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Small Backyard Wedding With Tend – How to Plan a Perfect Backyard Wedding

Just like you maintain your sitting room, dining room, and bedroom, our backyard is also part of your home, and we must maintain and keep it clean always. We must keep our neat backyard cause our backyard when kept neat and clean, can serve many purposes.

It can serve as a sit-out where you can stay and relax your mind during your leisure time. If you are the type that loves flowers and trees like me, you can turn your backyard into a garden where you plant your favorite flowers to bring nature closer to yourself.

Spending your quiet time in your backyard garden is one of the best ways to enjoy your leisure time with nature; there’s this inner peace that comes with that. You can’t get that inner peace elsewhere because your backyard is so calm and peaceful, and you can spend as much time as you wish without being distracted or Disturbed.

If you are a writer, once you can maintain your backyard and keep it neat, you don’t even need to go out searching for a quiet place with natural feelings to be able to concentrate on your writing.

Most writers get their writing inspiration from nature which is the best. Your backyard can serve many purposes when properly maintained and cared for. For instance, some people fantasize about having a backyard wedding, which is one of the best and most popular in some countries like the USA.

Backyard weddings are simple, Memorable, and save money. You can only have a backyard wedding when your backyard is attractive and presentable.

Instead of looking for fancy halls or hotel venues where you can throw your wedding parties, birthday parties, baby showers, or festival celebrations like Christmas or Thanksgiving, you can turn your backyard into your fascinating hall for all that.

It’s going to be more fun and entertaining since it’s your house, your backyard, you can quickly assess anything you need for your party without much stress.

Backyard Wedding

You can spend some quality time with your family in your backyard; you can always have picnics and enjoy yourself. One of the ways you can keep your backyard clean and neat is by weeding regularly. So today, we will be talking more about how to plan a perfect backyard wedding.

In a woman’s life, her wedding day is the most memorable day of her life, whether the wedding turns out good or bad, she still won’t forget cause it’s a lifetime experience.

To a man, his wedding day is one of the best days in his life, the feeling like he already won a lottery is second to none.

As there will be butterflies in her stomach, make sure there are also physical ones for her to feel and touch; where else can she have that experience if not in the backyard full of flowers and beautiful plants that attract butterflies and other colorful and beautiful creatures.

Here Are Steps on How To Plan a Perfect Backyard Wedding

1. Yard clearing and set up:

While planning for your big day in your backyard, it’s indispensable to clean and maintain the yard in preparation for the D day.

Check the level of the yard if it’s okay; make sure to clear out in wanted plants ( weeds ) to avoid spreading all over and making everywhere look untidy and dirty. Level the flowers and plants by giving them an excellent beautiful shape.

Check the yard frequently to ensure it’s free from harmful insects and animals; you don’t want your guest to get harmed or hurt during the ceremony.

2. Lights and electricity:

It’s essential to set up lights in case the ceremony lasted till nightfall. Make sure to decorate with different colored lights to make the arrangements more attractive. Imagine the colorful your event will be once it’s night.

Never forget to make provision for alternative means of power supply to your yard; you must have a backup generator if there’s a power shortage. You won’t like your guests staying in the dark for long cause it might make them uncomfortable, and they will want to leave before the end of the ceremony.

Backyard Wedding

Using string lights to illuminate will add to your yard’s beautification and add color to your party.

3. Make plans for the weather:

While hoping to have sunny and clear weather all day, also try and make provision If there’s a change in the weather and rain starts. You can set up tents inside your backyard where your guests can stay if the rain starts so that they will not get wet.

Making sure your guests stay dry, although the rain should also be a priority.

Don’t leave your guests running about looking for shields while it starts raining; make a plan B, and you will never regret what you did, or better still, fix your wedding during summer to avoid rain messing up the day for you.

4. Notify your neighbors:

It’s crucial to inform your neighbors on time about your big day so that news about your wedding will not come impromptu to them. You can do this by sending wedding invitation cards to them on time so that they can be able to make necessary adjustments.

Some who are not comfortable being in a noisy area can also start on time to make provision for where they will stay on that; they can now come back once the ceremony is over.

You can also use that opportunity to invite those close ones whom you are familiar with to come and join you to celebrate.

5. Provide parking spots:

Make provision for where your guests will park their cars once they arrive at the occasion. Provide enough space for them, and you also need to make additional provisions In case of surprises.

If the space in your yard is not enough, you can start making provisions on time by looking for spots in your street where cars can pack without obstructing the road.

You can also hire someone who will see to it that cars coming in are appropriately packed.

6. Get a permit:

Planning a backyard wedding is lovely and easy, but there are still some obstacles you have to go through before it becomes a huge success.

Depending on the government’s restriction on outdoor activities, you may need to get a permit to host a wedding in your backyard. Some of these permits often contain fire safety and noise ordinance, parking permit, and you may also need to get a permit to set up some structures for the event.

Make some research on restrictions and regulations guiding your locality early in your event planning to avoid un-for-seen circumstances.

7. Include pets:

A backyard wedding is not complete without your pet around. It is an outdoor party. So you can decorate your pet to suit the event of the day.

8. Lift the entrance:

Make a memorable entrance for a backyard wedding by decorating the tenant used as an entrance with curtains. Lift it so that you and your partner can fit in perfectly without any instructions.

9. Setup the tables and chairs:

Setting up the tables and chairs is very important so that the guests will see where they can sit and relax while the event is going on.

While setting up, spice up things by adding some colors to your decorations and arrangements by draping tables in printed linen from different colors.

Covering your chair in linens with matching colors to make everything colorful and elegant.

You may also adorn your tables and chairs with drapery or folds of cloth.

10. Create a trail:

Fascinate your guest with a beautiful tail decoration from the front of your house to the backyard to help them match straight to the backyard without entering the living room.

You can create this trail with lanterns or colorful candles or any other type of light that will enable them to find their way to the backyard easily, and this can also serve as a decoration while serving as a guide, killing two birds with one stone.

11. Get the cakes and food ready:

Get yourself a delicious cake for your big day; the cake should be colorful enough to match the color of your yard decorations.

In serving your food, add some fruits to it to make nature feeling complete. It can also come with such fruit salad.

Backyard Wedding

Since everything is about nature and its goodness, also serve some fruity juice to complete the circle. Make your guests get the information you want to pass about nature and its feeling, and your big day will surely be a memorable one for everyone that attended.

A backyard wedding is the latest trend; more people are engaging in it cause of the benefits that come with it.

Below are some of the reasons why a backyard wedding is one of the best ways of saying “I do”:

Why Backyard Wedding Is The Best For You

1. It’s simple:

A yard wedding is one of the simplest weddings one can ever plan; it’s stress-free and easy to organize.

No much running around cause the event is taking place in your home, no need to go the extra mile of hiring more hands cause it’s something you and your family can plan and execute without stress.

2. It saves cost and money:

A yard wedding will save you a lot of unnecessary spending; it with also help you minimize your income.

It retrieves you from the cost of hiring a hall, buying a bouquet cause you can easily pick the most delicate flowers in your garden and make a bouquet.

3. it saves time:

Backyard wedding saves you a lot of time cause everything you need is now closer to you, no need of walking or driving for miles to get things in place, which is time-consuming.

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