Repair a Tear In A Bounce House

How Do You Repair a Tear In A Bounce House? (5 Easy Steps)

If you own a bounce house, a tear on it is inevitable. You may feel down because you must end your fun session, and don’t throw your bounce house away just because of a tear; it’s not the end of the world.

Instead, you should get your kit and fix the tear up like a pro; if you are worried about the time needed to patch up your bounce house, do not because fixing a tear can be done within minutes. This article provides you with a simple guide on how to repair a tear in a bounce house.

Are Bounce Houses Supposed to Leak Air?

The normal working mechanism of a bounce house requires air to leak constantly, so it’s normal for a bounce to leak air. 

A bounce house leaks air just as the blower inflates it, so there is a balance between inflating and leaking; that is why your bounce house will quickly deflate when your blower is turned off.

However, there should not be a tear in your bounce house. A tear in a bounce house may interfere with the balance between inflation and leaking, which may cause your bounce house to deflate.

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How Do You Find a Leak in A Bounce House?

There are four ways to find out if you’re your bounce house has an obvious leak. 

  1. Listen for air escaping
  2. Feel around the bounce house for any leak
  3. Immerse in water
  4. Coat your bounce house with soaps water and check for bubbles 

Your environment is not suitable and quiet enough for you to hear a leak, but if it is quiet, go ahead and listen for a leak. 

You could take your small bounce house into your garage for inspection as it will be quieter than in your backyard. Big leaks will easily reveal themselves when listening, while small leaks require you to try another method.

If you are going around your bounce house to detect a leak, you may want to do this in an area with no wind to complicate the process; your garage is yet another great option. This method is stressful but also effective for people with patience.

Submerging your bounce house in water is not the best option; this method can only work for a small bounce house and not a large one. 

The leaks form bubbles when submerged in water; proper cleaning of your bounce house is required after this method. 

Coating your bounce house with soap water is a better option for a bigger bounce house that cannot be immersed in water. You will need to go around your bounce house with a spray bottle at hand that contains the soap water. 

After coating your bounce house with soap water, bubbles form, indicating a leak. You will want this bubble to last for a long time so that your leak can be identified, so it is advisable to use detergent instead of soap detergent to lower the surface tension of water. You should also add glycerin which is also helpful for maintaining the bubbles.

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Can Bouncy Castles Be Repaired?

A tear on a bounce house does not mean it’s useless and should be discarded; like most materials, a bounce house can easily be fixed when it sustains damage.

You can perform a DIY project to fix a minor tear on your bounce house, but for a major tear, you may need to contact your inflatable company for a proper fix. Nonetheless, your bounce house can still be fixed, so don’t toss it out.

How Do You Repair a Tear In A Bounce House? (5 Easy Steps)

Repair a Tear In A Bounce House

When it comes to fixing a tear in a bounce, your first consult is duct tape; duct tape solves everything, right? Well, yes and no. 

Duct tape can fix the tear in your bounce house, but it’s a temporary solution because kids bounce on your inflatable, and the constant movement will cause the abrasion on your duct tape to wear out. So, no, you cannot use duct tape to fix your inflatable.

A vinyl tape is another choice, but the best and long-lasting solution for your bounce house is a vinyl patch kit. They can be found on most online shopping platforms for a cheap price. Follow the steps below to use a vinyl kit for your bounce house.

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Step 1: Mark the leak spot and deflate your bounce house

Using a marker, make a mark on the leak spot; the mark should be such that it can be identified easily. 

Turn off your blower and allow the air to leak out of your bounce house; deflating the bounce house is a crucial step towards patching a leak in your bounce house.

Step 2: Clean your leak area. 

Earlier, we suggested using soap water or submerging your bounce house in water to detect a leak; if you used any of these methods l, be sure to clean off the water surrounding your leak spot. 

For those who didn’t employ any of the methods that have to do with water, you should still clean your leak spot to get dirt and mud out of the way.

Step 3: Flatten your leak spot.

Gently use your palm to smooth out your leak area; this will help to ensure that the patch properly covers every surface surrounding your leak hole.

Step 4: Using your vinyl patch kit

Cut your patch into a circular shape and in a size that covers your leak hole and some other surrounding areas. Apply your vinyl cement glue to the area around your home, and apply your vinyl cement glue to your patch.

Step 5: Finishing process

Carefully put your patch on the marked area, using your hands to press it down, applying a mild pressure, ensure that your patch covers every marked surface or surroundings of your leak. 

After this, allow the glue to dry; this should take 3 to 7 minutes. Taa-da, you have successfully fixed a tear in your bounce house.

How Do You Fix a Hole in A Jumping Castle?

To fix a hole in your jumping castle, you will need to mark out the hole. A smaller hole may be more difficult to detect, but a soap solution will make detecting a small hole easy.

Using vinyl glue, glue your patch to the hole and allow it to dry up for a few minutes. Be sure that your patch is properly glued to the hole.

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How Long Does a Bounce House Last?

A retail bounce house is small and cheaper; with proper maintenance, a retail bounce house will last up to two years. A large commercial bounce house that can be given out for rentals can be used for four to six years.

How long your bounce house will last depends on how many people are using the bounce house, how often you clean your bounce house, and how often you use your bounce house.


It turns out that the hole in your bounce house can be fixed. Using any of the above techniques, you can spot a hole or tear on your bounce house.

The best fix for your inflatable bounce house is a vinyl kit that contains vinyl glue and a patch. Sure, you can consider using duct tape or gorilla, but they are temporary fixes and won’ provide a permanent solution, but they won’t last long. Proper maintenance like periodic cleaning and inspection will make your bounce house last longer.

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