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Leaf Solution Reviews – Price, Cost of Installation, Pros and Cons

A gutter clogged with leaves, sticks, and other debris can cause leaky roof or water damage to the interior and exterior structure of your home.

Having a good gutter is excellent, but how can it protect your home when it can’t protect itself. Just having a gutter is like just having a king without a guard.

So, a good gutter system needs the perfect gutter guard. Having a good gutter guard in the house can minimize the cost of your home renovation because, with the protection of a good gutter guard, you will do little or no repair on your home.

What’s more is that with a good gutter guard, you will have no fear of erosion or flood in your basement, and your home will be termite-free.

So, get your home guarded by installing a perfect gutter guard. And what is a perfect gutter guard?

A perfect gutter guard is one amazing quality with a warranty that you can trust. And you can trust Leaf solution gutter guard.


The Leaf Solution Company

Founded in 2001, the leaf solution company started with the vision of inventing good and reliable gutter, which stood out amongst others in the industry.

But in time, the family-run company didn’t just end with the vision of inventing world-class gutters.

They elevated into manufacturing the leading gutter guard product in the industry.

The Leaf solution company became a renowned force to be reckoned with due to its advanced quality standards and reliable warranty.

They are the leaders in every variety of gutter guards but are focused on two of their unique, effective products: perforated and mesh gutter guards.


Leaf Solution Pro Gutter System Overview

You will hardly get any more sophisticated and effective gutter guard than the leaf solution pro gutter system in the entire gutter guard industry.

With its innovative mesh design, the leaf solution pro gutter system is promised to strengthen your gutter protection for effective operation.

With the Leaf solution gutter pro, advanced stainless-steel mesh-built holes. Water flows massively and freely, but it keeps every debris out.

What makes the LeafSolutionPRO stand out among other gutter guard systems is its unique patented triple-dip capillary Diversion system.

This amazing design makes the leaf solution pro more than just a mesh screen that you place over your gutters, unlike other gutter guard systems, with the patented triple-dip Capillary Diversion System.

No matter how much rain falls, the leaf solution pro is designed to capture it, whether it’s a light sprinkle or a heavy downpour.

The stainless-steel mesh system is designed using patented hemming and integrated into a durable substrate to prevent separation, sagging, and stretching so that you won’t have to bother with the system’s impressive 20-year warranty.


Pros & Cons of Leaf Solution Pro

Leaf Solution gutter guards are one of the most reliable gutter guard systems in the industry you can trust to protect your gutter effectively.

With the micromesh design, the leaf solution gutter guard not only enables efficient water flow so that your gutters don’t get clogged or backed up and only a minimal amount of rain sloshes over them, but they also have small holes that only let in the most microscopic debris.

Leaf Solution’s gutter guard system is topping the world market today with its effective impact, but it has flaws.

A notable disadvantage of buying Leaf Solution gutter guards is the price and the difficulty of installation. Also, there have been complaints online from customers.

But the Leaf Solution customer service team throws into question how easy they are to work with if you are dissatisfied with your gutter guards.

However, the professionalism and effective service of the leaf solution company overweigh the cons.


Leaf Solution Pro Features

The Leaf Solution PRO special stainless-steel mesh gutter guards have small holes to block debris but are big enough to let water flow freely.

With the unique patented triple-dip Capillary Diversion System, the leaf solution pro gutter guards can capture all types of rainwater, forcing the stream into the gutter. With a durable substrate, the mesh functions both vertically and horizontally.

The leaf solution pro patented hemming process that holds the guard together prevents the mesh from separating, sagging, and stretching, so it continues to work perfectly, even as time passes.


Efficiency of Leaf Solution Pro Gutter Guard System

One of the best things about the LeafSolutionsPRO is its 100% No Clog guarantee.

If you purchase a leaf solution pro gutter guard and peradventure, your system gets clogged, or you feel any sought of dis-satisfaction, no worries because you are backed up with the Leaf Solution’s Money-Back Guarantee. So, you can get your money back!

But it’s unlikely that you will feel any dis-satisfactions because the Leaf Solution gutter guard products are always made for effective operation and carefully installed.

Leaf Solution gutter guards only use the best materials possible, making Leaf Solution’s products stand high esteem in the industry and world market.


How Leaf Solution Pro Compares to Other Systems

With distinction in the gutter guard market, Leaf Solution is one of the best gutter guard systems in the industry, but according to BackyardBoss, the king of gutter guards is the leaf fitter.

Like Leaf Solution, LeafFilter sells mesh gutter guards with superfine holes that allow water to pass without catching debris.

On having a helpful customer service team, longer warranty, leaf fitter outperforms leaf solution.

However, when it comes to comparing Leaf Solution to all other gutter guards’ products in the market, they stand no chance.


Leaf Solution Pro Customer Reviews

Despite the efficiency and productivity of leaf solution pro. Customers are always hesitant to give reviews.

Imagine a company operating effortlessly for over two decades having few reviews. Well, it’s commonly known that customers don’t like going through the stress of rating and reviewing any product.

Numerous customers complained about their customer service team. But it is not everyone who gave Leaf solution a bad review had a bad experience with the company.


How To Order Leaf Solution Pro

The leaf solution pro is in great demand in the market. But with continuous production, there are always sufficient products for all to order, and it’s easy to order.

Ordering a Leaf Solution Pro gutter system is this easy. First, you can fill in your details, into the request form, with your location.

Leaf Solution does not sell their direct customers; they sell to qualified contractors, who come and do the installation.

After entering your information and completing the form, a leaf solution pro agent will examine it and choose the best contractor for your needs.

After submitting the form, you will get a recommended contractor within a few working days. It’s that easy!


Leaf Solution Pro Warranty

The Leaf Solution system isn’t just a reliable and effective company. But the leaf solution pro warranty is long-lasting, up to an incredible 20-year warranty!

With a two-decade warranty that long, you can enjoy every penny you spend, and if you feel anything but satisfied, you can quickly get in touch with the Leaf solution customer service team to activate their 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee!

But with the leaf solution pro assured safeguard warranty, you will have no reason to complain.



Over the years, leaf Solution has evolved into becoming one of the best gutter guard companies in the world market today.

We are talking about great innovation, the efficient micro-mesh design, an impressive 20-year warranty, and its Capillary Diversion System that can even handle torrential downpours; it’s a fact that you will not be disappointed with the LeafSolutionPRO.

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