Razor Pogo Stick Review

Razor Pogo Stick Review – Top 5 Best Pogo Sticks 2021 (Youth and Adult)

Using a pogo stick can be fun, and these days not only do kids use pogo sticks, teens and adults also enjoy the fun they bring. 

Pogo sticks also have physical and mental health benefits that can apply to both kids and adults.

Jumping very high and performing tricks on a pogo stick can be quite a rush; that is why we will recommend the top 5 best pogo sticks for teens and adults with a high weight capacity and can deliver the amount of in that you are looking for.

Are Pogo Sticks Bad For You?

Pogo sticks can be a menace to kids if not handled appropriately. In 2010, 120 children were reported to have sustained injuries caused by pogo sticks in the United States.

Pogo sticks are also dangerous to those who are not fully educated on stunts and tricks but attempt to try them. Basic steps should be mastered before moving on to pogo stick stunts; failure might lead to severe injuries.

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Is a Pogo Stick Good Exercise?

Razor Pogo Stick Review

While it has many benefits, a pogo stick is best known for its physical impact on the body, even though there has been some disagreement on whether a pogo stick aids weight loss or not.

You can burn up to 600 calories bouncing on a pogo stick; higher jumps can help you burn even more calories. And for people who want to strengthen their back, a pogo stick is the right equipment to get the job done. It also makes your calves (leg muscles) firmer and free of fat.

Using a pogo stick is a form of cardio exercise; although it may not provide the results that a full cardio exercise will, it does a little work on your body.

Are Pogo Sticks Easy To Learn?

It is, in fact, very easy to learn how to use a pogo stick. It can take only 1 to 2 days to learn the basics of using a pogo stick, including bouncing without stunts or tricks. Here are the basic skills required when using a pogo stick.

  1. You should inspect your pogo stick for any fault before using it. Tighten bolts or replace worn out parts.
  2. Before using a pogo stick, be informed about the weight capacity of that pogo stick and if it can carry your weight.
  3. Wear your safety gear to prevent injuries after a fall
  4. To get your balance on a pogo stick, place one foot on one side of your pogo stick, and then place your other foot on the other side of your pogo stick.
  5. Start bouncing immediately; you have both of your feet on your pogo stick and remember always to use a pogo stick on an even land surface.
  6. For beginners, please do not put all your weight in one foot or bump very high; it may cause you to fall. Tricks and stunts should not be attempted if you are a beginner.

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What Age Is Appropriate For A Pogo Stick?

Razor Pogo Stick Review

A pogo stick can be used by toddlers as young as three years old, although for 3-year-olds, there are different models suitable for them. Toddlers pogo stick has a wide base and is covered with pads to ensure maximum safety.

Teenagers and adults can also use Pogo sticks as long as the right size with the right weight capacity is purchased. Adult pogo sticks are made with stronger materials to support their weight.

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Razor Pogo Stick Review

The GoGo pogo stick by Razor is a durable pogo stick made of aluminium metal covered with foam in some parts. 

This pogo stick weighs 5 pounds, and has a weight limit of 143 pounds and can be used by kids six years or older.

This pogo stick can be folded, which makes it great in portability; its foot West is also padded with foam which is great for comfort and safety.

But some customers complained that the handle is stiff when newly purchased, but with time the handle will become easier to use.

What Should You Look For When Buying A Pogo Stick?

There are some factors to note when buying a pogo stick; we will briefly explain some of these factors.

1. Size 

Before buying a pogo stick, you will want to check if it is the best size. An adult-sized pogo stick is 51 to 56 inches long and should be parallel to your lips when in use.

2. Weight Capacity

This is an important factor to note as using a pogo stick with a weight capacity below yours will lead to the pogo stick-breaking down and getting damaged. So it’s important to check if your weight falls within the weight limit of a pogo stick.

3. Materials

Most pogo sticks are made of aluminium which is the best choice since it is lightweight and tough. Other kinds of metals can be used, as well as heavy-duty plastic.

4. Handles

Quality pogo sticks have handles that are covered with foam. This foam makes the handle of the pogo stick more comfortable and safer to use; it also makes your handle slip-free, which is perfect for use.

5. Portability 

Some pogo sticks can be folded. This can be a good thing in terms of easy transportation, but it can be bad for users who intend to use a pogo stick for stunts and tricks as these features may get in the way.

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Top 5 Best Pogo Sticks 2021

Here are the top 5 best pogo sticks for adults to have a fun time with.

1. Vurtego V4 pogo stick

Razor Pogo Stick Review

This pogo stick comes in three different sizes, small, medium and large; they are all available for users to pick from. They were formerly made with traditional springs but have been replaced with air springs to better bounce.

This pogo stick has a weight limit of 80lbs to 300lbs, which is perfect for teenagers and adults. The only downside to the vurtego V4 pogo stick is that it is expensive.

2. NSG flight premium performance pogo stick

Razor Pogo Stick Review

This pogo stick is suitable for causal jumpers and for people who want to go pro on pogo sticks. It is made of industrial steel and rubber, has a height of 41 inches, and weighs 6lbs. It has a weight limit of 80lbs to 180lbs, making it perfect for adults to use.

The NSG flight premium performance offers a very high jump compared to the normal pogo sticks.

3. Flybar super pogo

Razor Pogo Stick Review

The flybar super pogo is made up of aluminium and heavy-duty plastic, and rubber. It is powered by a tough spring and has a weight capacity of 180lbs to 210lbs.

This pogo stick is cheaper than upgrading the flybar super pogo 2, but it still offers the same high jump as the fly at super pogo two. It is suitable for adults as it has a high weight capacity and is made of quality materials.

4. Flybar velocity pro pogo stick

Razor Pogo Stick Review

Flybar is well known when it comes to sporting equipment. This pogo stick comes in three different sizes, small, medium, and large. It weighs 11lbs and is 44 inches long; it has a weight capacity of 80lbs to 180lbs.

The flybar velocity pro pogo stick offers a great grip that brings comfort with its foam-padded handle and padded foam footrest.

5. Think Gizmos pogo stick

Razor Pogo Stick Review

This spring-powered pogo stick has a length of 41 inches and a weight capacity of 90lbs to 160lbs, making it suitable for adult use. 

It also has a well-padded handle with foam, and unlike the other pogo sticks, it thinks gizmos is cheaper.

The only downside to using this pogo stick is that some users complained about its small footrest and how uncomfortable it makes them feel.

What Pogo Stick Do Pros Use?

If you see yourself using a pogo stick like a professional, you will want to know the pogo stick that other pros use. 

The vurtego V4 pogo stick is the best pogo stick for jumping professionals. This pogo stick has helped experts break Guinness records and has helped them jump very high.

This pogo stick is the most advanced and also the best in the market. It has adjustable air springs, which makes it flexible. It also has a very high weight capacity that can carry almost anybody.

Conclusion: Razor Pogo Stick Review

Pogo sticks are not only limited to kids use but can also be used by adults. It isn’t easy to get a quality pogo stick with a high weight capacity and meets all the necessary standards. We have recommended the top 5 pogo sticks for adults that can hold up almost anyone.

If you want to use a pogo stick like a professional, we have covered the best and most advanced pogo stick that will help you pull stunts and tricks safely. With these recommendations, you can have a fun and healthy time with a pogo stick.

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