How to Kill Dandelions But Not Grass

How Do You Kill Dandelions But Not Grass Naturally?

Dandelions are nice and lovely flowers that can easily be grown in your yard. And while they are lovely, they can be a problem when they start growing amongst your lawn, But how do you kill dandelions but not grass naturally?

Some methods can be used to kill dandelions grown in your lawn without harming your grasses. These methods are easy to carry out, and they take up time.

We have explained in detail how to kill dandelions without actually harming your grass; we have also looked at some methods of killing dandelions that are ineffective.

Why Does Dandelion Grow in Your Yard?

Dandelions are not picky flowers and will grow under normal conditions. They are also easy to disperse, so their seed can easily get to your lawn. 

When dandelions dry up, they become a ball of tiny white hairs that the wind can easily carry. Each of these white hair holds a seed that can be displayed on your lawn.

If you have a healthy lawn grown in moist and fertilized soil, you are prone to dandelions growing among your grasses.

How Do You Kill Dandelions But Not Grass Naturally?

 Kill Dandelions

There are two basic ways to get rid of dandelions without hurting your grasses. The first method involves manually pulling out the dandelions and the second method includes the use of herbicides.

1. Pulling out Dandelions by Hand

Pulling out dandelions is the most effective way to get rid of them without harming your grass naturally. This method is best carried out between early spring and early fall, preventing more weeds from sprouting up.

It is advised that you pull out the whole plant instead of just the head to prevent the flower from growing back.

The following steps should help you pull out dandelions without stress In a short time.

  1. Water the soil to make removal easier. Pulling out dandelions in dry soil is difficult and will not completely pull out the plant.
  2. Use a weeding tool like a trowel or knife to cut through the soil.
  3. Twist the weeding tool to loosen the soul and free the root
  4. Use the ground as support, then pull up the dandelion, take up the roots, and other base leaves.
  5. Try to lift the dandelion well in a way that pulls out the root as well.
  6. If the dandelion doesn’t come off at once, you can use the weeding tool to pull it out properly. This is done by wiggling the weeder.

A lot of homeowners may choose to pull out dandelions using their hands. While it may pull out the dandelion, part of the root may remain, and this will cause the dandelion to regrow.

2. Using a Dandelion Puller or a Weeder

Like hand pulling, using dandelion pullers or a feeder completely rips the plant from its root. The difference is these tools don’t allow you to get your hands dirty, unlike when pulling with your hands; in some cases, you don’t need to bend to get the job done.

A reader consists of a sharp blade driven underground and twisted with some support to pull out the whole plant, including its root.

3. Using vinegar

Vinegar is another natural technique for killing dandelions without handling your grass. This should also be done on a none rainy day to make the vinegar more effective.

For this procedure, you will need the following materials

  1. 1 tbsp of vinegar
  2. 1 tbsp of dish soap
  3. 1 cup of lemon juice

The lemon juice is used as a solvent and is optional, water can be used as a solvent, but the addition of lemon juice makes the mixture stronger and more effective.

  1. Mix your ingredients and pour in into a spray bottle. The addition of dish soap to this solution allows the mixture to stick to the plant.
  2. Using your spray bottle, spray this solution on the plant.
  3. The solution should be applied if the dandelions do not wither after 3 hours.
  4. You should also apply vinegar to the roots of your plants because vinegar on the plant alone won’t get the job done. The acetic acid in the vinegar does a great job of killing the roots.

4. Use Boiling Water

This procedure is straightforward as it involves freshly boiled water. Pour boiled water on the dandelions to kill them, including its root. You may not need to uproot the plant later on as the root is also killed in the process.

5. Using a Burner Torch

A burner torch can be seen as a mini flame thrower that can be used to exterminate dandelions. This procedure is straightforward, but you have to be careful when using a burner torch to prevent burning your lawn. This method may leave ashes on your lawn, making it look unpleasant.

6. Buy a Rabbit

Animals like rabbits and tortoises enjoy eating dandelions. This is a natural and the easiest way of getting rid of dandelions. Rabbits also eat up other weeds growing on your lawn.

7. Using Alcohol 

You can use alcohol that can be gotten from a drug store to kill dandelions without damaging your grass. 

This method will require you to rub the leaves of dandelions with alcohol and pour a very small amount of this liquid on the roots of this plant.

Alcohol contains isopropyl that sucks out the moisture from plant leaves and roots when applied. This method is best used on a sunny and less windy day for more effectiveness; you should also use it when it’s not raining to prevent the alcohol from spreading to your grasses.

How to Prevent Dandelions from Growing in Your yard

Sometimes the best solution is to prepare for this problem beforehand. The tools and materials required for these procedures can easily be found in your yard or purchased in a local store close to you.

1. Using Corn Gluten Meal

After spring, dandelions begin to dry up, and when they dry up, they form a ball of white hairs. These hairs carry seeds, and when dispersed by the wind, these seeds are planted. To prevent these seeds from germinating, spread corn gluten meal on your lawn as they kill the seeds.

2. Maintaining a Healthy Lawn

Believe it or not, a healthy lawn is one way to keep dandelions out. A healthy lawn means that your grasses are lush, and dandelions don’t stand a chance of growing am on these grasses.

3. Grow Longer Grass

You might be scared of allowing your grass to grow by an inch or two, but it helps prevent dandelions from growing on your lawn. Longer grasses prevent the seeds of dandelions from getting to the oil where they can grow.

Methods of Killing Dandelions That Are Ineffective

Killing dandelions is easy and fast, but some methods suggested by the internet are ineffective, and you’ll be better off not wasting your time using these methods.

The first method involves the use of salt. Salt contains sodium chloride, which is not very good for plants; however, salt doesn’t do a very good job killing dandelions.

When salt is used on your lawn, it may get washed away to other parts of the lawn, killing the grasses in the process. While some people may swear by this procedure, you should avoid it at all costs.

The second involves using herbicides. While herbicides are very effective in killing weeds like dandelions, they may not suit your lawn. Part of the herbicide can be washed down your lawn and can kill your grasses in the process.

Beneficial Uses of Dandelions

You may feel bad about throwing away healthy and fresh dandelions, well you should know that this plant can be useful in more ways than one.

They can be used for medicinal purposes, specifically as laxatives that can be used for digestion; they are can also be used for diuretic drugs that can help cure diabetes.

Dandelions are edible and can be used in your kitchen to prepare meals that supply a variety of nutrients to the body. They contain vitamins like A, B, E, and K and other nutrients like iron and potassium.


While pretty, dandelions can sometimes be considered a weed. This is because they grow randomly on your lawn and can make your yard look somewhat unpleasant. Fortunately, there are a few ways in which you can get rid of dandelions without hurting your grass.

You can apply vinegar to the plant and its root, being careful not to spill it on other parts of your lawn; you can also hand pull dandelions or use a weeder.

You can consider applying alcohol or burning the dandelions. Solutions that are not effective involve the use of sal and sometimes herbicide.

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