Can You Use Glass Marbles In Fire Pit

Can You Use Glass Marbles In Fire Pit?

Fire pits are becoming a popular outdoor accessory because of their decorative look and style; they are also used to keep warm during a chilly day or night.

And if there’s one thing we can agree on, it’s that nothing beats the feeling of stirring out with family and friends around a fire pit.

Various materials can be used for making a fire pit, and while most of them are not suitable, glass marbles are considered one of the best materials that can be used for a fire pit.

Can you use glass marbles in the fire pit? We have answered this question, and we have also explained the different types of glass marbles and which type will be more suitable for your fire pit.


What are Fire Pit Glass Marbles?

Can You Use Glass Marbles In Fire Pit

Glass marbles, also known as fire glass, are a type of glass manufactured specially to be used in a gas fire pit. Unlike regular glass, glass marbles won’t melt, explode or break in the presence of high temperature.

Different types of marble glass come in various colors. This feature allows you to choose marbles of any color to match your current décor.

Types of Marble Glass

The different types of marble glass can be used for various purposes; using the wrong kind of marble glass in a fire pit may have some adverse effects. The two main types of marble include recycled marble glass and tempered reflective glass.

1. Recycled Marble Glass

Just as the name implies, recycled marbled glass is made from the remains of broken windows, bottles, and other glass-related scraps.

These remains are now melted and refined using a furnace to turn them into marbles for fire pits. The different colors of recycled glass marbles indicate that another procedure was used to create each color.

2. Reflective Glass Marble

This glass marble utilizes a tempered panel to give it a reflective look. This reflective look displays light beads when in a fire pit; this look can be very decorative, especially when colored.

The downside to using this type of glass marble is that you may sustain some minor cuts when putting it in a fire pit due to its rough edge.

How to Choose a Fire Pit Glass

Knowing the types of glass marbles is one step towards choosing the right one. You also have to consider the size and appearance.

Small glass marbles should do just fine for a small fire pit that produces small flames; it should be about ¼ to ⅜ inches.

For large fire pits that produce large flames, bigger glass marbles should be used, and they should be about ½ to ¾ inches.

As for the appearance, sky blue glass marbles give your flame an original look that is so beautiful. You can also explore other colors of glass marbles like black, cobalt, or Meridian blue.

Can You Use Regular Glass in a Fire Pit?

Never use regular glass in a fire pit. Unlike glass marbles, regular glass is not processed to withstand high temperatures and can be a safety hazard to users. Regular glass pops or explodes in a way that sends pieces of tiny glass flying across the room.

This can cause injuries to the people around the room, hence why you should only use glass marbles in your fire pit. Fire glass has been processed to tolerate high temperatures, so it doesn’t pop or explode like regular glass.

Is Natural Gas or Propane Right For Glass Marbles?

Can You Use Glass Marbles In Fire Pit

By comparison, the flame produced by natural gas is clearer than the flames produced by propane. This tells you that glass marbles will reach their full decorative potential when working with a natural gas fire pit.

Unlike natural gas, propane leaves some residues on the glass marbles, which makes them look unpleasant; it may also need regular cleaning when used with propane ad a resource of fuel.

You should note that your glass marble should not burn on its own; they are inflammable while adding some blaze to the flame.

Mixing Other Materials With Fire Glass

If fire glass is unavailable, you can use other logs and lava rocks. Lava rocks come in three different colors: Reddish-brown, black and gray. While they are alternatives, you should not mix them with fire glass, but they can be used as fillers.

Lava rocks limit the amount of heat they can tolerate; this means that they can pop while burning at a certain temperature. And since glass marbles can withstand high temperatures, lava rocks may not have that same capacity.

How Do You Arrange Fire Glass in a Fire Pit?

You don’t just pour in the fire glass before lighting your fire pit. You need to follow a proper installation guide. There are three easy steps involved in installing your fire glass.

  1. You will need to measure and add your fillers into the fire pit for the first step. Your filers can be sand or lava rocks, measure three inches down from the top of your fire pit and pour in your fillers.
  2. The next step is to fix your burners on top of your fillers. A good tip is to position your gas holes so that they are facing upward; this helps improve the size and efficiency of your flame.
  3. For the last step, gently pour in your glass marbles.

Are Glass Marbles Safe to Use?

They don’t explode poorly because of their high tolerance for high temperatures. This makes it safer than other materials; for extra safety, be sure to follow the instruction attached to the product after purchase.

In addition to its safety feature, it also displays bright colors that add more style to your outdoor setting. They are also affordable and easy to access.


Glass marbles are a great addition to your fire pit. Among other reasons, they are safe and affordable, making them a perfect fit for your fire pit.

We have looked at the types of glass marbles that are best for your fire pit. We also recommended some good colors to choose from.

You should not use regular glass for your fire pit as it’s unsafe and explodes when exposed to high temperatures. Lava rocks are best used as fillers for fire pits and shouldn’t be mixed with glass marbles for safety reasons.

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Can You Use Glass Marbles In Fire Pit

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