Backyard Baby Shower

Backyard Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Backyard Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

A baby shower is a party held for a woman who is expecting a baby, to which friends and families bring gifts for the child and the mother. So, it’s a gift-giving ceremony that has different names in different cultures. It celebrates expected birth or the delivery of a child and most especially the transformation of a woman into a mother.

Traditionally, the idea behind a baby shower is having fun and celebrating the woman becoming a mother soon. However, planning a baby shower isn’t done by the expectant mother herself. Instead, friends and relations come together to plan the celebration. Ultimately, the meaning of a baby shower is to “shower” baby and mom with gifts and love.

Perhaps, you could be confused with some things like, can I have a baby shower outside? How do I plan a backyard baby shower? Who plans and pays for a baby shower? How do I decorate for a baby shower? And so on.

Whatever the case may be, the most important thing is understanding issues concerning the baby shower party. So many intending women have broken the natural joy of baby shower show due to improper planning. But in this article, you’re going to learn more tips about Backyard Baby Shower Decoration Ideas.

When is Baby Shower Organized

Baby showers are usually organized in the third trimester, usually in the seventh or the eighth month of pregnancy. Sometimes it’s a surprise party organized by the closest girlfriends only, but it can also be a bigger party organized together with the mum-to-be. Another idea is when the future mum only gets the date but doesn’t know the details of the party. The important part is not to put it off too much as life can sometimes surprise us.

Backyard Baby Shower Theme

Baby showers do not always have to be womanly and fancy. If you want an easier-going and laid-back party, then a backyard baby shower theme is perfect.

Backyard parties are great for prominent families because of the wide variety of entertainment like barbeque, plenty of space for activities, and you can enjoy the outdoors fun. More so, the options are endless when it comes to hosting a backyard baby shower.

However, backyards have become an increasingly popular and common venue for everything from birthday parties to weddings and to baby showers etc. A backyard event can quickly add up and cost you a ton of money in food, decorations, and drinks—but only if you let it.

The ideal thing is to set a budget beforehand. Setting a budget will help you map out exactly what you need and show you where you can potentially cut costs.

Coming up with a budget will also make it easier for you to stick to a plan instead of waiting until the last minute and overspending. Remember, where you host the baby shower can affect the decorations you choose, so it’s a good idea to settle on a venue first.

backyard baby shower decoration

By default, a beautiful backyard can make a fantastic baby shower. But if you’re holding the shower in a café or restaurant, you can dangle streamers from branches or drape a string of lanterns between two trees. They may have decorations you can use, or you might be able to bring in fresh flowers or helium balloons.

If you’re hosting the shower in your home, or even at the home of the mum-to-be, you might decide to have a welcome board by the front door and then let the buffet table be the focus. Hang pennant banners, balloons, or tissue pom-poms. If you choose one main colour for the decorations, make sure the mum-to-be is happy to reveal the gender of her baby if you

want to go for pink or blue, otherwise opt for more gender-neutral colours like yellow, green, purple, silver, cream, or gold.

Space permitting, it’s good to incorporate several different seating styles into your backyard baby shower; this would include choices for dining and relaxing and introducing the odd wild card, such as a secluded corner for quiet reading or browsing.

Consider adding customized seating in materials like stone, brick, or wood specially designed to integrate into your space. Stylish seat pads can be added to coordinate with your overall scheme. Think about incorporating a lift-up design to create storage space for cushions when not in use. Freestanding benches are a great choice as well when you need extra seating.

Pergola For Privacy Can Help

A pergola-style structure will add an eye-catching architectural element, especially if you leave it unplanted, so the clean lines are allowed to work as a design feature.

Offering privacy and shelter in the backyard will add a new dimension to the possibilities for entertaining your quest.

When there’s a chill in the air, add a fire pit or heater so you can max up the time you spend outside. This lounge area is inviting and secluded because of the privacy created by the overhead structure, and it’s an easy look to replicate.

Styling Your Space

Whether it’s cushions, throws and outdoor rugs, or bigger items like furniture and garden sculpture, aim for these finishing touches to tie in with the design theme. Foldaway tables and chairs are a great additional choice to bring out when you’re entertaining. Rugs, cushions, and throws in muted tones of dove grey are contemporary yet have classic quality. Grey is also a good neutral to tie in with your planting scheme, complementing the cool tones of lavender and white shown here. It’s a natural fit with landscaping materials such as concrete and stone.

Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

The best part about having a backyard baby shower is that you get to take advantage of the natural beauty all around you and keep everything else very simple! Big balloons, white lights, and lanterns are always festive, or a bright, colourful centrepiece can set the stage for a fun celebration!

You don’t have to go over the high side with decorations unless you want to, as there are simple yet beautiful and fun ways to decorate the venue, food table, and even the food itself.

Take Up Minimal Decoration

A lot of time and energy could be spent crafting pink fluffy or soft blue baby shower decorations only to have them thrown away at the end of the party. Why not keep decoration stress-free by using functional items or things that can be reused after the shower as decoration?

With the mimosa bar and menu bringing in tons of color already, we decided to pick up just a few items to spruce up the already beautiful backyard where the baby shower will be held.

Bring in fresh spring flowers, balloons in a pale pink palette, and inexpensive tissue paper pom-poms that hung like chandeliers around the house.

Backyard Baby Shower Decoration Ideas For A Photo Wall

Taking pictures is almost an inseparable part of any baby shower. Who wouldn’t want to get a photo with the future mother and her baby bump? Create a photo wall for the mom-to-be and her guests. Encourage your guests to stroll through your backyard with interactive experiences. We love the idea of a large photo display because your loved ones can admire pictures of you and your partner. Take it one step further by including handwritten notes about the pictures and what they mean to you. Your guests will immediately feel closer to you.

backyard baby shower decoration

Staring Light And Letter Statement

We’d be neglectful, not to mention string lights. Not only will they serve the actual purpose of lighting your space, but these romantic additions also bring instant warmth to your backyard. Plus, they make any picture look epic.

Backyard baby shower ideas don’t have to be understated. Add drama to your home with larger-than-life marquee letters. They’ll add a touch of luxury to space, and they’ll make for the perfect photo backdrop.

Balloons Decoration Ideas

Balloons are the most popular decorations for any party, from a retirement to a wedding party. They are affordable and available in all shapes and colors, plus you can create cool decorations for them. Today, we share ideas for those with a baby shower and want to decorate it with balloons.

Baby shower balloons are fabulous because it’s one of those baby shower decoration ideas that are very simple and yet amazing.

They are probably one way to decorate your baby shower because you can do so many different things with balloons that may transform the party from dull to colorful and joyful.

No one can underestimate the impact that a bunch of balloons can have on a baby shower celebration. Do keep in mind that balloons can come in all sorts of colors, sizes, and even shapes, so try to envision baby shower balloons using colors that match chosen baby shower theme.

Letter Balloons Decoration Idea

Letters are prevalent for any baby shower; it’s usually BABY or the name of your future child or children. They usually come in metallic shades, or you can take them in your baby shower colors. It’s easy to let everyone know what or who you’re celebrating with letter balloons!

Whether you’re creating a letter balloon display for a photo backdrop, using letter balloons as party decoration, or as part of a grand gesture, letter balloons highlight any celebration in a big way. 13-inch letter balloons are typically filled with air and are an excellent option for creating a balloon phrase banner or displaying words and messages on a wall. 34-inch letter balloons can be filled with air or helium and add a significant wow factor wherever displayed. These large letter balloons are typically used to display names, milestones, and events.

Announce a new bundle of joy with silver or gold letter balloons that spell out ‘Baby,’ or use pink letter balloons to spell out ‘Girl’ and blue letter balloons to spell out ‘Boy.’ Make a baby shower celebration unforgettable by spelling out the name of the child to be. Use custom letter balloons to create positive messages for proposals, life accomplishments, holidays, special events, and more. There’s no limit to what you can say when you let the letter balloons do the talking.

Chandelier In Trees

Not every backyard baby shower has to be a casual affair. Hang pretty chandeliers in your trees for an ultra-glam aesthetic. Accent the trees with sparkly garland for a magical touch that will make your backyard bash feel just like a fairytale. Contact rental companies to bring this idea to life. Simple crystal garlands will go with any color scheme or wedding style.

Backyard Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Idea

This gender-neutral baby shower decorations kit comes in gold and white colors, making it very versatile to use by itself or to tie in with whichever theme you’ve chosen.

The elegant white colors can easily be used for a princess theme, rustic theme, woodland theme, jungle theme, or gender-neutral theme.

Alternatively, if you’ve decided not to have a theme, the gender-neutral baby shower decorations kit works well just as it is. You can use the gold metallic curtain backdrop for photo ops with the mom-to-be and your other guests. The photos will be perfect for posting on social media. The curtain can also be used for dramatic entrances when hung over doorways or wall openings.

The baby shower decorations kit includes:

  • “Oh Baby” banner with heart
  • 3 white balloons with the words “Oh Baby.”
  • 3 white balloons with gold hearts.

Baby Shower Box Decorations Idea

Using props at baby showers has become trendy. These oversized baby block boxes are all the rage because they look great at the entry of the baby shower location or as a backdrop for social media-worthy photos. Some of the products here also include balloons with which you can fill the boxes to add pops of color.

Baby Shower Plates And Napkins Decoration Idea

If the mum-to-be is happy to reveal she’s having a baby girl, you might be thinking of a pink color scheme, but not just any pink!

This tableware set comes in a pretty pale pink with rose gold accents and lettering that reads “Baby Girl,” making it an elegant choice beyond the typical baby pink color scheme. The set includes 24 dinner plates, dessert plates, cups, and 3-ply napkins. Since the plates, cups, and napkins feature metallic foil, please do not put them in the microwave! Also, the cups are only intended for cold beverages.

backyard baby shower decoration

If you’d like to continue with the pale pink “baby girl” theme, consider the matching baby shower decorations kit featuring a similar design to the girl baby shower tableware above.

The baby boy set comes in pale blue and metallic gold, featuring the words “it’s a boy” on each plate, cup, and napkin.

There are 24 dinner plates, dessert plates, cups, and napkins. The polka dot design on the tableware can easily be matched with polka dot party decorations or blended into any theme, such as a little prince or gentleman theme, woodland theme, jungle theme, etc.

Be aware that all of these tableware products are made with real foil lettering and designs, which means you can’t use them in the microwave.

Baby Shower Predictions And Advice Cards

If you are playing games at your baby shower, you may want to pick up some premade game cards, which look great and work well for games that involve guessing and prediction.

The cards can also be used as souvenirs and even baby shower favors, as they’re an easy, lighthearted way for your guests — some of whom may be moms — to leave their parenting tips and advice for the mum-to-be.

Some simple baby shower games always add a nice touch and encourage your guests to break the ice and interact more — especially if some don’t know the others that well.

Once filled out with predictions and advice, these cards will make the perfect keepsakes for the journal of the mum-to-be or scrapbook and can be shown to the baby when they grow up.

Filled out with predictions and advice, these cards will be a treat for the parents-to-be to read before the baby is born and refer back to as their baby grows. Later on, the cards can be shared with their child.

For a little added fun, you could promise to give a prize to those shower guests who predicted things like time of birth and birth weight correctly.

Entertain Guests With Cute Pregnancy Or Baby Facts

backyard baby shower decoration

Your guests will love reading surprising information about pregnancies and newborn babies. Get these fun facts printed on cool garden signs you can place around the parameter. They’ll keep party-goers entertained and offer them new knowledge to the top.

Not sure what facts to go with? Here are amazing ones you may go with:

  1. The heart of the woman grows bigger during pregnancy
  2. Babies can hear their mother’s voice from inside the womb
  3. The partner of a pregnant woman may experience pregnancy symptoms
  4. Babies can cry in the womb
  5. Newborns don’t produce tears in the first few weeks
  6. Babies can “taste” certain strong flavors in the womb

Backyard Baby Shower Food Ideas

You can get as creative as you’d like with the food you plan to prepare, but if you’re doing all the work yourself, I’d suggest keeping it simple.

You don’t want to be slaving in the kitchen making food as the guests are arriving! Choose something you can put together ahead of time.

Remember, presentation is everything. Even some simple fruits and finger foods can look fancy if you have them on a beautiful display.

Gifts Ideas

Your guests might ask you for some gift ideas. Perhaps suggest something that ties in with the baby shower theme or your decorations.

Gifts can even be displayed during the party, then presented to the guest of honor toward the end. For example, if your theme is animals, ask each guest to bring a soft toy.

If the theme is superheroes, ask each guest to add a comic book to their gift – the mum-to-be can share these with her little one in the years to come. If the baby shower has a children’s books theme, ask each guest to bring their favorite childhood book.

If the shower’s theme is centered on a specific color, ask guests to bring a gift in that color. You could also share the theme with guests and let them find a creative way to tie in with it or set up a baby shower registry, which is similar to a wedding registry except it’s a wish list of items you’d like to get for your baby shower as a gift.

A gift table to keep things organized is another item you must consider making available. It also gives you an extra surface for beautiful colors, games, and arrangements.

Guests Family

Allow guests to bring their entire families to the baby shower is nice to encourage socialization; this makes it easy for people to attend as they won’t have to find a child or pet care. You’ll also have tons of fun playing with the little ones; make sure to walk your pets beforehand and clean up after them at the shower.

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Backyard Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

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