Tetherball for Dogs

Tetherball for Dogs DIY – Best Tetherball Set for Dogs

Taking care of our pets is lovely because we would love to see our pets happy all the time or want them to live longer.

I know much well that considering a good toy for an active dog might be tracked full but, it is all for your dog to have a fun-filled life.

Tetherballs are an excellent source of entertainment and companionship for your dog. They are easy, durable, and likely to save you some money because they can be quickly procured.

There are several types of tetherballs for dogs, some of which are readily available on the market. No matter the size of your dog, we have researched the best tetherball for dogs.

Tetherball comes in different sizes, so all you have to do is to pick the one that could rightly fit the size of your dog.

Dogs are part of the family and should also be engaged in some activities to avoid being overweight.

Research has also shown that excess stored energy which may lead to excess weight gain, can make them aggressive to some certain extent.

Getting a toy like tetherball will help to burn excess fat and make them physically fit.

Tetherball For Dogs

Tetherball is one of the best and appreciated toys you could get for a dog. In this game, a ball hangs from a tree or pole, which the player strikes in the opposite direction.

Best Tetherball Set for Dogs

1. Tumbo Tugger Exercise Dog Toy

Tetherball for Dogs

Getting a Tumbo Tugger exercise dog toy is lovely for your dog as you wouldn’t want your pet to feel bored due to loneliness.

It has a good and solid shock cord that makes it possible to be stretched with force for long without breakage.

It can easily be hung on an upright pole or a tree branch, depending on the type of dog and its offensiveness.

It is cheap, and the stretchable ability of the toy tends to relieve you from the stress of washing as it will not be easily stained.

It is also best for your doggy because of its stretchable ability to suit your dog’s size or age.


  • Relatively cheap
  • Simple to hang
  • Right for greatest dog pleasure
  • Strong for offensive chewers
  • Entirely harmless for the poodle


  • Not best for huge dog type
  • Some of its rope is not long-lasting.

2. PrimePets 2 Pcs Dog Ball on Rope

Tetherball for Dogs

Prime pet 2 pcs dog ball is perfect for your doggie to have fun in your backyard.

The balls are made of quality rubber and joined with a durable rope that helps them withstand the aggressiveness of the poodle.

Though it is not suitable for the bigger breeds, it is perfect for reducing the devastating habits of dogs.

3. Retractable Interactive Training Tug Toy

Tetherball for Dogs

Meals are not the only thing to consider while raising your dog; exercise is also essential.

Retractable interactive training tug toy will help control and supervise your dog even when you are not around, which also helps strengthen their respiration and mental health.


  • Completely firm
  • It is perfect for your dog coaching
  • It has a long term guarantee
  • It has an uncommon style
  • It can be placed easily in your backyard and also easy to deconstruct
  • It comes with a timid pluck.


  • It comes with no ball present
  • It may be hard for pet owners
  • It may have an unstable tapping screw.

4. Clean Run Benes Bungee Ball

Tetherball for Dogs

Clean Run is eventually the leading brand of tetherball when compared to the others in the market. It is strong, flexible, and made of quality materials, suitable for all breeds of dogs regardless of their age and size.

The ability of the tether tug to oscillate helps the dog to have tremendous play and is also perfect for training.

However, the tug can be installed both outdoor and indoor and comes in different colors, which may give the pet parents the chance to pick a suitable color. It comes with 12-inch nylon rope, which is excellent for spirited poodles.


  • Relatively cheap
  • Perfect for training dogs
  • Great for both indoor and outdoor
  • It comes in different colors
  • It is made from high-quality materials.


  • It has a shorter lifespan
  • Not satisfactory for an offensive breed

5. XiaZ Retractable Interactive Dog Toy

Tetherball for Dogs

Xiaz is known as a great brand because of its long-serving in manufacturing things associated with dogs.

The tetherball can oscillate, be pulled, and plucked for some hours. Hence it is excellent for growing dog muscles and strength.

The pluck toy is also known to be perfect for puppies or small dog range.

The ball can hang comfortably on a pole for some hours, and the rope of the tetherball is relatively long, which may give the owner the ability to adjust the high point to the level of the dog.

It is also great for aggressive chewers, peradventure you have an offensive chewer, and the materials employed for styling the tether tug toy are downright timid. They can not destroy the teeth of your dog.


  • Advisable for developing dog muscles
  • Its rope is made of high-quality material
  • Easy and simple to hang
  • Extremely flexible


  • It is expensive
  • It is not acceptable for small size dogs or puppies.

6. Tether Tug Outdoor Tug Toy for All Dogs

Tetherball for Dogs

Tether tug is an outdoor tug toy for dogs. The brand has provided good quality tetherballs for dogs for over some decades.

The tug pole tends to be solid and flexible, which may suit breeds of great pullers.

It is a perfect doggie boredom breaker, as the poodle tends to play a war game over it for some time without damaging it.

Though, Tether tug is not cheap and may not be suitable for large breeds. You can easily install it in your backyard without extra assistance.

It offers your dogs great entertainment and helps them stay in good health for a long time.

Besides, the flexibility of the pole makes it suitable for playful poodles as they can swing the toy with great force as many times as possible.

7. Tether Tug Interactive Dog Rope Toy

Tetherball for Dogs

Tether tug company, as you know, specializes in producing different dog accessories with high-quality materials.

An interactive dog rope toy is also best for your dog who likes the pluck of war games and helps break your dog’s boredom if they are left alone at home, as they can play it joyfully whenever they wish.

Research has shown that dogs engaged more in playful activities tend to be free from cardiovascular health risks.

Interactive dog rope toy tends to be expensive. It can easily injure some dogs if care is not taken. It also has a durable creation that makes it fit for aggressive pooch and helps to lessen the destructive behaviors of some dogs through excess burnout of energy.

8. TACHIKARA STBR Rubber Tetherball

The TACHIKARA STBR rubber tetherballs are made with high-quality materials, which entertain your dog. Although, it may fade quickly and become less attractive to dogs.

They come with nylon rope, and the balls are made with high-grade rubber, which helps to hang the balls to a height enjoyable for war games and easy to tolerate the aggressiveness of some dogs, respectively.

9. DIBBATU Spring Pole Dog Rope Toys

Dibbatu specializes in the production of high-quality dog toys and has received numerous praises from dog parents.

The spring pole rope toys are one of the products that keep the company going to date. Spring rope can be very easy to install in your backyard, and it also creates the chance for your dog to develop its muscle through oscillating and waving the tetherball.

Another good thing about the spring pole is that it has a rustproof spring pole to avoid rusting quickly but may be costly.

Spring rope is not suitable for larger breeds of dogs. The pole tends to resist the force of swinging and pulling from aggressive ones and could be very lovely for relieving any form of anxiety from a lonely dog.

10. Durable Spring Pole for Pitbull

A durable spring pole is strong and durable for plucking and pulling chewers. It comes with two springs that may differ in weight and free heavy rope for any breed, irrespective of size, age, and height.

Though, it may be limited to outdoor use only and can easily injure your dog. It is relatively affordable and best for building dog muscle.

The strong rope can withstand the offensiveness of the pitbull and cannot be affected by rust due to the presence of rustproof.

Tetherball For Dogs DIY (Do It Yourself)

Probably you would want to make a tetherball set yourself and still bring the same fun to your backyard dogs or pet.

The sweet thing about this one is that it is less expensive and could be done any time you want.

Here are the tools or materials you may be needing and the steps of makes them.

Tools and Materials for Making Tetherball For Dogs

  • Ladder, rag, spray can, bucket, and plastic sheeting.
  • Galvanized Pipe with a threaded end: 7′ or 8′ 1-1/2″ galvanized.
  • Tire, whether old or new anyone can serve.
  • Two 12″ pieces of rebar.
  • Spray paint.
  • Four 60 lb. bags of concrete (more if your tire is oversized)
  • Stones or tile pieces for decoration.
  • A galvanized cap of 1-1/2″.
  • 3/8″ eye bolt with washer and nut. tetherball with rope and connecting hook.
  • Auger for drilling.

Step 1: Paint the tire.

The first step is to paint your tire with spray paint. Mind you, that the tire should be neat and dry to give you the perfect fit of what you want. The colour will serve as a protective and decorative layer.

Step 2: Drill pipe for rebar

You can use an auger to drill one set of holes through the pipe 3″ from the bottom of the pipe. Then alternate the pipe 90 degrees and drill another set of holes 2-1/2″ up from the first set.

Step 3: Prepare it for concrete

Then position the tire on top of an area of large plastic on a smooth surface. Place the rebar in the center of the tire after threading it through the drilled holes.

Step 4: Add Concrete and Level Pole

The concrete should be mixed in batches according to the bag’s instructions and then poured into the tire as instructed.

You can fill it up all the way and lay the decorative stones while the pole is setting (you will have to be careful to keep the pole level), or you can leave the top two inches and come back after the pole has set to pour the final concrete and add the decorative stones.

Place a ladder over the tire, place a level on the pole to ensure it is plumb, and hold it in place by attaching it to the ladder.

Step 5: Add Decorative Stones

Decorative stones give a great fancy to your tetherball setup. It is done by simply adding them to the surface of the concrete neatly and don’t allow them to sink very deeply.

You can eventually use the spray can of water to keep your work damp and easy. Then when it drys up a bit, you can clean them with a rag to keep them shinning.

Step 6: Install Eye Bolt

Once the concrete is dry, you can place the eye bolt. You can make a kind of keyhole in the cap of the thrilling top and place the eye bolt to pass through the hole, and secure both with a chain.

Step 7: Hang the Ball

Clip the top against the pole cap, and the ball should be pegged to the eye bar.

Then join the rope so the ball in a way that it can hang up to two feet above the ground, though it can be adjusted for a small player if required. Let your dog enjoy the great activity.


Tetherballs helps to give your dogs the physical exercise they need, and the good thing about it is that it comes in different size that could be perfect for your dog size and age.

They are a great way to burn excess stored fat and energy, which may cause them to be too aggressive.

However, the enumerated products above serve as an excellent guide for the best tetherball for dogs to help you make the right choice.

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