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Croquet Stroke Techniques Explained – How To Hit A Ball In Croquet (See Rules Of Croquet)

Croquet is an interactive game that has a gameplay method similar to pool and billiards. For a great croquet game, you need a complete game set and the right technique. 

Learning the basic techniques of this game boost the fun and makes it more challenging, and the best part is that these skills are easy to learn. This article will dive into explaining croquet stroke techniques and how to hit a ball in croquet properly.

What Is Stroke In Croquet Sport?

A stroke is a player’s intentional or accidental effort. A stroke occurs when a player, using the mallet, strikes a ball to cause another ball’s direct or indirect movement.

There are different strokes in croquet, and they usually involve hitting balls directly or indirectly, intentionally or accidentally. But these strokes are considered a players weapon towards making a shot.

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How To Consistently And Comfortably Win Croquet

Successfully getting A ball past a wicket earns a player one point, scoring a stake earns a player two points, and hitting an opponent’s ball earns a player 2 points. The first player to score the highest point wins the game, or the first player to score 7 points wins the game.

Wining a croquet game can be easy; it only takes observation and strategies. Here are some tips to constantly keep you on the winning side.

  1. Always remember that croquet involves physical and mental action. So while you put your body to use, your mind should be calculative to make the right strategy.
  2. A heavier mallet will save you the stress of having to hit your ball hard. It seems like work, but it works!
  3. Play on a smooth or even land surface to prevent your ball from going in the wrong direction because of bumps.
  4. Don’t go first. This will give you a better chance of hitting your opponent’s ball and earning more points
  5. Always anticipate your opponent’s move
  6. Practice more. A player is as good as the amount of time spent practising.
  7. A player earns one point when a ball goes through the hoop, and a player also earns two extra points when a ball hits their opponents ball
  8. A standard croquet field should measure 17.5 meters by 14 meters.
  9. A ball gets removed from the game once it hits the peg at the end of the course.
  10. Being bold and radiating off confidence during gameplay will intimidate your opponent and give you the upper hand.

What Should You Know To Make Accurate Shots?

Some advice may help you be better at croquet and make accurate shots, and these helpful pointers are not hard to follow. 

It is best to aim 3 to 4 inches away from your target; aiming directly at your target may lead to your ball going in the wrong direction. 

It’s all about positioning in croquet. 

Keeping yourself during the game is a huge factor in whether or not you will take a shot; a firm and solid posture is the key.

Finally, relax during the game. Croquet is a slow tempo game, which means you will want to think more than you would use your physical strength. All you need to do is ease the tension off your shoulders, take your time aiming, and have a great game.

Croquet Stroke Technique And Rules

Learning the techniques of croquet is necessary for a successful game. It is the key to winning any game of croquet. However, you also need to know the basic rules of croquet to play right and avoid fouls.

How To Hit A Ball In Croquet

There are crucial steps involved when hitting a ball in croquet. You may need to consider some of these steps before strategizing, as they will be helpful.  

To make a great hit, you will want to work on your grip and stance; you should make an accurate aim before swinging your mallet. All these steps are followed to help you make a great hit.

Choose The Right Stance

Having the right stance is essential for making an accurate shot, and your posture should be relaxed. The center stance and the golf stance are the most used type of stance. 

The center stance works with the standard grip for professionals, and the golf stance works well with the Irish grip, which is best for recreational players, the last type of stance is called the side stance and is rarely used these days.

In a center stance, your body should be positioned perpendicular to the direction you plan on swinging, with your legs wide open, and your mallet will be swung between your legs. 

As its name implies, a golf stance is just like the posture of a golf player, your body should be positioned parallel to the direction where you will shoot, and your mallet will be swung side to side using an Irish grip, just like in golf games.

When using the side stance, your right leg is put forward, and you will have to bend your knees a little; your left leg stays behind your right leg. You should notice that most of the weight is on your right leg. 

Your mallet should be held towards your right leg facing your ball, and then you swing to the side of you. This position can be reversed for left-handed players.

The side stance is rarely used because it is an uncomfortable posture and is quite complicated.`*

Have A Solid Grip

There are three grip types: the standard grip, the Solomon grip, and the Irish grip. Different players feel comfortable with grip, and it’s important to know what type of grip suits you. 

In a standard grip, your hand clasps around the handle of your mallet close to the top with your knuckles pointing forward, your other hand clasps your mallet handle just below your first hand with your thumb facing downward. This grip is mostly used in croquet competitions and championships. 

Solomon’s grip is an alternative to the standard grip; your two hands clasp your handle one above the other, knuckles pointing outward and thumbs facing upward.

And lastly, the Irish grip. The Irish grip is commonly used by recreational players that play croquet in their backyard. Both hands grip the handle but a little lower from the top, and as usual, one hand stays above the other, your knuckles should face backward, and your thumbs are pointing down.

Make The Right Swing

After your aiming, your swing contributes to how well your shot goes. To ensure that your shot is accurate, your swing should be sharp. For a nice swing, hit your ball just a little above the center, and for angled shots, you can hit your ball to the left or the right.

Before swinging, you shout think about what kind of shot you want to make. Here are some shots to consider during croquet.


This involves using your ball to hit your opponent’s ball. This shot can earn you 2 points during a game and also has an alternative called the rush-roquet, where you make a roquet from a short distance.

Stop shot

This shot is made when the player hits the ball at an upward angle. This shot moves the striker’s ball just a little.

Roll shot

The roll shot is made when the player hits the ball at a slight downward angle. This strikes the ball at a much longer distance.

Drive shot

In a drive shot, you strike the ball with the mallet parallel to the ground.

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Rules Of Croquet

  1. Croquet is played orderly with four balls blue, red, black, and yellow.
  2. The pegs, hoops, and other balls cannot be moved during the game.
  3. Be careful not to strike another ball when striking your ball.
  4. A player should not touch any ball or let any ball touch them when it’s not their turn.

Can You Put Your Foot On The Ball In Croquet?

A player is allowed to use the mallet to strike the ball and nothing else. Putting a foot on the ball in croquet is a foul and should be avoided.

Other fouls include resting your hands on your knees, striking your ball with any part of the mallet other than the end face, striking your ball multiple times in more than one shot, touch any ball other than the striker’s ball with the mallet.


As an amateur in croquet, it is very important to know the basic techniques used in croquet. There are different types of stance and grip, and it is important to choose the type that suits you best. This ensures that you are comfortable and relaxed when playing. Adhere to the rules of croquet to avoid foul play and to also avoid being disqualified.

Croquet is not only a game that involves physical stability, but it also requires critical thinking. Putting your mind into this game means that planning and concentration are necessary for an accurate shot.

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Croquet Stroke Techniques Explained – How To Hit A Ball In Croquet

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