Ryobi Snow Blower vs Ego Snow Blower

Ryobi Snow Blower vs Ego Snow Blower Reviews – Attachment Video and Assembly Instructions

Every winter comes with heavy snow that covers your entire house, driveways, sidewalks, and pathways. You got to remove them to have access to free movement within your yard.

Shovel, gas-powered snowblowers, and cordless blowers are common implements used in removing snow within the yard.

But the question is, do you hire someone to help you with the snow removal process? Or do you usually do it yourself using either Ryobi Snow Blower or Ego Snow Blower?

I was never a fan of snowblowers because using a shovel to remove snow was one of my favorite pastimes. I enjoy the peace and the exercise it brings to clear the snow around the house.

Things have changed as I’ve aged. I still enjoy winter and outside but using a snow shovel in deep snow is a difficult job no one would love to do.

Eventually, I bought a cordless snowblower. This is my favorite snowblower and the easiest to maneuver and work with.

Snowblowers are a requirement for almost all homeowners during the winter. However, in the north, snowblowers are an essential part of the backyard as backyard gear.

Snowblowers aren’t much fun if they can’t get the job done. The Ryobi Snowblower Series and new products powered by batteries like the EGO 56V Snowblower have been evaluated in-depth in this article.

Even though these snow blowers powered by the battery may not appear to be a durable technology, manufacturers seem to believe they can make it work.

Battery-powered snow blowers have always shown positive results in the early days.

Ryobi Snow Blower

Ryobi Snow Blower vs Ego Snow Blower

Ryobi’s Snow Blower is primarily constructed of durable plastics. It is a snow blower required in any backyard and is amongst the top five must-have backyard gears if you live in a snowy environment.

There are different types of Ryobi Snowblowers. There are two metal side handles running from the upper handle to the lower impeller area of the rotor.

In total, the upper handle rises 38.5 inches above ground level. As a result of its large size, it can be pressed with gloved hands.

To start the snow blower, you must first depress one of the two impeller control levers on the upper handle, then press the start button.

For the impeller to operate, at least one control lever must be depressed at all times, preferably both.

For small, flat driveways, patios, or city sidewalks, we recommend the Ryobi RYAC803-S with a 20-inch clearing width.

Compared to the SnowMaster 824 QXE, this single-stage electric blower has a maximum snow-throwing distance of 15 feet and a maximum speed of less than half.

Nevertheless, it’s much less expensive than gas blowers of similar size, folds up for storage, and is light enough to move up a few patio or deck steps with relative ease.

For smaller driveways and lighter snowfall, we were willing to put up with the inconvenience of keeping the cord out of the way in exchange for the lower initial cost.

Ryobi Snow Blower Pros and Cons


  • It’s one of the best options available on the market.
  • If you own Ryobi backyard gear or power tools, this is a no-brainer.
  • Their batteries are always interchangeable.
  • Ryobi provides excellent customer service.


  • It’s made of plastic which isn’t so good.
  • You always have to plug it into an outlet.
  • A suitable extension cord is always needed, so it is doesn’t kick in the cold.

Ego Snow Blower

Ryobi Snow Blower vs Ego Snow Blower

It took Ego 10 years to develop its POWER+ line of cordless electric power tools.

A lot of people would agree that this is the “first line of cordless outdoor power equipment that has the performance and power of gas, but without the noise, fuss or fumes.”

Snowblowers from Ego’s POWER+ line have been around for about 20 years, but they constantly evolve and stay current with technology.

The Ego Snowblower is the world’s only battery-powered two-stage snowblower (the first came from Snow Joe back in 2018 and had mixed reviews).

The twin brushless motors in this kit are powered by a pair of 56V, 7.5Ah ArcLithium batteries. The variable-speed steel auger and steel impeller are driven by one motor, while the power to the wheels is delivered by the other.

As far as cordless snow blowers are concerned, EGO’s POWER+ Snow Blower is the most powerful.

Incorporating Peak PowerTM technology, it can clear heavy, wet snow with the power of two ARC LithiumTM batteries in a single device.

This snow blower is equipped with a high-efficiency brushless motor and a 21-inch intake. Snow throw distance can be easily adjusted with the variable-speed auger.

Cordless snowblower with 35-foot throw distance, a remote chute adjuster, and robust steel construction. Experience a level of power that defies belief.

The EGO SNT2405 2-Stage Snow Blower is an excellent example of what cordless snow blowers can accomplish.

The company claims to be after muscle and durability, all while keeping the system simple to use.

Because every thunderstorm is unique, there are a variety of ways to control it. EGO has you covered when it comes to driving speed, whether you’re clearing heavy, wet snow, transporting something from the shed to the driveway, or anything in between.

In this mode, you’ll be walking at a fast pace, which is probably a bit faster than you’d be blowing snow at.

In terms of control during operation, lower speeds are better. A snow blower can come to an abrupt stop if it runs into a rough concrete joint or a sidewalk crack.

Ego Snow Blower Pros and Cons


  • The controls have been designed to be easy to use and intuitive to operate to ensure maximum efficiency.
  • Additionally, it’s available with two 10-Ah batteries for 25 percent more run time.
  • Snow up to 8 inches thick can be removed from 17 cars’ driveways in a single charge.
  • There are no extension cords to worry about, and the use of them does not restrict you.
  • Charge time for batteries is relatively quick. It is also very simple to use, plus Controls that are easy to adjust.
  • Has a set of headlamps
  • Heavy, wet snow is no problem for this machine.
  • It’s not that loud.


  • It is also collapsible for easy storage and transportation.
  • It cannot handle the same snow depth as a gas snow blower because it is cordless backyard gear.
  • Not as effective at clearing snow as a gas-powered blower
  • This vehicle is not self-propelled.
  • Physical effort and a slower pace are required for deeper snow.
  • It must be operated at full capacity to achieve optimum efficiency.
  • Although they are inexpensive to replace, the blades aren’t very durable.
  • Battery life limits the amount of time you can use the device.

Which Should You Buy? – Ryobi Snow Blower vs Ego Snow Blower

I will go with the Ryobi snowblower for my backyard gear because its effectiveness and tools work perfectly.

Ego certainly looks like a superior product with a bigger and better battery, but the Ryobi effectiveness is awesome, and its assembling is easier.

Ryobi Snow Blower Attachment

The Ryobi Snowblower Attachment is excellent for clearing snow from sidewalks, decks, and driveways up to 6 inches deep.

The counterbalanced handle allows users to walk along the cleared path for added convenience.

It’s a perfect tool to add to your backyard gear because it makes work easier.

Ryobi Snow Blower Assembly Instructions

Safe use of this product requires knowledge and understanding of the products, how to use them, and the projects you attempt to use them on.

This product must be assembled. Remove the product and any accessories from the box with caution.

Make sure that all of the items on the packing list are included. Do not use this product if any of the parts on the Packing List are already assembled to your product when you unpack it.

The manufacturer does not create the details on this list, so the customer must install them.

The use of this product, if incorrectly assembled, may result in serious personal injury. Inspect the product thoroughly to ensure that no breakage or damage occurred during shipping.

Do not discard the packing material until it has been satisfactorily inspected.

Ego Snow Blower Unboxing and Assembly Instructions

While assembling some parts of this product, always remove the battery from the tool to prevent damages or minor issues that might cause the blower to not functions properly.

The use of this product with damaged or missing parts may result in severe personal injury. This product is recommended for use with it.

Any such alteration or modification is considered a mise and could result in a hazardous condition resulting in serious injury.

To begin unpacking, start by grabbing the rear handle and the front part of the product simultaneously and carefully lift the tool up and out of the carton.

Do not forget to remove extraneous items from the carton.

These devices are designed to handle light, fluffy snow; these machines are primarily used for snow removal.

They are among the best cordless snow blower. Depending on the model you choose, they are limited to a maximum of 6 inches.

Decks, sidewalks, and single-car driveways are ideal applications for these products. Anyone living in the Midwest or South who sees less than 25 inches of snow a year will love this.

It is not recommended to use a cordless drill in areas with heavy, wet snow. Gas-powered machines are preferable.

See our recommendations for two-stage snowblowers if you’re dealing with a lot of snow.

Those units are capable of handling snow anywhere in the continental United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.


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