Hang a Swing from a Tree Without Branches

How to Hang a Swing from a Tree Without Branches (Simplest Techniques To Know!)

If you have a tree in your yard and kids in your house, the obvious next step is to make a tree swing. There is something special about a tree swing in your yard, and you want to have it, so you try to make one.

So what happens when your tree doesn’t have a branch? It is possible to hang a swing from a tree without branches, and just as you have guessed, it will be a lot harder than the normal process. in this article, we will dive right into the steps necessary to make a swing on a tree without branches.

How Safe Are Tree Swings?

Of course, before making a tree swing, you will want to know just how safe it is for your kids and family to use. A tree swing is only as safe as the sturdiness of the tree being used.

A tree without rot, cracks and dead branches is a perfect tree for a tree swing. You should inspect your tree to determine how healthy it is; that way, you will know if it is safe to hang a swing on that tree.

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Can Your Tree Hold A Swing?

Hang a Swing from a Tree Without Branches

The ability of your tree to hold a swing is all dependent on whether or not your tree is healthy. A healthy tree should have a strong bark, a strong branch, and fresh leaves with the proper shape and color.

However, an unhealthy tree will have weak branches, weak bark; there will be an abnormal coloration of the leaves and sometimes wilting, sap will seep out of the tree, and fungus will be present.

A tree with any or most of these unhealthy characteristics will not hold a swing. It is important to check your tree before hanging a swing to avoid future injuries.

How Much Weight Can A Tree Branch Hold For A Swing?

The weight that a tree branch can carry depends on the type of tree being used and the condition of the tree. Hardwood trees will carry more weight, and healthy trees will also carry more weight.

The swing component, such as the chains, the eyebolts and the wood or material used to make the swing, will weigh between 60lbs to 70lbs and let’s not forget about the weight of the riders, which can range from 150lbs to 400lbs. The branch of a healthy Oak Tree would carry approximately 251.2 tons (502,400lbs) which is a lot.

How High Can You Hang A Tree Swing?

The height at which you hang your swing depends on who will be using the swing, as the height above the ground varies for both children and adults.

For children, your swing should be 3ft above the ground, while for adults, your swing should be 3 to 5 feet above the ground. With these standard measurements, riding a swing should be safer for both kids and adults.

What Is The Best Rope To Use For A Tree Swing?

Choosing the right rope is essential to ensure the safety of the riders, as a weak rope will snap easily and cause a serious injury to whoever rides the swing.

Your swing rope should have a ⅝ inch diameter or be ⅝ inches thick for strength. Different types of rope can be used for a tree swing, all of which are made of different materials.

1. Nylon:

The nylon role is the strongest rope, but it may not be suitable for children to use as it can be slippery; there is also a possibility that this type of rope might stretch.

2. Polypropylene Rope

This is the least expensive type of rope and is the most used type as it is lightweight, but when exposed to sunlight for a long time, this type of rope starts to deteriorate.

3. Natural Fiber Ropes

This rope is made from natural plant materials that can be used, but they are not as strong as synthetic ropes.

4. Polyester ropes

This is the best type of rope for a tree swing; it is strong but even stronger when braided. It can hold objects firmly, and it doesn’t slip.

How Do You Choose A Tree Limb For a Swing?

Picking a tree is one thing, but picking the right branch to support your swing is another. The right branch for a tree swing should have a minimum diameter of 8 inches or at least 8 inches thick.

Your branch should also be 20 inches above the ground; for a higher branch, you may want to contact a tree guy to help install the swing as they have the appropriate climbing tools.

An artificial branch (a limb) should be metal or wooden board drilled into the tree. It should be at least 6 feet long. For a wooden board, we recommend 4 inches by 6 inches pressure treated timber.

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How To Hang A Swing From A Tree Without Branches

Hang a Swing from a Tree Without Branches

When it comes to hanging a swing from a tree without branches, it is an easy process. Choose a material that would serve as your artificial board; a wooden board is preferred, your board should be at least 5 feet long.

Select a spot on your tree trunk that is a bit low to the ground and nail your wooden board; your board should be nailed to the tree trunk in such a way that it is parallel to the ground.

Make sure your artificial limb is secured safely to the tree trunk; attach your swing board to your artificial branch using a polyester rope tied to drilled holes on your board.

How To Hang A Swing From A Tree Trunk

You can hang a swing from a tree trunk using branches. However, not all trees have branches available, so you may need to hang a swing from an artificial branch or a limb attached to two trees.

If you have a branch too high, you may need a tree expert to assist you. You should also follow the appropriate safety tips to ensure that there is no accident.

How Do You Hang A Swing From An Uneven Limb?

Using the following steps, you can hang a swing on an angled branch

  1. Locate two-point on your angled branch that you intend to attach your swing to
  2. Drill two holes at these points
  3. Place one end of the level on the lower hole and the other end on the higher hole.
  4. Measure the distance between the higher and lower whole to help your rope stay stable.
  5. Cut a PVC pipe with the same diameter at the branch being also used, add the offset length to this pipe.
  6. Drill a higher whole and place your pipe with the smaller hole on top
  7. Through the lowest hole, insert eyebolts and secure with washers and nuts on the top
  8. Tie your role to your eye out and attach it to your swing. This keeps the weight and balance even throughout.

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How Do You Suspend A Swing Between Two Trees?

To the main topic here, we will cover the steps to hang a swing on a tree without branches.

Step 1: Choose a sturdy tree.

Not every tree can be used to make a tree swing, so we recommend a hardwood tree, as it is sturdy and can hold a lot of weight.

If a tree swing is to be made without a branch present, you will need two sturdy hardwood trees. These two trees should be 10ft away from each other.

Step 2: Choose a header or limb

For a tree without a branch, you would want to attach a replacement. Like we have discussed before, a metal or wooden board would do just fine.

Before choosing the material of your limb, ensure that it is weather resistant as it will stay out for a long time; you should also check if it can carry a lot of weight.

Your artificial limb should be at least 6 feet long; as stated earlier, treated timber is a good option for wooden boards.

Step 3: Install your limb.

You will need help for this stage as your wooden or metal board will be too heavy for you alone. You can use cleats to support the weight of the wood.

Drill pilot holes on your board but not on the trunk. After drilling a hole on your board, use a hammer to drive a lag bolt through your board and about 1 to 2 inches into your trunk.

Step 4: Securing your Swing

Your swing should come with a sewing kit that contains ropes, eyebolts, swing board, chains and hooks. Drill two holes on your board now hanging; the two holes drilled should be 21 inches apart.

Attach your rope to the swing board and pass the other end through the holes drilled. To get the right distance between the ground and your swing board, have your child sit on it; if the tip of their toes touches the ground, then it is the right distance.

After this, you can proceed with fastening your rope on your limb, make sure it’s secure and tight enough to support the weight.

With those easy steps, you have successfully made a tree swing without branches.


You can make that swing for your kids in your backyard even if your tree has no branch. It is not a difficult process if you follow the instructions carefully.

Remember to check your tree if it’s healthy before hanging a swing on it. Remember to purchase a strong role like polyester that cannot be damaged by the sun ultraviolet rays and is also not slippery. Using the right materials will ensure that your tree swing is safer and not lead to an accident.

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