Spalding Zi/O vs Zi/O Excel

Spalding Zi/O vs Zi/O Excel – What is the Difference Between Spalding Zi O and Zi O Excel?

A game of basketball in your yard sounds fun, and it will only be right if you have the right basketball. Spalding Is a company known for manufacturing quality sport and gym equipment, so it makes sense that a basketball manufactured by this company will have a great bounce.

But when you are presented with the Spalding zi/o vs zi/o excel, you wonder what the difference is. Does one give you a better slam dunk? Does the other has a better grip?

We will discuss the difference between these two basketballs and which is better. This comparison narrows down to the tiniest detail, so you will want to read this if you want answers.

Why we Choose Spalding Zi/O vs Zi/O Excel

When choosing a basketball, you make a pick because a product has a lot of positive reviews, and in some cases, the ball is from a popular brand. Here are some reasons why we choose Spalding zi/o vs zi/o excel.

Spalding Zi/O

This basketball is made of polyester; it measures 9.7 × 9 × 8.7 and weighs 0.84kg. Its cover is what makes this ball stand out; it is covered in a foam-like material that gives a soft spongy feeling. This feeling is desirable to most basketball players.

Although it has a nice tight grip, it also has a sticky feeling, almost as if it is covered in wax. 

This ball is bouncy when pumped to just 7psi; you don’t need to over pump it to achieve a good bounce.

It is a known fact that over-pumping a ball will make it harder and not bouncier. You can maintain this bounce throughout the game as it is consistent and doesn’t falter.

This indoor and outdoor ball has a nice pebbling which is excellent for moisture absorption. The only problem with this feature is that it picks up a lot of dirt during outdoor use, and this dirt takes a lot of time to come off. This can affect your grip on the ball and cause an unpleasant playing experience.

The composite leather used to manufacture this basketball makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor use. But this leather will peel off easily when used outdoors for a long time. But even with the leather off the ball, it can still be used to play; the only problem is that the ball won’t look very nice.

Zi/O Excel

This ball is made of faux leather; it measures 10 × 9.7 × 9 and weighs 0.68kg. This ball is shipped inflated and suited for indoor and outdoor games. This ball is covered in foam, which gives the ball an incredible feel.

Although this foam picks up dirt, it contributes to the durability of this ball. This padding gives this ball a great grip that makes it hard for the ball to slip off your hand. Even after much exposure to dirt, moisture, and other debris, it remains sticky.

The Spalding zi/o excel maintains a constant bounce even when not completely pumped. This is a characteristic other basketball do not have. It offers a steady bounce on hardwood, asphalt, and concrete.

The excel is durable, all thanks to the composite lest he. This leather will peel off just like the zi/o, but it remains strong. The only drawback is that this ball loses air easily, but this shouldn’t be a problem if you have a nearby pump.

What is the Difference Between Spalding zi/o and zi/o Excel?

Spalding Zi/O vs Zi/O Excel

The key difference between these two balls is that the zi/o excel has channel designs 30% deeper than the zi/o. It is covered in thicker composite leather, and users have said it bounces more. Generally, the excel zi/o is more suited for outdoor use.

Other difference includes the weight of the two balls; the excel weighs less than the other. And based on size, the zi/o excel is bigger. The zi/o excel currently costs $34, and as for the zi/o, the price is currently not available on Amazon.

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Buying the Best Basketball 

When buying a basket, there are some key things to consider. With this sport becoming more popular, finding the ideal ball for you; the following factors should help you do just that.

1. Size

Do you want your kids playing basketball? There is a size for them, and when it’s time to get serious? There is also an appropriate size for a serious basketball game. Kids under 11 years should use a basketball that weighs 18oz and has a size of 27.5.

Children between 12 to 15 should use a basketball of size within the range of 6 to 28.5. For grown-ups and pro players, a ball that weighs 22oz and has a size of 29.5 should do just fine. A basketball court in your yard should have a slightly higher net; this will be suitable for your kids even as they grow.

2. Material

A basketball can be made of different materials, including rubber, composite leather, and said leather. Leather is the best material used by pros; of course, it is expensive, but it offers a good grip during a game, even when your palms are sweaty. They do not damage wooden floors, but they can only be used in an indoor court; concrete floors can damage the leather.

Composite basketballs are also great. They can be used indoors and outdoors and are considered very durable, They may scruff your indoor court a little bit, but you can fix that with done elbow grease. Rubber basketball is great for beginners and is suitable for outdoor use only.

3. Price range

Some basketballs cost more than others, but this depends on the materials used or the brand that manufactured the basketball. Leather basketball cost more while rubber basketball cost less. Balls from notable brands like Nike, Jordan, Molten, and Spalding will cost more.

Conclusion: Spalding Zi/O vs Zi/O Excel

If you wonder what the difference between the Spalding zi/o and the zi/o excel is, you have probably found your answer. The Spalding zi/o excel bounces more and has a deeper channel design than the Spalding zi/o.

We have provided a buying guide to help you pick the best basketball. Basketballs are available in different sizes for different age groups; the materials used are different and can be used indoors or outdoors. 

The price of a basketball varies depending on the material used to manufacture this ball and the brand involved.

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