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Corn Hole Guide: Dimension & Backyard Bags Distance

Cornhole is a great American pastime that is gradually creeping into the mainstream form of entertainment not just in America but in most parts of the globe. This is because it is a fun game that is easy to play and delightful to watch among both the young and old.

To play the game of cornhole, be it for just fun like tailgating, at the beach, or for serious competitions like a tournament, you must ensure that you get the right equipment and dimensions and follow the laid out guidelines that govern the game. They’re all guidelines that govern every aspect of the game, and today we will let you in on them.

The Cornhole Equipment

The game of cornhole is played with 2 main equipment: the Cornhole bags and boards. There are 2 Cornhole boards for playing the game, and each player gets 4 Cornhole bags, all colored differently from those of the other players.

Dimension & Backyard Bags Distance

If you are looking to construct your Cornhole equipment and you are wondering what the standard measurement is, you don’t have any worries; the measurement is just below:

The Official Cornhole Board Dimension

The official Cornhole board is constructed with would, and the dimension is as follows:

  • The Cornhole board size should be 47 inches long and 24 inches wide.
  • The diameter of the board should be 6 inches.
  • The cornhole, the player’s target on the board, should be centered 12 inches from each side of the board and 9 inches from the top.
  • From the top of the board to its bottom, the front edge should measure between 2.5 to 4 inches.
  • The measurement of the back edge of the Cornhole board from the ground should be 12 inches.

You must also ensure that there are no splinters or blemishes on the surface of the Cornhole board that can cause any impediments in the course of play.

The Official Cornhole Bag Requirements

Corn Hole Guide

Below are the standard measurements for Cornhole bags:

  • The standard Cornhole bag is 6inches long and 6 inches wide tool.
  • The weight of the cornhole bag should be in the neighborhood of 15 ounces.
  • The material of make is usually duck canvas, and 2 pieces of this duck canvas are sewed together with a quarter of an inch double stitched seam.
  • The bag is filled with 2 cups of dried corn or other acceptable pellets.

The Official Cornhole Court

The game of cornhole, which is played on a court, can be set up almost anywhere in as much these rules with regards to size and design are applied:

  • To play the game of cornhole, you require a rectangular area that is 45 feet long and 10 feet wide.
  • If you are setting up your cornhole court indoors, you must allow for at least 12 feet of vertical clearance.
  • You must ensure that the cornhole court is level.
  • The aspect of the court should be aligned easily to the West to reduce the sun’s effect.
  • Before starting play, all the players must check to see that the cornhole court is free from anything that can obstruct play because once the game starts, no changes can be made to the court.

Parallel to each of the Cornhole boards is a pitcher’s box, and it extends 3 feet from either side of the board. The player must always remain in the same box for the entire inning, and it must be ensured that all pitches are made from the pitcher box.

The standard regulation distance of 27 feet should be between the front edge of one Cornhole board and another.

For junior play, the foul line will be a distance of 21 feet from the front edge of one cornhole to the front edge of the opposite board, while for adult play, a distance of 27 feet should be maintained from the front edge of one cornhole to the front edge of the opposite board.

The Standard Cornhole Rules and Gameplay

The game of play can be played as a single or doubles match, and this must be agreed upon by the players before the commencement of the game.

For the singles match, one player competes with another player, and both players toss their Cornhole bags from the same board; after each inning, the competitors switch the boards to aim at the other target.

Two teammates compete against another team of 2 players in the doubles match. A player from each team throws from the same platform, while the remaining person from each team tosses on the second board.

At the end of each inning, they also switch the board and toss from a different one. Every cornhole game is divided into innings.

For the singles play, the 2 competitors pitch 4 bags each from the same board in alternating order, and when their 8 cornhole bags have been all tossed, the inning is completed. But in the doubles play, a player from each team tosses 4 bags each from the same board alternatively, making it 8 bags.

The other 2 competitors toss their bags in the same way but on the second board when the first competitors have finished tossing theirs. The inning is complete when the 4 players have all tossed 4 cornhole bags each, making it 16 bags tossed.

Each Cornhole board has 2 pitcher’s boxes, and a player can throw from any side of the board, but they must not leave the same pitcher’s box for the entire inning; they can, however, switch to the other pitcher’s box at the start of the next inning if they want to.

The moment a player enters the pitcher’s box, he has just 20 seconds to throw the bag, and they must throw with the same hand for the entire duration of the match or tournament.

Cornhole Pitching Order

For the game of cornhole, the first player to make a toss is the winner of the preceding inning, that is, the person who got the highest points in the previous inning, but if no one scored in that previous inning, the player who pitched second in the previous inning then takes the first throw.

For doubles play, the same rule still applies, and the person who is not throwing the cornhole bag must not create or be an obstruction for the player that is tossing the bag; hence they must be at least 2 feet away from the person taking the toss.

Fouls In The Game

When a foul is committed in the course of playing the game of cornhole, then the bag that is tossed is removed from the course before continuing the matches. The actions below are what constitutes fouls in the game:

1. A player crossing the foul line while pitching.

2. A player stepping outside the pitcher’s box after they must have entered it to make a throw.

3. When a player switches pitcher’s box before the end of an inning.

4. When a player refuses to toss their cornhole bag after 20 seconds of entering the pitcher’s box.

5. It is also a foul if a player drops the bag after the pitch’s swing has started.

How Points Are Scored In The Game

This is how points are awarded in the game of Cornhole

3 points are awarded for a hole-in toss. This is when a player tosses a bag and passes through the hole on the Cornhole board. This point is awarded if the bag just slid into the hole, was knocked into the hole by another pack, or just tossed into the pit straight.

If any bags land on the board, one point is awarded but dies not to slide through into the hole. The bag must not have touched the ground or any part of the court before landing on the board for this point to be earned.

No point is given if the bag gets tossed and then rests outside the board, and if the bag touches the ground before landing on the board, the bag is taken off the board before the game resumes because it is considered a foul.

The game of cornhole is won by the player or team that scores a total of 21 points. It is also possible to win a game via “a skunk.” A team scores 7 or more points before the opponent has scored any point.

A match cannot end in the middle of an inning even if a player or team has scored 21 points; the game must continue till the end of the inning. 

If there is a tie at the end of an inning in which the 2 players or teams have 21 points each, then the game must continue until a winner emerges.

Cancellation Scoring In Cornhole

There are times when points in the game cancel out; one of such times is if a player scores 2 hole-ins and the other player scores 1 hole-in, the first hole-in of the first player cancels the hole-in of the second player, which leaves the first player with 3 points from the uncanceled hole-in, while the second players get no issues because the first player canceled out their hole-in


Cornhole is an interesting game that is taking the world by; it is becoming more popular because it is interesting and easy to play.

If you want to play this game for fun among friends or in professional matches and tournaments, be sure to follow the standards that govern every aspect of the game.

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