Can My Deck Hold a Kiddie Pool

Can My Deck Hold a Kiddie Pool?

Summertime is here, and you want your kids to cool off and have a blast. That can be done with an inflatable pool. Setting up an inflatable pool for your kids can sometimes be harder than you think.

 And because you want to find a safe and appropriate location for your kid’s inflatable pool, you find yourself asking questions like, what can you put under a kiddie’s pool or if your deck can hold your kiddies pool. 

Fortunately, we are here to guide you through the whole process to ensure your kids have that perfect summer while being safe.


How Much Does a Kiddie Pool Weigh?

When filled with water, that kid-size inflatable pool you can get for $25 at Target or Walmart weighs about 3114lbs. And that is a lot of weight; it even weighs more than a compact car. 

Can A Deck Hold a Kiddie Pool?

Can My Deck Hold a Kiddie Pool

This can be a tricky question for parents; you may think that “Okay, it’s just a kid-size pool; it’s not like anything bad will happen”. 

No, a deck cannot hold a kiddie pool; an ordinary deck is designed to carry 100lbs per squat foot, and don’t forget the fact that the weight of the pool will be focused on one area when the water sways from one side if you try this ensure that there is no one below the deck.

It is unsafe and outrageous to put a kiddie pool on a deck. Some decks may have bad furnishing others are rotting from exposure to moisture.

Should You Have a Fence Around A Kiddie Pool?

Very shallow kiddies pool does not need a fence; these pools are used for children below five years. 

A deeper inflatable pool for your toddlers will need a fence; not installing a fence for the safety of your child may end up with you paying a huge fine.

Can You Put an Above Ground Pool on Decking?

Can My Deck Hold a Kiddie Pool

A typical deck will not be able to hold an above ground pool. But you can build an above pool deck that can hold your pool and create space for a grown-up to sit and oversee the younger ones. Put travels under the pools deck, as travels drain water without the gravels decaying.

The above-ground decking may be a lot of tasks for a DIY project and may lead to spending a lot of money, so you should call an expert to help you build one. Ensure that the deck surface is always dry, kids tend to run around, and there is a risk of one of them slipping.

What Can I Put Under a Kiddie Pool?

Generally, all pools need to be kept on a strong and level surface to prevent them from tilting. There are many options to choose from when it comes to what to put under a kiddie pool; some are better than others, some are somewhat expensive.

1. Concrete Pad

Concrete is flat and leveled hence the best surface choice for keeping your kiddie pool. You should place a light buffer between your concrete and the kiddie pool, as the surface of the concrete is abrasive and may scratch your kiddie. 

To get started on your concrete pad, you will need to remove any weed from the premises and raise your selected area slightly higher than the other flat surfaces.

2. Sand

Sand is can also be put under a kid’s pool or is inexpensive and is easy to set up. But sand is not a stable option compared to concrete as it may wash off, keeping the pool off balance.

Remove any sharp object or other debris from the sand before using it to fill up your selected area. This area should be higher than the normal surroundings. Use a rake to make the sand even before putting your pool on top.

3. Carpet

Carpet is another padding that is easy to install and is also inexpensive. Though it is not as thick as sand or concrete, that can be fixed by layering them.

Measure and cut out the required size before using it to cover the selected area.

4. On Your Patio

You can keep your kids inflatable pool on your patio, but you have to be extra careful not to let water get into your house.

5. Solid Foam Pad

A foam pad made from polystyrene can be on your list of options as it offers to cushion for your kid’s pool. They come at various sizes and prices with varying thicknesses. If using a thin foam pad, you may need to double.

6. Pavers

As a concrete slab, pavers offer a firm and leveled ground for your kiddie’s pool, it can be a DIY project, or it can be done by a professional. 

Can you Put a Kiddie Pool on the Grass?

Of course, you can put your kiddies pool on the grass. But the grasses occupying the space where the inflatable pool sits becomes dormant. If you wish to prevent these, then you may want to try keeping your inflatable pool on surfaces just like we have discussed above.

You can also change the position of your kiddie’s inflatable pool from time to time. Revive dormant grasses by exposure to sunlight and by watering them, now the grasses to keep them looking neat.


As much as you want your kids to have a fun-filled summer, you must consider their safety. 

Knowing the weight of a kiddie inflatable pool, you should not consider putting it on a deck for numerous reasons. There are much more suitable, and safer surfaces like sand, concrete, carpets, foam pads; your patio are even an option.

Or you can opt for constructing a deck for an above the ground pool that creates a comfortable environment for the kids and adults. 

You can also ensure that your grasses are healthy while letting your kids have fun; like we previously said, it all comes down to choosing the right spot for your kiddie’s inflatable pool.

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