method, the ratchet strap method, and the eye bolt method.

1. Beam method

How to Hang a Swing Between Two Trees

The beam method is best used for wide swings capable of supporting more than one person or a tire swing. To hang a beam on a tree, you need the following materials. 

Materials needed to install a beam

  1. Electric drill
  2. Level
  3. 5 1/16 drill bit
  4. Two 6-inch bolts and washers


  1.  Drill holes on the beam where you want to attach it to the tree
  2.  Cut off any branches getting in the way of the beam
  3.  Using a level, check if the beam has been set at the right angle
  4.  Use a drill to make holes on the tree trunk where your beam will be attached.
  5.  Fasten washers and bolts to make the installation easier; this process can be made faster using a pipe wrench.
  6.  Place the holes on the beam against the tree holes and secure them with bolts.

After securing the beam on the tree, the instructions below will help you hang your tree swing.


  1.  Locate two sturdy trees and make sure they have a reasonable distance between each other (3 to 7 feet)
  2.  Make a mark on where you want the beam to stay.
  3.  Screw a lag about 8 to 10 inches in size into the trunk to support the beam, and then with some help, raise the beam of the tree and place it on the lags.
  4.  Using the right drill, secure the beam to the tree trunk
  5.  The pole should be tied up to the trunk using a manilla rope.
  6.  Locate a spot on the beam to hang your swing, and the marked spots should be 3ft apart.
  7.  If you are using just a good, secure a knot firmly on the beam. If you are using a sewing kit, install the fittings as directed, then attach a rope to it.
  8.  Determine how high you want the swing to be

2. Ratchet method

How to Hang a Swing Between Two Trees

This method is best suited for hanging a hammock, and you will need Straps, D-rings, Carabiners, Swing, or hammock. To hang a swing this way, follow the steps below.

  1.  Locate two sturdy trees at least 10 feet apart from each other
  2.  Wrap the tree straps tightly around the two trees.
  3.  Use the carabiners to hook the end loop of the hammock to the strap. Do this for both sides of the strap.

3. Eyebolt Method

How to Hang a Swing Between Two Trees

 This method is very similar to the first because you also use a beam. The only difference is that you substitute the knot with an eyebolt. The materials needed for this procedure are two eyebolts, a wooden beam, lags, a drill, rope, and swing.

  •  Locate two healthy trees and mark out where you want your lags to stay.
  •  Secure your lags and, with some assistance, place the beam on top of the lags for support.
  •  Use a drill to safeguard the beam to the tree trunk.
  •  Mark out where you want your eyebolts to be and install them using a drill.
  •  Attach the rope to the eye bolt and attach the other end of the rope to the swing.

After hanging your swing using one of these methods, you can now test it out to see it is safe and if there are any loose bolts. Corrections should be made if a fault was made to ensure further safety. 

Safety Considerations

Your swing will be a reasonable distance above the ground, and any slight mistake can lead to an accident, especially when kids are involved. Here are some tips to help you prevent any possible accidents associated with swings.

Choose Sturdy and Healthy Trees 

We listed some suitable trees for hanging swings; these trees are hardwood and should be healthy. A healthy tree should have fresh leaves and bend and not break when put under pressure.

Some trees may look healthy on the outside, but they are weak and unhealthy; these trees have wilted leaves, cracks, and dents on the tree trunks and sap oozing out of the trunk.

Weight Capacity

Every tree branch has its limit on how much weight it can carry. The last thing you want is your branch snapping when relaxing on a swing. 

The best way to solve the weight issue is to use the beam method because the beam carries most of the weight needing only support from the tree trunk. 

The beam used should be strong and thick; it should have a thickness of 6 inches. 

The Best Location For a Tree Swing

Your swing needs to be located in an area where you can relax and enjoy the breeze; the best location is where the ground is even and you ha e a nice view.

Alongside hanging your swing in the right place, your swing needs to be constructed well, so you must get the measurement right. 

Also, clear the area of any branch and other dirt that might get in the way. Your swing should be at least 3 feet away from the tree trunk, and the two trees should be 10 to 15 feet apart.

Can You Hang a Swing on a Tree Without Branches?

Hanging a swing on a tree without branches is possible – learn here; it is done by constructing an artificial branch and limb and attaching it to the tree to support a swing.

This method does not require two trees and can be done without a beam. After attaching the limb to the tree, use your kit to hang your swing, you may be using a good of a metal chain, but both have different installation methods.


We have given a comprehensive guide on how to hang a swing between two trees. There are major methods of achieving this task by using a beam, eye bolt, or ratchet strap. 

We mentioned the best tree that can be used to hang a swing, and if you have an oak, maple, or sycamore tree, you should not be worried about the tree snapping easily under some weight.

We have also identified some qualities of a weak and healthy tree. Always choose to use a healthy tree for your swing, and it should be located in an area with a nice view and a relaxing atmosphere. Be sure that the tree used can support any weight to guarantee your safety.

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