Garden Treasure Fire Pit Review

Garden Treasure Fire Pit Review – Buying Guide and Consideration Before You Buy

Winter is close by, and every day is getting cooler. One of the best ways to warm your outdoor space and spend quality time out with the cold is installing a fire pit.

When it’s time to buy a fire pit, you become stressed out with all the available options. And with so many good-quality fire pits out there, it becomes difficult to pick one; that is why we will be reviewing one of the best fire pits to inform you if it’s worth it.

Garden treasures are well known for manufacturing durable outdoor appliances and decors, but is the garden treasure fire pit worth it?

This article will give an in-depth review and enhanced detailed information on this fire pit along with a buying guide to choose the best fire pit.

Garden Treasure Fire Pit Review

Garden Treasure Fire Pit Review

We will review the garden fire pit regarding physical

and the fuel used, durability, installation, components, and price. Altogether these categories will tell you if this fire pit is worth it.

1. Physical Appearance and Fuel Used

This fire pit is 20 inches high, 29.5 inches wide, and 29.5 inches deep; this item weighs 16.46 pounds. The base of this fire pit is constructed with alloy steel, and it has a dome-shaped screen. 

This fire pit uses wood as its fuel. It burns all the wood, providing a sustainable fire to keep you warm.

2. Durability 

The alloy steel used to construct the base of this fire pit will rust easily since it is made of alloy steel and not stainless steel. The screen has been coated with high-temperature paint that can withstand a high amount of heat. Customers’ reviews are positive towards the durability of this fire pit.

3. Installation 

According to reviews, customers have commended this fire pit for how easy it is to install it. It takes about ten minutes to put this item together, and all you need is a screwdriver and maybe a little direction.

4. Components

The garden treasure fire pit comes with additional accessories to make the experience with this fire pit wonderful. 

These accessories include a log grate, an ash drawer to collect ashes, a Poker, a protective cover, and a spark screen.

However, this fire pit does not have an airflow system, generating a lot of smoke. If you are looking for a smokeless fire pit, then the garden treasure is not an option for you.

5. Pricing

This fire pit ranges from $55 to $130, depending on where you buy it. It is currently sold on Lowe for $55. It has a decent price for a quality fire pit; this is one of the reasons why people prefer this fire pit brand.

Tips for Purchasing a Garden Treasure Fire Pit

Previous users of this item have shared tips that helped them use this fire pit with little complication, so you should read this if you are thinking about buying a garden treasure fire pit.

  1. You can use large pieces of wood in this fire pit as it is larger than others.
  2. You should purchase a bag of sand that weighs 50 pounds. Spread the sand in the bottom of the hole to anchor the fire pit.
  3. If you are using this fire pit on your patio, you should build a solid surface to stand.
  4. This fire pit does not include wood; you will have to buy your own.

Buying Guide And Considerations Before Buying

Garden Treasure Fire Pit Review

Before purchasing a fire pit, you need to evaluate dome aspects to ensure that you get the best value for money. Some of these aspects include fire pit material, type of fuel used, fire pit purpose, and sizes. These factors and the others should lead you to the right fire pit.

1. Fire Pit Material

A good fire pit should be made of a durable material that is stable and corrosion-resistant. Fire pits made of aluminum or copper will rust easily, while a fire pit made of cast iron will be too heavy. The best material for a fire pit is stainless steel as it is rust-resistant and offers enough stability.

2. Type of Fuel Used

Before buying a fire pit, you should know what type of fuel you intend to use; wood and propane are the most common type of fuel. Fire pits that use wood as fuel are built differently from propane as fuel. A propane fire pit costs more than a wood fire pit, but it doesn’t emit smoke like a wood fire pit.

Each fuel type has its benefits and drawbacks, so you will want to explore that aspect before deciding.

3. Fire Pit Purpose

With different types and sizes of fire pits available, you can only choose when you know the purpose of buying a fire pit. A fire pit can be used for heating your outdoor space, it can be used for cooking, or it can be used as a decorative piece. There are different fire pits suited for these purposes.

4. Sizes

Fire pits are available in three sizes, small, medium, and large. The size you purchase solely depends on preference and the purpose of the fire pit. 

A large fire pit is suitable for heating a large outdoor space, while a small or medium fire pit can be a decorative piece made with aesthetic designs.

5. Placement

A fire pit will serve its purpose if positioned in the right place. You can consider placing your fire pit by the pool, on your patio, and on your deck. All you need to do after that is to follow safety instructions.

6. Fire Pit Safety

Fire pits are illegal in some regions due to the risk of fire hazards. If you are allowed to own one, you must heed all safety precautions; constant supervision is vital. Keeping your fire pit away from flammable materials is important to prevent a fire.

Conclusion: Garden Treasure Fire Pit Review

We have given a detailed review of the garden treasure fire pit, and it is the best value for money. It is durable and stable, easy to install, and contains additional accessories to make your experience with this fire pit great.

We have also shared some tips from previous customers to help you use this fire pit without stress.

Knowing what fuel type you intend to use before buying a fire pit is essential. You should also think of the purpose of buying a fire pit, the materials, the size, and the placement before making a purchase. This guide should help you locate the right fire pit.

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Garden Treasure Fire Pit Review

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