How Best to Hang Gas String Trimmer Storage

How Best to Hang Gas String Trimmer Storage: Vertical vs. Horizontal

A string trimmer, otherwise called a weed eater, is a very important tool in the arsenal of a lawn owner and is designed to cut grasses and weeds, especially in locations that a lawnmower cannot easily access is one of its unique selling points.

Since you might not be using your string trimmer, especially during winter, it becomes very important that you store this unit well to continue doing its job effectively and have a prolonged useful life.

We will like to state outright that the string trimmer model determines the best position to store them, but hanging it vertically is ideal for a gas string trimmer.

The Uniqueness Of Gas String Trimmers

The question of how to store your string trimmer, which is very useful lawn equipment, be it vertically or horizontally, might sound a little trivial. Still, it is a tricky question because the position you store them will determine if they will deliver on their promise. The string trimmer you have will determine the best way to hang them.

There are 3 main types of string trimmer, and they are :

1. The cordless string trimmer

These are those string trimmers powered by a battery to function; they use the chemical energy supplied by the battery to move the device. This is a very easy device to store.

2. The electric string Trimmer

These are string trimmers powered by electrical energy from a power source through a cord. This is a very effective string trimmer whose only limitation is that the cord will limit the area of the lawn your device can get to.

3. The gas string Trimmer

This type of string trimmer uses gasoline to drive the device around the lawn; this unit possesses the greatest stress in terms of storage.

The debate on the best way to store a string trimmer has been raging for a while. At the same time, all the parties believe that string trimmers are awkwardly shaped and that leaving them lying on the garage floor will mean taking up a lot of space, but they hold divergent views on how to hang them vertically horizontally.

The question of how you store your electric string trimmer is a question of preference, but when you are dealing with a gas string trimmer, we will say that hanging it VERTICALLY is your best bet because of how unique the unit is. A string trimmer uses gas means you will have to be careful while storing it to prevent damage to the unit.

How Best to Hang Gas String Trimmer Storage

How Best to Hang Gas String Trimmer Storage

The best way to hang your gas string trimmer is vertical because of the following reasons:

1. It Prevents the Fuel and Oil From Leaking

Leaking gas or oil is a super common issue with storing trimmers horizontally; what happens is that the engine hangs down instead of up.

This might not look like an issue in the present. Still, if the string trimmer is left hanging horizontally, then the oil and gas will leak, especially if your unit is a four-stroke trimmer that has its gas stored separately from the oil; this means that you will cause your gas string trimmer and the garage or shed floor to get messed up with oil and gas which means you will have a lot of cleaning to do in getting rid of the mess.

2. It Is The Best Position

Storing your gas trimmer ensures that all the other parts of the device, especially the very delicate parts like the guard, spool, and line cutter, which are all fairly fragile, are protected from the pressure from lying horizontally or on the ground so that they don’t damage in the course of storage.

3. Maintenance

Keeping the trimmer off the ground helps prevent the buildup of dust and dirt in the string trimmer, which could affect its functionality. It is easy to reach out and get the unit if it is hung vertically.

4. Wasted Space

If you are many people who do not have a lot of space in their garage, basement, or shed, then you will have to be careful how to store your string trimmer so that it doesn’t take up space, especially if you remember that you can’t stack anything on it. Once you can get the right design, you can save a lot of space by hanging your string trimmer vertically.

Best Way to Clean And Store a Gas String Trimmer

Before you hang your gas string trimmer, especially for winter, you must inspect and clean all the parts of the device so that when you are ready to use it, you will have a ready-to-use string trimmer that will not give you any hassles.

1. Remove The Gas From The String Trimmer

While storing your gas string trimmer, the first thing you must remember is to remove the fuel to ensure that you don’t leak while the unit is in storage. Secondly, gasoline deteriorates after six months, except it is stabilized. Instead of wasting the gas by pouring it away, empty it into a container and use it on another appliance that uses gas.

2. Clear The Gas From The Carburetor

Also, remember to remove all the remaining gas from the carburetor of your gas string trimmer before you store it; small traces of the gasoline, if left in the carburetor, can deteriorate and cause blockages.

You can save yourself the rigor of manually removing the gas from the carburetor by simply emptying the tank and firing up the appliances; this will cause the remaining gasoline to burn away.

The next thing to do is to clean the gas string trimmer thoroughly to keep it clean and to ensure that you remove any gas and oil that might be hiding in the nooks and crannies of the appliance. You should do this first by removing the plastic casing of the string trimmer to get it tidy.

3. Clean The Air Filter

Next, you should remember to clean the air filter, which is usually tucked neatly in a box at the back of the gas string trimmer before storing it, but if your model doesn’t have the air filter at the back, then refer to your manufacturer’s manual to find out where it is attached.

To clean the air filter, you have to unscrew the screw to the box to get to it, then use a toothbrush to gently remove any dust it debris collected on the air filter. Use a little petrol or acetone to wash it and then air dry it. Carefully reinstall it back to the string trimmer.

The air filter serves to protect the engine, and so it must be cleaned properly, at least once every 5 times you use the gas string trimmer. This is especially important because if you are not using the device for long, a lot of dust can collect on the air filter and cause it to become clogged while it is stored.

4. Check For Gas Leak In The Fuel Filter

Also, check the fuel filters and lines for any sign of a gasoline leak so that you can fix the problem, but you will have to dismantle the unit to do this check.

Since your device is dismantled, you might as well check other parts of the device to ensure that they are clean and functioning well. You should wipe clean the shaft and the handle to get rid of any debris, grass clippings, or tiny rocks that may be stuck around the string and the tool head.

5. The String Spool

The next component of the string trimmer to inspect is the string spool, and the idea is to check if there are knots or twists in the string, and if there are, then try to remove the knots and untwist the twists if possible, but your best bet is to replace the string.

6. The Driveshaft, Screw, And Bolt

It is an excellent idea to detach the drive shaft so that you can lubricate it using a very good lubricant like WD-40; this is to ensure that too much friction does not keep it from functioning optimally.

Ensure that you tighten all the bolts and screws because some of them could have become loose in using the gas string trimmer.

It is also good practice to coat all the external parts of your gas string trimmer with engine oil, especially if it has been in use for a long time. This will protect it from rusting in storage and even after.

After all this, you can use a nail hook where you will hang your gas string trimmer vertically.

How To Store A Cordless String Trimmer

Cordless string trimmers do not have many storage issues because they do not have a fuel tank that might leak. You have to remove the battery and keep it separately in a cool, dry, and safe place to store this unit. Afterward, hang them however you want, vertically or horizontally, on a hook or placed on a practical shelf in your shed or garage.

How to Store an Electric String Trimmer

Storing an electric string trimmer like a Makita electric weed eater is much like how you store the cordless counterpart.

All you have to do is clean up all the parts of the device and then have the cord wrapped around the length of the trimmer and then hang it however you want to.

String Trimmer Storage Solutions

Here are a few solutions for hanging your string trimmers, be they gas, cordless or electric models:

1. Brackets and Hooks

Hanging a string trimmer in a shed or garage can be easily done with a simple plywood bracket installed on the wall. All you have to do is to measure the height where you will hammer in the bracket.

Ensure that it is high enough that the string trimmer does not touch the floor and that you can store some other stuff beneath. Then fix two hooks into the wall where you will the string trimmer.

2. Shelving Racks

This is another great alternative for hanging your string trimmer; you can get a handyperson to fix it if you can’t fix it yourself.

You can buy a shelving rack in a local hardware store, or you can make one yourself, and all you have to do is make a custom slotted rack or shelves using plywood, and then you create holes in them to secure them. You can use it to hang your string trimmer and other gardening or household tools.


Since gas string trimmers are a common tool to have in your lawn arsenal, you must understand the best way to hang it when you are storing it so that you don’t cause an oil it gas leak while the unit is in storage. Secondly, it will ensure that the fragile parts of the string trimmer are not affected.

While it is pertinent you store your gas string trimmer properly, it is more important that you clean up every part of the device and ensure they are working perfectly before you store them away, especially in the winter.

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