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Inflatable pools have become a convenient way of cooling down, especially during these hot summer days when the globe seems to be warming rapidly.

These artificial pools have become one of those little things that not only add a little zing to life but have proved to be a means of bringing people, especially families, together to relax and bond.

The fact that these pools do not require any construction work, is movable, come in various sizes, and are easy on the pocket are why they have become a household name.

As handy as these mobile pieces of cooling agencies are, we can only get the best out of them if they are properly installed or assembled, frequently cleaned, and adequately maintained, which truly highlights the need for the use of the right and, if possible, the best cleaning kit available.

There are varieties of inflatable pool cleaner tool kits by a different brand, and the size of the pool, the shape, and the cost is the most important consideration in choosing from the wide range of these cleaner kits. Below are some of the most widely used inflatable pool cleaners kits.

Intex Basic Pool Maintenance Kit for Above Ground Pools

Inflatable Pool Cleaner

This is a cleaning kit that is ideal for all shapes and sizes of inflatable pools. It is used for vacuuming and skimming the surface of the pool.

The kit comprises a one-piece Vacuum head, a surface skimmer, and a 94 inches Telescoping Aluminum pole.

Other features of this kit include:

  • A leaf skimmer.
  • A wall brush.
  • A durable mesh leaf skimmer.
  • A mesh/net.
  • A reusable debris bag.

This kit is assembled by attaching a garden hose to the Vacuum head or the skimmer-head; at the other end, the reusable debris bag is attached to which all the debris is sucked into.

This simple kit operates like a vacuum cleaner and has the advantage that it is not operated with batteries, and the Aluminum pole can get too hard-to-reach areas in the pool.

The starting price of this kit is $24.99 and is readily available in most online and on-ground shops.

Bestway Inflatable Pool Vacuum Cleaner Cleaning Kit

Inflatable Pool Cleaner

This is another brand of cleaning kit for an inflatable pool that operates like the earlier mentioned brand and is operated similarly too but is made by a different brand.

This easy-to-use kit has high suction power, a vacuum, and a skimmer that can be used interchangeably with the Aluminum pole and the debris bag.

Its advantage over hand scrubbing is enormous, and its 9 feet pole ensures a thorough cleaning job done.

This kit is best for pools 15 feet in diameter or less and does not require charging either do they run on batteries. This kit can be found in most shops and goes for about $24.99.

Intex Hand-Held Rechargeable Vacuum Inflatable Pool Cleaner

Inflatable Pool Cleaner

As the name implies, this is a battery-powered pool cleaning tool that is easily assembled and used submerged in an inflatable pool to remove debris.

The kit comprises 94 inches telescoping Aluminum shaft, a shaft adapter (to fit any telescoping shaft that is longer or wider), two brush heads that can be used interchangeably, and a USB cable for charging the device.

Its main advantage is that its suction power is high because of its strong, built- in- MH- rechargeable batteries. This portable, lightweight and waterproof kit goes for about $99.5.

Pool Blaster Spa Vac Inflatable Pool Cleaner

This is $48. 98 kit is a cordless, battery-powered, handheld inflatable cleaner that could be used as a Spa cleaner and a Hot Tub cleaner as well.

Its major selling point includes the fact that it is easy to operate, lightweight, and has a reusable filter. The filter bag can easily pick sand and silt that would be a difficulty for other cleaner kits.

This cleaner which runs on 4 C-Cell batteries, can run up to 90 minutes and can be started by twisting the switch button ON.

How to Clean an Inflatable Pool

Keeping inflatable pools clean is vital because it can provide a medium for the growth of algae that can clog the filter, thus leading to damage, but of most importance is that it can harbor bacteria that cause many Recreational Water Illness [ RWI’s] with symptoms like vomiting, dehydration, stomach cramp and diarrhea for users.

The mode and frequency of cleaning are key, so developing a hygiene regime for the pool can never be over-emphasized. Typically, an inflatable pool should be cleaned following the following procedure:

  1. All the floating debris and dirt in the pool like leaves, bugs or insects, and the likes should be removed using a mesh/ net. This ensures the pool is always clean and clear and prevents this debris from decomposing and giving off a foul smell, thus contaminating the pool.
  2. The dirt on the pool floor should be sucked away using any of the cleaning kits that was earlier mentioned. This dirt is the main cause of RWIs since they carry a lot of pathogens that cause illness.
  3. Chlorine or other purifying agencies can be used to destroy all germs in the pool. It is also used to adjust the Ph, which measures the acidity or alkalinity of the water. This chlorine should be applied for about 20 minutes to 2 hours before swimming in the pool. A Ph value of 7.5 is ideal because, at any other Ph, there will be an increase in algae growth in the pond and even can lead to corrosion of the pool equipment.
  4. As often as necessary, the pool filters should be changed and the inflatable pool drained. If the pool is chlorinated, the water can be drained weekly, but in the absence of chlorine, this draining must be done at least once in two days.
  5. A pool cover can be used over the pool when not in use to prevent dirt from getting in.

Inflatable Pool Cleaner Kit Maintenance

There are many reasons why it is essential to maintain the cleaning kit especially given how useful they are; these reasons range from the fact that it will help increase the life span of these kits, reduce the frequency of repairs or acquiring another not to mention the time, effort and cost of these repairs or purchases.

This maintenance will also help to reduce or even prevent avoidable accidents which could be fatal. Below are some tips for maintaining these cleaning kits.

  1. Adherence to the instruction as contained in the manual of these kits should be strictly adhered to, especially when assembling the different components.
  2. All these kits must be properly cleaned and stored in a good place where ideal temperature and humidity.
  3. Oiling and lubrication of metallic parts are essential.
  4. All batteries must be removed when not in use.
  5. Before changing the pool filters, cleaning, or servicing these kits, they must be unplugged from the source of electricity.
  6. All damaged or missing parts of these cleaning tools must be promptly replaced.


Inflatable pools have proven useful not only as a means of beating the heat during those hot summer days but are also as a means of relaxation and bonding.

They must be kept as hygienic as possible so that they don’t create more problems than they take care of; hence acquiring these cleaning kits and using them effectively should be a must in any home.

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