Cost To Move a Swing Set

Cost To Move a Swing Set (Moving My Swing Set: Is It Worth the Trouble?)

Many things bother you when you are leaving your home to move to a new location. One of them is how you will fit into the new environment; hope you will make friends hope the neighbors are nice and move all my personal effects to the new location.

One of the things you will worry about is how do I move that lovely swing set in my backyard that my kids have grown to love, and how much will it cost me?

The stress and cost of moving a swing set have made much leave behind their swing set when they move, but you shouldn’t, especially if you have had lots of memorable family time there.

Moving My Swing Set: Is It Worth the Trouble?

There are times you might wonder if moving your swing set is worth the hassles because moving them can be quite a daunting task because it entails disassembling the unit, transporting it to the new location and then finally reassembling the set.

To decide “to move or not to move” will depend on:

1. Space to Place Your Swing in Your New Location

No matter how much you want, your swing set moved to your new house. If there is no space to fix them in your backyard, you will be forced to either leave them behind, sell them off, gift them to someone or readjust them to fit your new home.

2. The Condition of the Swing Set

If your swing set has outlived its usefulness, then you might want to think of how to either refurbish it or, better still, leave it behind and buy a new one because there will be no need to move damaged and worn-out sets that you will not get many benefits from.

3. Can You Take Your Swing Set Apart by Yourself

If you can safely take apart your swing set, transport and resemble them in the new location by yourself and maybe with an extra hand or two from family and friends, it then means you will not incur so much cost of moving your swing set (probably the cost of meals for your helpers as a way of saying ‘thank you)

If, however, you must enlist the help of professional movers, you must carefully compare the present value of the swing set against the charges of the movers, and then you can compare if it is worth moving the swing set.

For instance, if a swing set that you bought three back for $500 is to love by professional movers at a charge of $250, your best option will be to either leave the swing set there, move it yourself or give it away.

4. The Emotional Attachment To The Swing Set

Some will move their old worn-out swing set and pay more than double its price to a professional mover to move their set to their new home because of the memory it holds for them. When it comes to things of the heart, logic and what others think does not matter.

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Can You Move A Swing Set Without Taking It Apart?

Cost To Move a Swing Set

Of course, you can move a swing set without dissembling it. But you can only do this for very small sets with very few add-ons that can fit whole into a truck.

The disadvantage is that the swing set will take up a lot of space in the truck that you may not have enough space to pack in other things.

For larger swing sets, it may be difficult, if not impossible, to move them whole because they might not fit into a truck.

It will prove more expensive to use bigger trucks to move them because you will have to pay more for fuel, and you run the risk of damaging the swing as you dismantle, transport, and then fix it again in your new location.

How Easy Is It to Move a Swing Set?

The very factors that got you loving that swing set you want to move now will still determine the ease or difficulty of moving a swing set. The following factors will determine if moving your swing set will be a walk in the park or not.

  1. The size of the swing set: moving a small swing set is a lot easier than a bigger one. For one, the weight of the set will be small, so much so that you can tackle it by yourself or with the help of just another person. Secondly, they might be anchored with a simple ground anchor that does not require any serious effort to unanchored. So, the smaller the size of the swing, the easier it is you move them.
  2. Design. Some swing sets are so complex with many add-ons that just disassembling them is serious work, to say nothing of transporting and then reassembling them again. If the design of your swing is complex and you have a lot of features like slides and the likes attached to it, then get ready for a good day’s job.
  3. Does it have to be disassembled before being moved? For a swing set that can be moved comfortably without taking the different components apart, then you will have a less tasking job to do. Disassembling swing sets can be a difficult task, not because it is grueling, but because you need to work carefully and gently over a period. Hence if you are to move your swing set whole, you have more ease doing so.
  4. Do I have friends and family to help? have you noticed that when you work with friends and family or even people you like, a difficult task just gets done with ease, not just because you gave more helping hands, but also you are doing with people you love and will disagree less with. So, if you have help with moving your swings, then you have more ease doing it.
  5. What time of the day is it: if you start moving your swing on a warm morning when the sun is not so hot, and the weather agrees with you, you will find out that you will finish taking apart your swing set in no time at all.

How Do You Take Apart a Swing Set?

You can take apart a swing set yourself if you can handle the size of the unit and the design is not too complex. But for a very pricy swing set, you might want to enlist the help of a professional because any damage to the set means a lot of cash for fixing it. If you follow the steps below, then you can safely disassemble your swing set:

  1. Start first and foremost with spraying your bolts with a corrosion solvent so that any bolt and nuts that are stuck will easily loosen. After spraying the unit, leave the unit to stay for 45 minutes before attempting to loosen the nuts.
  2. The next thing to do is to unhook the swing from the hinges on the crossbeam.
  3. You then detach the slides, ladders, rings, monkey bars and any other parts from the frame.
  4. Carefully detach the cross beam from the post and fort.
  5. If your swing set is big or complex and other parts can be further disassembled, such as the frame, you can do it as gently as possible. This will make handling and transportation easier.
  6. Lastly, unhook the post from the anchor, and if your set was anchored with concrete, then a sledgehammer should be used to break off the concrete from the post.

How Much Does It Cost to Take Apart a Swing Set?

Most professional movers do not only take apart a swing set, but they also transport and reassemble the swing set. The cost of taking apart the swing set alone will be factored into the whole moving process, of however you want it taken apart only. You can negotiate with the company and probably pay them hourly for work done.

Cost To Move a Swing Set

It is a daunting and time-consuming affair moving a swing set aside the cost implications. However, you can decide to pay a professional to do all the work if you can afford them, or better still, you can do the bit you can if you have the time and then leave the professionals to complete it. The cost of moving a swing set ranges from $100 to $1000 depending on the following factors:

  1. The weight of the swing set will affect the number of people required to dismantle and move the set. The truck size to transport the set, the amount of fuel it will consume, amongst other things, will increase if your swing set is heavy.
  2. The luxury and complexity of the swing set: a simple swing set is easy to handle and will not require special handling or attention, and so it will be cheaper to move. However, if you have a luxurious swing set that is very complex, you will have to pay more for the extra time and effort of carefully moving it. There is also this thing about people who believe you should pay more for services if you can afford to buy something luxurious.
  3. The distance the swing set will be moved: the mileage will determine the amount of gas and road toll that must be paid. Hence the longer the distance, the more the moving cost.
  4. Time: the more time it takes the movers to complete their task will determine how much you will be charged. The shorter the time, the less your bill.
  5. The number of helpers: if you have more people, especially friends and family, helping you, the less the professionals will have to do and the less you will have to pay them.

A simple formula is used to calculate the cost of moving the swing set for short and long distances.

Moving a Swing Set to Short Distances

When you want to move a swing set less than 50 miles from the old location to a new one, then we can call that a short distance move and the cost is calculated like this:

Rate per hour × Number of movers × Number of hours used in accomplishing the task + cost of fuel + cost of parking + services and any other miscellaneous.

On average, it cost an average about $250 to $ 800 for such a short distance.

For longer distances which might be cross country or interstate movement, then the formula is:

Weight × (rate per pound per mile) × distance + (charges for accessorial services) + (optional, full value protection of your shipment) + (package service / and other materials)

How Much Does it Cost to Assemble a Swing Set?

It will cost about $100 to $600 to assemble a swing set, and this depends on all the other factors that affect its costs of movement. The time of the year will also affect how much you get charged for assembling your playset. You should expect to pay more during peak seasons and national holidays than other days.

How Expensive is a Swing Set?

Swing sets vary from very simple A-frame with 2 or 3 swings to very complex structures that could have many add-ons like slides, climbing walls, decks, gliders, you name it. Some simple swing sets are as low as $100, while others go for as much as $10,000. The price of a swing is a function of its size, design, number of add-ons and the material used in making them.

Is it cheaper to build a swing?

The answer is yes. There are many DIY (do it yourself) kits that you can buy online to save you some dollars. Making your own swing set is a good idea because you can make a quality set at a reduced cost, customize the settings to suit your family, thus giving it that personal touch that can endear things to our hearts.


If you are thinking of moving your swing set to a new location, ensure that the set is in good condition and that your new location is big enough to take the swing.

You can go the job yourself if you feel up to it, or you can enlist the help of a professional who might charge you anything from $100 upwards to do the job.

By and large, swing sets bring a lot of joy not only to kids but also to the whole family, and so the cost of moving them, we believe, is worth every cent of it.

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