Propane Fire Pit on My Balcony

Can I Have a Propane Fire Pit on My Balcony (Fire Pit Safety Precaution)

When the weather gets chilly, especially during those very cold winter evenings, all you are thinking about is how to get as warm as possible, and one of the thoughts that come to our mind is using a fire pit.

Yes, it is common knowledge that you can put fire pits in your yard, in your deck, but you might ask, can I also put one on my balcony? We will say yes, you can put a fire pit on your balcony, but this is only under certain conditions.

Today, we will like to tell you how you can safely use fire pits on your balcony, the safety precautions you can put in place, the kind of Fire Pits you should put on the balcony, and a review of the best brand that you can find.

Propane Fire Pit On My Balcony

Many people who live in building apartments sometimes wonder if they can have the pleasure of putting a firepit on their balcony. 

We make bold to say YES, you can put your fire pit on your balcony provided you are not in a geographical location with laws against open fire, and you are not in a drought in your location.

However, there are lots of guidelines and laws that are mapped out that are meant to ensure safety, and they include:

1. Use Only Propane Firepits

While many people love wood-burning firepit because of that natural feel the smoke gives out, it is never used on a balcony. Only propane firepits should be used on your balcony and it because of the following reasons :

a. With a propane fire pit, you dont have to worry about the fire popping and the embers flying off and jumping on some inflammable material and then causing a fire outbreak.

b. You don’t have to worry about smoke disturbing you or even your neighbors who might get offended and cause problems for you.

c. In the event of any emergency or issues, you can easily switch off your propane firepit by simply turning a knob, and the fire is extinguished.

d. The size of the propane fire is always constant and can be determined by you; you are never scared of it overflowing and causing an uncontrollable fire.

e. You are saved from the stress of starting the fire and killing it as you have with wood-burning firepits. The question of storing woods that take up space does not arise too.

2. Follow The Propane Fire Pit Regulations

For your safety and those of the people around you, your property, and the environment, you must adhere to all the laws that guide the use of outdoor propane fire pits.

Every local council has local laws that apply to them, and it is your responsibility to find out the ones that apply in your locality. Below are some of the general laws that apply across the board :

a. Proper Measurements:

The UFA ( Unified Fire Authority) stipulates that the maximum diameter of a fire pit should be 3 feet (this is the burn/ fuel area) while the height should be 2 feet max. Other parts of the firepit can be larger, though.

b. Proper Distance:

All propane and natural gas firepits should have at least 10 feet clearance or more for safety reasons. For bigger firepits, the clearance should not be less than 15 feet.

This means that you cannot place a firepit on a narrow balcony. Some municipal states that the firepit must be at least 3 feet away from the rail and 5 feet away from the wall.

c. Supervision:

You are under obligation to ensure that at all times, that your firepit is being monitored until it is completely extinguished or switched off.

At no time should a fire be left unattended, even if it is just for some seconds, because that is enough time for anything to happen.

3. Follow The Burning Regulations

You should be aware of the following burning regulations and also abide by them religiously :

a. Burning regulations can change over time. A burn ban can be imposed abruptly depending on what the weather forecast says; hence it is your responsibility to find out if you can burn your propane firepit on your balcony at any given time.

b. Many people are tempted to burn anything in their firepit, but this is a No-No. It is expected that only dry and natural materials that are clean can burn in a propane fire pit. Oils, plastic, garbage, and the likes do not fit into this description.

General Fire Pit Safety Precaution

Propane Fire Pit on My Balcony

There are a lot of safety precautions when dealing with fire because it takes just a few seconds for a small fire to become uncontrollable and lead to deaths and damages. 

Hence, it is always good to be careful and safety conscious when dealing with any fire, even if it is a fire from a small propane fire pit. 

The following safety tips will help you avoid the fire danger of fire hazards as you use your firepit on your balcony. Feel free to add some more as the list is not exhaustive.

1. Keep a bucket of water and a fire extinguisher close to you at any time so that you can kill a fire that wants to get out of hand.

2. To contain the fire in your propane fire put, use a spark shield or ember mat for this purpose.

3. Flammable materials or liquids should not be used in lighting a fire or relighting it if it dies.

4. Children and pets must be kept away from the fire pit.

5. Don’t light a fire pit until you are sure of the direction of the wind.

6. Be sure to keep the fire put in a place where it cannot be easily knocked down.

7. Ensure that you place the firepit in a well-ventilated place so there will be a build of toxic gases.

The Ideal Fire Pit For A Balcony

Propane Fire Pit on My Balcony

Since we have established that the best fire pit for your balcony should be a small unit that will fit in perfectly and still have enough clearance as stipulated. Below is some fire pit that you can put on your balcony:

1. Two Harbors 14″ Patio Tabletop Fireplace

This fire pit promises to give warmth and also spice up your balcony. It is a small unit with a very sleek design. It is rectangular and has a black finish; it is steel, and the propane burns on lava rocks. This heat-resistant fire pit weighs 7.25 pounds and has a heat output of 15000 BTU.

2. Wave Table Top Fire Bowl

This is an excellent fire pit that will add ambiance to your balcony; this concrete unit is hand-casted and is inspired by the ocean waves. It comes with three gel canisters, river rocks, and a Cork liner, and the great news is that it is small enough to fit in

3. 30″ Outdoor Patio Gas Fire Pit

This fire pit that can fit in your balcony can be small but might because it can provide up to 50,000 BTU of heat.

It provides a smokeless and warm bonfire-like experience and can be started by electric ignition, and there is a knob for adjusting the height of the flame as you please. This fire pit is very pricey, but you spend on it with every nickel.

4. HomeBuddy Tabletop Fire Pit

This portable fire pit comes with a stylish extinguisher and will fit perfectly on your balcony. It is made of heavy micro cement, while the burning capsule is set in a stainless steel safety liner which prevents any fuel from spilling.

To top it off, this fire pit comes with 50 bamboo sticks with which you can smoke your marshmallow as you enjoy the ambiance a d warmth that this fire pit gives.

5. Bond Manufacturing 63172 Newcastle Propane Firebowl Column

I will start by saying that this fire pit is quite expensive, but you have an exquisite and modern fire pit that will become the object of discussion amongst your friends as you place it on your balcony and enjoy the warmth it gives.

It gives off about 40,000 BTU heat and has natural lava, while the burner is stainless steel. This unit has a protective cover that helps o preserve the fire pit made of lightweight yet durable Envirostone.

It has a control knob with which you can easily adjust the flame, and its ProCoat coating systems offer protection against UV light, extreme temperature, and salt, which means the firepit will not chip nor fade or crack.


The fact that you live in an apartment doesn’t mean you should be denied the joy of using a fire pit in your space.

Your balcony is a good place to place your fire pit, provided that it is not a wood-burning fire pit, and you are ready to stick to all the ordinances that apply.

There are lots of small fire pits that can comfortably fit into your balcony, and picking the right one can add warmth and beauty to your balcony.

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Can I Have a Propane Fire Pit on My Balcony

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