How To Install A Tetherball

Tetherball Installation Guide – How To Install A Tetherball Pole In The Ground

Tetherball is a fun game for you and your friends, your wife, kids, and even your pet – dog (Learn about Tetherball for Dogs here). That is why it will be awesome to have your very own set installed in your backyard. Tetherball is easy to set up and can be done within minutes.

While tetherball is easy to set up, installing your pole wrongly will give you a bad experience when playing the game. Fortunately, we will be showing you how to install a tetherball pole in the ground; that way, you and your kids will have a great playing experience.

Who Invented Tetherball?

It is unknown who invented tetherball as the history of tetherball is complicated. However, tetherball was invented in Britain or Dublin, Ireland, in the year 1875.

Over the years, there have been different theories about how tetherball came to be, but the reasonable theories are the earliest and maypole theories.

Although it has not been confirmed if any of these assumptions are true, twenty years after tetherball was being played, credit was given to Mr. Lehmann of Oxford University.

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What Age Is Tetherball For

How To Install A Tetherball

Almost anyone can play tetherball. It can be played by toddlers, kids, teens, adults and can even be played by your pets.

When purchasing a tetherball set, most of these sets recommend that children three years old and above play tetherball. This way, it is possible for your kids to adhere to tetherball rules and safety precautions.

What Kind Of Pole Is Used For Tetherball?

Using the best material for a tetherball pole will ensure a good game. The best material for a tetherball pole is a galvanized steel line pole.

Galvanized steel is the best material for a tetherball pole because it is stable and sturdy during a game. It doesn’t bend or shake like other materials, but the stability of a tetherball pole depends on how firm it is installed. A poorly installed pole will not have good stability.

Tetherball Dimensions (Length, Height And Diameter)

We will provide you with the correct dimensions of a tetherball pole, including your tetherball length, height, and diameter.

1. Tetherball pole length

When you purchase a regular tetherball pole, it comes in a size of 12 feet. Your 12 feet pole should be buried underground at about 2 feet, leaving you with 19 feet of your pole above the ground.

2. Tetherball pole height

The standard height of a tetherball pole is 12 feet. When using your 12ft pole, 2ft should be buried underground, leaving 10ft of your pole above the ground surface. A 12ftpole is best for adults to use; it is easier to hit the ball in their preferred direction.

A tetherball pole can also come in the height of 10ft, 2ft will be buried below the ground, and 8ft will remain above the ground surface. This size of tetherball pole is best suited for toddlers and kids.

3. Tetherball pole diameter

A typical tetherball pole has a diameter of 2 inches and is usually very thin, while a standard tetherball pole has a diameter of 2 and ⅜ inches and is commonly used.

For tetherball poles in children’s playgrounds and parks, their diameter may be up to 3 inches as they are used by many people and will need to last for a long time.

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How To Install A Tetherball Pole In The Ground

How To Install A Tetherball

Following these easy steps, you should be able to install a tetherball pole in the ground successfully.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

You will need to keep all the materials needed for this process close by to avoid running around. The following materials are needed to get this task done.

  1. A shovel
  2. Cement or concrete
  3. A tetherball pole (10ft or 12ft)
  4. Wooden braces or large boulders

Step 2: Survey Your Area

Since there will be minor digging involved, you may want to examine your chosen area and check for any pip that may be damaged during digging. If there is a need to change your digging spot, please do that.

Step 3: Dig A Hole

Remember that 2ft of your pole will be buried below the ground; using a shovel, dig a hole 2ft deep for your phone to stand. Always remember to watch out for electric wires or pipes.

Step 4: Pour in Your Cement or Concrete

Mix up your cement or concrete according to the instruction on your packaging. Pour in your concrete until it fills about half of the hole.

Step 5: Set in Your pole and Allow it to Dry

Gently insert your tetherball pole into the hole half filled with cement or concrete. Ensure that your tetherball pole is standing vertically upright, then you can pour more cement or concrete to fill the hole.

Use wooden braces or large boulders to keep your pole in place while it dries. Allow your pole to set overnight.

How Long Is A Tetherball Rope?

Your tetherball rope is tightly secured to your pole at one end and secured to your tetherball at the other end. Your tetherball will be suspended from the pole with a rope.

You should buy a rope 8ft to 10ft long; 2ft to 4ft of your rope will be tied to your pole and tetherball. The remaining length should be 6ft, exactly half of a 12ft pole.

Can You Catch A Tetherball?

How To Install A Tetherball

A game of tetherball is played between two players, where each player takes turns hitting a tetherball until it winds around the pole.

Catching the tetherball during gameplay is one of the major fouls in tetherball. Other fouls include holding or delaying the tetherball. These acts should be avoided at all costs during a tetherball game as they may lead to disqualification.

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How Do You Win Tetherball?

Your tetherball suspended by a rope is hit back and forth until your role winds up around your pole. Whoever winds the rope around the pole first is the winner.

Your opponent is also trying to wrap the rope around the pole, but you will need to undo their rope from the opposite direction to prevent them from winning. If you are fast enough, you can wrap the rope around the pole without opposing the other player.

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How Much Is A Tetherball Set?

A tetherball set consists of a tetherball, a rope, and two poles. While that may seem like a little for a game set, it is quite pricey.

A normal or casual tetherball set can range from $50 to $70. However, that price may be higher when a tetherball is needed industrially, like in a park or playground. 

Tetherball sets for parks and playgrounds have are durable and have more quality than casual tetherball sets.

Conclusion: How To Install A Tetherball Pole In The Ground

Following these instructions carefully, you should be able to install a tetherball pole into the ground.  It is important to take note of the standard measurements of each of the tetherball components for a great game, although they differ in their uses.

We briefly explained how tetherball is played and how to win a game of tetherball. We also mentioned the price of a tetherball set and how they vary, so this should be a mini-guide towards purchasing a tetherball set.

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How To Install A Tetherball Pole In The Ground

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