How Long Can You Leave Water in an Inflatable Pool

How Long Can You Leave Water in an Inflatable Pool

After a stressful day at work and picking up the kids from school, you get back home so tired and stressed.

A minute bath can’t take that stress away to give you the relaxation you require, but I guess you know what can? – Water immersion in an Inflatable Pool in your backyard.

A 30-minute soak in warm water while sipping your favourite wine in the open air with sweet, calm wind from trees in your backyard will make all the difference in lowering stress and keeping you away from health risks like high blood pressure and heart failure.

Soaking in a warm Inflatable Pool allows you to escape from daily stressors, like work and multitasking. Time reserved for yourself helps you recover emotionally and maintain a positive outlook on life.

However, your backyard can be your fun and stress relief center when you have the right gear in place. To enjoy the sweetness of your backyard, you need to maintain it always, install an inflatable pool and set up backyard games.

Swimming is an important exercise that keeps your heart rate up, take away your stress and help you build muscular strength, cardiovascular fitness, endurance, maintain a healthy weight, healthy heart and lungs.

But if you can’t swim, you need to embrace an inflatable pool because it allows everyone to experience water feeling without the dangers of drowning. After all, they are always so shallow.

Everyone can use an inflatable pool, even kids, and having one in your backyard will be fun for you and your family to promote more bonds and build treasured memories that will last for a long time.

Inflatable pool is enjoyable to kids because they can start learning their swimming skills there while adults don’t need to swim because of the size of the pool; they sit peacefully and enjoy watching the kids have fun.

After using your inflatable pool, it’s advisable to dispose of the water used for that day cause leaving the water too long or not cleaning the pool may lead to certain health issues like Infection caused by a recreational water illness.

It’s been documented that stagnant water without Chlorine becomes unhealthy in just 24 to 48 hours. But if you want to keep the water for long, then there’s a need to add Chlorine to kill bacteria so the water can last for one to two weeks.

But if you are not adding Chlorine, do make sure to dispose and change the water after the day. Also, leaving your pool water for too long can bring mosquitoes and other biting insects. It’s not advisable to use Chlorine in kids inflatable pools.

So in this article, we will be discussing how to maintain and care for your inflatable pools, how long you can leave water on your inflatable pool and how to keep an inflatable pool safe.

What Happens if you Leave Water in an Inflatable Pool for too Long?

As mentioned earlier, water with chemicals or water treated with water treatment chemicals lasts longer than water without chemicals.

When your inflatable pool is treated with chemicals, the chemicals will help fight the bacterias inside the water, but it harbours bacteria when there’s no chemical inside it. It’s advisable to dispose of it after using it for the day.

Bacterias are not something you can run from because they are everywhere, so leaving water in the pool for too long helps harbour bacteria. Again there’s a high risk of dirt contaminating the pool water as it just sits there in the backyard.

Even with the chemicals and water treatment, it may not be sufficient to successfully ward off bacteria and germs that can get into the water since it’s stagnant water and not a flowing one.

So when you leave water in an inflatable pool for too long, it will get contaminated by germs and bacteria, making it unsafe for you and your family.

How to Keep an Inflatable Pool safe | How to Maintain an Inflatable Kiddie Pool

While setting up an inflatable pool, especially for kids, it’s necessary to take special care of it. There are many ways you can maintain your inflatable pool to prevent your children from getting infected by bacterias.

If you are not the type that fancy water treatment, you can dispose of the water each day after use and clean it.

When it’s all cleaned out, you can consider leaving it in the sun to dry off for a few hours; this way, you can be sure that any lingering bacteria or germs go away under heat exposure.

If your water is well treated with water treatment, then it can be stored for weeks, but there are some measures you will take to sure that the water remains clean.

Treatment is the first step; after that, ensure that kids take their baths before entering the pool to keep contaminates at a minimum.

Again, after swimming, ensure you cover your pool to keep debris and animals out of the pool; many inflatable pools comes with covers that saves you the stress of buying one.

A well covered inflatable pool will save you the stress of removing dead leaves from the plants in your backyard every day using a skimmer before using your pool.

How Long can you leave Water in an Inflatable Pool Before Dumping

Most times, parents are not sure how often to change the water in their kid’s pool. It has been documented that waters without chemicals can last for 24 to 48 hours before being contaminated. So it’s advisable to drain and dispose of water daily after use.

It is also necessary to keep it clean all the time. This is because bacterias are quick to grow in stagnant water, which may pose a health risk to your kids.

But if you use water treatment on the pool, it can keep your kiddie pool water for a long time. If your kids use the pool daily, dispose of the water every week or a maximum of two weeks.

Even if all the proper precautions have been taken before your child’s swim session, switching out the water in your child’s pool after each use is still necessary. And also, using covers does not increase the length of time water should be allowed to sit in a kiddie pool.

I highly advise that if you want the water in your kiddie pool to last longer and save you the stress of changing the water every day, it’s a good idea to purchase a large pool with a filter instead.

How Long can you Leave Water in an Inflatable Pool with Chlorine?

Many people want to know how long they can leave water in an inflatable pool with Chlorine. But before we answer that, we will first talk about what Chlorine is and what it does to water.

Chlorine is a chemical that is often used to keep swimming pools free from bacteria that can be very dangerous to human health. Chlorine kills bacteria through a relatively simple chemical reaction.

When poured into the water, the Chlorine solution breaks down into many different chemicals, including Hypochlorous acid (HOCI) and Hypochlorite (OCI-).

Both solutions kill microorganisms and bacteria by attacking the lipids in the cell walls and destroying the enzymes and structure inside the cell, rendering them oxidized and harmless.

As much as Chlorine helps to help our water save, too much of it can cause a lot of skin irritation, but the amount meant to be used in the swimming pool is typically not a cause for worry.

While purchasing one for use, try to get instructions on how to use it, and the amount to be used on your pool depends on its size.

On the other hand, an over-chlorinated pool can cause eye irritation, dry out the hair and skin by stripping them of its natural oil. It’s essential to leave the proper levels of Chlorine in the water.

Waters in an inflatable pool with Chlorine should not stay stagnant but can always be changed every two weeks depending on use.


Having an inflatable pool in your backyard is essential and valuable. Which other way to spend a sunny summer if not in a cool, clean pool at the comfort of your home.

It also enables you to spend more quality time with your family and friends. Once in a while, your kids can invite their friends for a swim party, and they can spend some happy moments together.

Your leisure time will be well spent under warm water immersion; it helps your spirit and senses be at peace because water is an excellent factor for relaxation.

Soaking yourself in an inflatable pool will help to stimulate your nerves, making them be in a state of rest. Swimming can also be considered or seen as one of the best ways to ease stress.

It is cheaper to get an inflatable pool than building a regular concrete pool, and it’s a lot easier to maintain too. Every household should have to liven up their backyards.

If you follow the guidelines provided in this article, you won’t encounter any difficulty related to maintaining and keeping your inflatable pool in your backyard.

Kids love swimming a lot, and it will be a thing of joy to keep one for them in the backyard. And as a parent, it’s your responsibility to make sure that your kiddie pool is properly cared for to ensure good health.

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