Factors to Consider Before Moving Swing Set

How To Move a Swing Set – Factors to Consider Before Moving Swing Set

There is no better time than now to provide your children with backyard physical exercises and outdoor games and activities since they are always indoors with their eyes glued to their television.

Children put more time into computer games, texting and chatting on social media, and doing other things with their cell phones without any physical exercise; this explains why they are getting more overweight by the day.

The swing set provides a fun way for children to play outside, get some much-needed goodness from the early morning sun that is essentially needed in the body.

Having a good swing set in the backyard is important because it provides an opportunity for children as they play to help develop themselves physically, emotionally, and socially.

When we need to move from our homes to a different place, we sometimes worry about what to do with our swing sets and the children’s playhouse because they have become a part of their lives.

They have had beautiful memories with the swings that the issue of leaving it behind or even donating it is not an option for them.


Factors to Consider Before Moving Swing Set

Many factors will determine the ease or difficulty of moving a swing set, and keeping these points in mind will ensure an easy experience.

  1. The size and design of the swing set is a huge factor in determining the ease of moving them. A small swing set is much easier to move, and so too with a swing with few add-ons. Hence the bigger the swing set, the more the hassles of moving them.
  2. The material of which the swing is made, be it wood or metal, will determine the tools needed to assemble or disassemble.
  3. Hiring a professional who will move the set without any damage is essential for a bigger and complex swing set.
  4. Most swing set needs to be disassembled before they can be moved. Hence the correct number of people to help in this dismantling should be available.
  5. All the right tools for disassembling and reassembling should be readily available.
  6. A truck should be on standby to transport the swing set to the new location.


Making Plans For Moving a Swing Set

The better the planning for the relocation of the swing set, the better the experience; when planning the move, it is important to do the following.

  1. Take a picture of the swing set in its old location before attempting to disassemble and move them to serve as a guide to reassembling it again. Failure to do this may result in difficulty putting the set back again, especially if the manual is no longer available.
  2. All the disassembled parts of the swing should be properly labeled and well kept.
  3. All broken or damaged parts should be noted so that they can be replaced before the reassembling.
  4. The swing set should be cleaned before moving them; this can be done by using a soft brush or wire brush with dish soap to keep it clean.


Cost of Moving a Swing Set

Professional swing movers will charge anything from $250 to $1000 depending on some factors that will determine their charge or if they will even agree to move the swing set in the first place. Some of these considerations are:

  1. The condition of the swing set: professional swing set movers will charge more for moving a set in poor condition, unlike one that is working perfectly; this is because they pose a hazard to them since they can cause them injuries during the movement.
  2. Nature of the swing set: the more luxurious a swing set, the more the professionals are most likely to charge for moving them, unlike what they will charge for a standard swing set.
  3. If the professionals have to disassemble the swing before moving them, they will charge more for the extra job, but the charge will be significantly reduced if the swing set is moved whole.

Estimated Cost Of Moving Different Types Of Swing Set

Below are the average fees that a professional will charge for moving different types of swing sets:

  1. The charge for moving a small set with only one slide and two swings will cost about $100 to $250 if they are in perfect working condition.
  2. Depending on some considerations, professionals will move a medium swing with two or three slides with two add-ons for about $150 to $300.
  3. It will cost from $240 to $450 for professionals to move a medium-sized swing set with more add-ons.
  4. A multi-level swing set with many add-ons will cost from $500 upwards to even up to $1000 for professionals to move them because they must have to disassemble the swing and then later reassemble them.


Tools That Will Needed to Move A Swing Set

Below are some of the tools that are required for disassembling and reassembling a swing set:

  1. Spray solvent: this will be sprayed on the nuts and bolts so that they can be easily loosened.
  2. Drill: this will be used in making holes during the reassemble.
  3. Screwdriver: this will be used to turn the screws both for disassembling and reassembling.
  4. Adjustable wrench: it will be used to loosening and tightening the nuts and bolts.
  5. Pliers: it will hold and grip small parts of the swings and even cut wires.
  6. Thick gloves to protect the hands.

These are the essential tools that are required for moving swings. Different designs or add-ons in swings might require other tools. Hence they should be determined and be made available too.


Moving A Wooden Swing Set

How To Move a Swing Set

Wooden swing sets are peculiar because they stay cool during the hot summer, which means there is no chance for burns or discomfort for children when they play, unlike the metal swings that are hot in summer afternoons.

They are also more environmentally friendly, never rust like the metal swing, are heavy, and support the weight of many children and adults.

The downside to wooden swings is that they can easily rot and be insect attacks. Hence they must be pressure treated to be safe for the kids and last long too.

From time to time, they must also be stained and treated so that they maintain their beautiful looks and prevent splintering, warping, and any other form of damage.

In moving a wooden swing set, a deep socket set, Socket wrench, and hammer are additional tools that must be included in the earlier mentioned tools.

The new location where the swing set will be installed must be measured to ensure that it is large enough for the swing set, and if not, necessary adjustments must be made.

It must be ensured that all the parts are complete and in good condition and if not, they must be replaced.


Moving Metal Swing Set

Metal Swing Set

Most metal swings are made from steel coated to protect them from rust and heat intention which causes burns when children play on them.

Its main advantage is that it is more durable if properly maintained. Before moving a metal swing, checks must be made to ensure that all the parts are complete and that all damaged parts are either repaired or replaced; since rust is a big issue with metal swing, it can be coated again to prevent any form of rust.


Step By Step Tips to Disassembling a Swing Set

  1. The nuts and bolts should be sprayed with lubricant at least an hour before disassembling the swing so that they can loosen easily.
  2. The swing should then be removed first by unhooking it from the hinges on the crossbeam.
  3. All other attachments, including the slides, the monkey bars, should be gently attached and properly packaged and stored.
  4. The main crossbeam should be disconnected from the post by unscrewing them.
  5. A hammer can then be used to free the post from the anchor on the ground, especially if it is concrete.


Packaging Swing Set Parts

The major parts of a swing set are the swing hanger which acts as the connection to the beam, the swing connectors, swing seat, bolts, nuts, and chains; other add-ons are specific to individual design.

Before packaging the parts, packaging materials like plastic bags, moving boxes, plywood, measuring tapes, and pens/ pencils should be kept handy.

As the individual parts of the swing are being disassembled, they should be cleaned, packaged, properly labeled, and stored.

The bolts and the nuts are kept together to ensure that non is missing. All damaged parts for replacement should be packaged together too.

Swing sets are relaxing and valuable for burning calories, inspiring creativity and imagination, and strengthening muscles.

It also provides an opportunity for busy parents to have more chores done at home while their children are engaged with the swing.

Hence moving the family swing should also be part of the activities for a family when they move; doing it the right way, with the right tools, and maybe by the right people is essential in reducing the stress of moving.

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