How Do You Measure A Fire Pit Insert

How Do You Measure A Fire Pit Insert – Considerations For Building A Metal Fire Pit

These days, an outdoor fire pit is a cool thing, and it is also an amazing addition to your patio or yard. Building a metal fire pit in your yard can be pretty difficult, but it can be accomplished with the right equipment and some metal fabrication skills.

This article will reveal some of the considerations for building a metal fire pit in your yard, the equipment for building a metal fire pit, and all other information you need to know about building a metal fire pit.

Considerations for Building a Metal Fire Pit

Before building a fire pit, there are some essential factors to consider. These factors greatly influence your use of the fire pit.

Determine if your Fire Pit is Permanent or Portable

Fire pits come in various shapes and sizes; it is up to you to determine if you want a portable fire pit or a permanent fire pit.

A portable fire pit is suitable for different activities and can be carried around for camping, tailgating, and other weekend activities. It is made of lighter materials and may not be suitable for use all year round.

A permanent fire pit is suitable to stay in your yard for a long-term purpose. A permanent fire pit is usually made of heavy materials and is designed to be a permanent feature to your yard or patio; this is perfect if you intend to use the fire pit all year round.


Before you start your project building a metal fire pit, you should consider the amount of money you are willing to spend. A portable fire pit can cost anywhere near $200, while a permanent fire pit can cost $4500.

Your budget depends on the material being used and your decision on the size and whether your fire pit is a permanent feature.

It is better to target a small DIY fire pit project if you intend to spend less. A large pit would cost way too much, but if you are willing to go all out and spend some money on a bigger fire pit, then that’s okay too.

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What Equipment Do You Need To Build A Fire Pit?

Before you start building your fire pit, you need to gather all the equipment needed for this process. Some of this equipment cannot be easily found in your home, so you may need to purchase or lease this equipment.

You will need a cutting device to carve out your fire pit design; a plasma cutter or a band saw can be considered for this task.

You will also need a welder for your metal fire pit to ensure that different parts of your fire pit are firmly held or joined together.

A bench grinder equipped with a wire brush is needed to clean up your metal before welding; a ceramic grinder can also be considered to remove the sharp pointy metal at the edges and other residues.

To bend metals, a brake press is necessary. If a brake press is not available, you can consider other creative options like using homemade jigs. It is recommended that you have clamps with you; this will hold different components of your metal together during the building process.

What Type Of Metal Should You Use To Build A Fire Pit?

Your fire pit can be made of different metals. It can be made out of aluminium, copper, cast iron, or stainless steel. A cast iron metal put will be heavy but will spread heat evenly around your patio.

Copper Is malleable and can easily be formed into any bowl shape; it is also lightweight and corrosion-resistant; this feature makes it a good and most expensive option.

Stainless steel is the most suitable metal you can use to build a fire pit. This is because stainless steel is corrosion-resistant, lightweight, and is way cheaper than copper.

Steel tubing is also required for the legs of your fire pit; although the legs are optional, your fire pits should have them.

How Do You Measure A Fire Pit Insert?

A fire pit insert is a steel layer placed inside a brick or stone fire pit surround. Without an insert, the heat from your fire pit can destroy the adhesives holding the blocks together.

Your fire pit insert has a height of 12 inches; its internal diameter ranges between 22 to 44 inches. With this standard measurement, there should be enough room for a nice fire.

To gauge the size of a fire pit insert, use a measuring tape to measure the diameter side to side across the top center of the fire pit, and to know the height of your fire pit insert, measurement should be taken from the ground to the top of the fire pit insert.

How Thick Should a Fire Pit Insert Be?

High-quality inserts are generally thicker than low-quality ones; this means that a thicker fire pit insert is more durable and will last for a long time. The thickness of your insert ranges between 3.57mm (.41 inches) to 1.58mm (.063 inches).

The thickness of a fire pit insert varies in different types of metal; some metals have a low value in terms of thickness while others have a high value. The lower the value (number), the thicker your insert is.

What Size Do Fire Pit Rings Come in?

The size of your fire pit rings is essential; your fire pit won’t fit into your ring if it is the wrong size, so you need to know the sizes of fire pit rings. The height of your rings should be between 6 to 12 inches, and the diameter of your rings should be 22 to 44 inches.

You can have a fire pit ring customized for your fire pit if you cannot find the right sizes. The downside to a customized ring is that it is costly, so you may want to look at the items in the stores, you may find your ideal ring size.

How Much Airflow Should A Fire Pit Have?

Some fire pits have holes to increase the airflow; the presence of air in your fire pit helps proper burning, but how much airflow is sufficient? If you want your wood or charcoal to but slowly, then you need minimal airflow, but if you want your fuel to burn rapidly, then you need a lot of airflows.

There should be fewer holes on your fire pit to attain minimal airflow, but for enough airflow, your fire pit should have more holes.

For safety reasons, it is recommended that you keep a metal basket under your fire pit to prevent hot ash from making contact with your land surface; this is crucial, especially if you have a fire pit on your patio.

Conclusion: How Do You Measure A Fire Pit Insert

A fire pit insert ensures maximum safety when using your fire pit, and it can be made from different materials. You may require some special skills to build a metal fire pit successfully.

It is also important that your fire pit insert size is accurate; this ensures that your fire pit fits inside your insert just right.

A thicker insert is more durable and offers higher protection than a thin insert. With these guides, you should be able to choose the right size and material.

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How Do You Measure A Fire Pit Insert

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