What Size Chain Is Used For Swing Set

What Size Chain Is Used For Swing Set? (Best Chain For Swing Set)

An ideal time outdoor for your kids may include using a swing set, but quality components are required to make a good swing set.

One of these swing set components is the chain; it can be difficult to choose the right size of chains for your swing set with so many available options.

There are different quality that determines how long a chain will last; these qualities also have to be considered alongside the size of the chain.

We have provided a detailed guide on what size of chain is used for a swing set and the cost of these chains.

What Makes a Good Chain?

A good chain should be rigid and sturdy to carry kids with ease. The chains should be strong enough to hold their weights and not snap easily for your kids to have fun using a seeing set.

It should also be made of high-quality materials that are plated and coated. Chains plated and coated are guaranteed to last longer than chains that are not; it is important to always watch for this feature.

What Size Chain is Used For Swing Sets?

The length and thickness should match the swing set appropriately. A very long chain can be adjusted but is not very safe for the kids, and a short-chain can mean that the seeing will be too high for the kids.

The standard length of a chain should be between 5ft to 6ft. Thermoplastic accounts for about half of the chain in some brands, and then the rest of the chain is made of metal. Your chain should not be too thick; this allows a better grip on the chain.

Best Chain For Swing Set

This section has recommended 3 of the best chains for a swing set. These chains have all the qualities required to give your kids maximum fun; they are also made of quality materials and are long-lasting.

1. Nannday Swing Chain

What Size Chain Is Used For Swing Set

This quality swing chain is affordable and just the right size for your seeing set. It comes in various colors and is about five feet long; it is also plated and coated and has a rust-resistant feature.

The key features of this product are that it is waterproof, which makes it suitable to stay under the rain; it is also rust-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about it ruining the look of your swing set.

It is coated with thermoplastic to help it last longer, but this plastic coating may get very hot under the sun, making it hard to use on sunny days; you are given only one chain after purchase, so you may need to buy another one for your swing set.

2. Playkids 66″ Coated Chain

What Size Chain Is Used For Swing Set

Playkids is a notable brand known for manufacturing quality games, toys, and accessories for your children’s use. This brand provides 2 chains for your swing set, and these chains are so strong that they are the same type used by the US army.

The key feature of this chain is that it is durable and waterproof, allowing it to be kept freely under the rain. It also has a weight capacity of 500lbs; this ensures that children of different age groups can use this swing.

It is also fully plated and coated, which contributes to its durability. It has a length of 5ft which is just the right size for kids.

3. Playkids 85″ Coated Chain

What Size Chain Is Used For Swing Set

These chains are also from Playkids, but they are relatively long as they are 7 feet long. They are also water-resistant, plated, and coated. It weighs about 6 pounds and doesn’t require assembling.

But unlike the 66″ chains, these chains have a lower weight capacity of 250lbs which will may your swing set unfit for children in all age groups.

The major feature of this chain is that it comes with four free quick links for easy attachment to a swing set. It is also available in different colors, so you have options in terms of the appearance of your swing set. If this chain is too long, it can be adjusted to a suitable height.

How Much Does the Chain of a Swing Set Cost?

The price of a swing set chain varies depending on the length and number in a given set. A much longer chain will cost more than a shorter one, and chains from brands that offer two pieces will cost more than brands that offer just one piece of chain.

A very affordable chain for a swing set will cost about $15 to $25, and a medium-cost chain should have a price range between $50 to $60. A high-quality chain with all notable features should cost up to $100.

How to Prevent Rust on the Chain of a Swing Set

If you have an already existing swing set with chains that are not rust-resistant, there are a few ways you can ensure it doesn’t rust. The first is coating and plating the chains; this will prevent rust and increase the life span of the chains.

You can also cover up your swing set when not in use to prevent the chains from coming in contact with moisture. This method will require you to give thorough attention to your swing set.

You can also purchase new rust-resistant chains to save you any stress; rust-resistant chains can be left out in the rain and are waterproof.


Making a choice when it comes to purchasing the right size of chains can be overwhelming, so we have provided a detailed article on the ideal size of chain for your swing set.

We have also recommended some of the best chains for your swing set, so hopefully, you should be able to make the right decision.

You should also know that you can prevent your chains from rusting by coating and plating it, covering up your swing set when not in use, or you can invest in new rust-resistant and waterproof chains for your swing set.

Using the guide above, you are guaranteed to purchase the right chain, and your kids can have a wonderful time out in the yard.

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