Who Makes Ryobi String Trimmers

Who Makes Ryobi String Trimmers (Where are Ryobi String Trimmers made?)

Ryobi string trimmer is an amazing lawn tool that provides a neat edge to any lawn. This tool gets a lot of positive reviews from users in terms of price, ease of use, and durability.

You may like to know who makes Ryobi string trimmers; this may be because you want to explore other products by this brand or because you want to contact customer service.

We have provided every information and detail you need to know about Ryobi string trimmers and the brand behind the production. We have also provided details on the types of Ryobi string trimmers and their features.

Who Makes Ryobi String Trimmers?

Techtronic Industries of Hong Kong is the company that manufactures all Ryobi tools, including the Ryobi string trimmer. 

The company was established in Japan in 1943 and was previously known as Ryobi Seisakusho, but Techtronics industries now own it. 

They are responsible for manufacturing tools and other hardware. They have companies spread out around the globe; some of these locations include Shelbyville and Indiana. 

Types of Ryobi Weed Eaters

There are various Ryobi string trimmers, each with its key features. Each tool differs in the year of production and upgrades made; here are the types of Ryobi string trimmers.

18V ONE+ HP Brushless String Trimmer/Edger Kit

Who Makes Ryobi String Trimmers

This Ryobi string trimmer model is an upgrade from the regular model. It utilizes lithium-ion to provide more power to the trimmer; the shaft also twists easily to switch to edging mode. 

Ryobi ZRP2002 ONE plus 18v String Trimmer

Who Makes Ryobi String Trimmers

This environmentally friendly feeder has a telescopic shaft that makes maneuvering easy. This string trimmer is also suitable for trimming grasses close to obstacles like rocks and outdoor furniture. 

One notable feature about this trimmer is that it does not run out of fuel easily, which can help you complete your work in just one go. 

The only drawback to using this trimmer is that it doesn’t have a battery or charger. These accessories need not be bought separately.

Ryobi RY26520 String Trimmer

Who Makes Ryobi String Trimmers

This Ryobi string trimmer model is powered by gas and can hold up to 9 ounces of fuel. This makes it suitable for heavy-duty jobs that cover a large space. 

This model is durable and has a 1 hp engine coupled with two-piston rings for more efficiency and better performance.

This trimmer has some unique features as it can be used as a brush cutter, an edger, blower, pruner, and shaft trimmer. 

The only con of using this model is that it can be tiring when used for a long time due to its heavyweight. This can be used by individuals who own lawn businesses.

Ryobi ZR51930 17 Inches Curved Shaft String Trimmer

Who Makes Ryobi String Trimmers

The handle on this 17” model of Ryobi trimmer has padding making it easier and comfortable to use; this feature is essential when working outdoor for a long time to prevent cramps and blisters. 

For more balance and less vibration, this model uses a heavier ball bearing; this weed trimmer may be a little bit heavier than the other models.

The curved shaft of this 17” Ryobi trimmer makes it easier and more comfortable to use this tool. You can change the trimmer and replace it with other attachments to help you perform more than one task. This change is possible because the split shaft coupler design allows you to utilize multiple heads.

Buying Guide for Ryobi String Trimmers

There are some vital factors to consider before choosing a model of Ryobi string trimmers. These factors are dependent on the size of your yard, your budget, and the type of work needed to be done.

1. Source of power

Ryobi string timers can be powered by gas, electricity, or battery; it depends on the model. Studies have shown that grass trimmers powered by these three sources cut grasses with accuracy.

A battery-powered trimmer is excellent for working on about ½ acres. In contrast, an electric-powered trimmer can cover about ¼ acres, which is smaller than a battery trimmer. A gas-powered trimmer can cover any space; this model is suitable for large yards.

2. Shape of trimmer

Straight Ryobi trimmers are usually long and will help you cover more space; however, curved shaft Ryobi trimmers are short but allow you to work between obstacles and small spaces. A straight shaft will enable you to cover a lot of space with just a few steps.

3. Safety feature

Trimmers can displace debris when working, and this debris can be dangerous when aimed at a person at high speed. Most trimmers come with a child that deflects this debris; this is a crucial feature to consider when buying a Ryobi trimmer as safety is important.

4. Type of Grass Involved

The type of grass being cut off is important. Stubborn and tough grasses will require more power than the normal grade; they require the normal amount of power. 

Some trimmers may be suitable to work on both types of grasses; you can get this information by reading the product description for this tool.

5. Additional Features

Some Ryobi string trimmers allow you to use multiple heads at a go. This feature will sometimes save any user a lot of stress and help in multitasking; these additional heads are not included in the package but will have to be bought in the market.


Techtronics manufacture Ryobi string trimmers, but Seisakusho previously owned it. Ryobi string trimmers are weeders known for their efficiency and their detachable heads. 

We have provided a detailed buying guide on what to consider before purchasing Ryobi string trimmers and the types of Ryobi string trimmers with all their key features. 

You must consider the safety feature of the feeder, the source of power, and the type of grass involved. Considering all these features will allow you to get the best out of your Ryobi string trimmer.

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